If you don’t grow up, you can be an excuse.

When I was in high school, for various reasons, I left my hometown where I lived for more than ten years, went to Beijing to find my father, and started my high school life.

Before that, I rarely saw my father. From the time I remembered, my father rarely went home, and occasionally returned home, it seems that he has never helped anything, and he has to argue with his mother. Every now and then, I will secretly resent my father and resent him for being irresponsible.

So, when I saw my father in Beijing station who was wrapped up in the cold wind, I didn’t give him a good look. My father seemed awkward, but he quickly asked me: “Hungry, I will take you to dinner.”

At that time, the sky was just bright, and the bell tower of Beijing Railway Station passed the tunes of “Oriental Red, Sun Rise.”

The life I lived with my father was not as smooth as I thought. After all, I have not lived together for more than ten years. We don’t know each other’s temper. For example, he will swear because of a computer jam, and will suddenly applaud when watching TV. He will often push the door of my room to see what I am doing. I like to be quiet, especially hate people staring at me. I have never said a few words from childhood to big, so my father and I are almost three days a little noisy, five days a big noisy, every few weeks will be angry “Running away from home” – ran to the nearby park for a whole day.

Finally one day, my father and I slammed one. We were all beaten by the other side, and I finally left my father, found another place to live, and lived a “high-profile” high school life.

When I saw my father again, it was already a year later. In that year, I was alone, wandering, running around in the city of Beijing, from the beginning of the subway to the end. It may also be because of this experience that I feel that he is at least the only one I rely on in Beijing. I finally eased my attitude and took a trip to the World Park with him on weekends.

Turning east and west, we turned to an inconspicuous corner, and there was a vulgar voice in the vague. It was a place in the park where it was fragrant. I have never believed in these things, I just want to take my father away, but my father has paid for it.

After returning home, I called my mother and complained. The mother suddenly said: “When people are old, they always want to find opportunities to pray for the peace of their families.” I seem to have been knocked on a heavy hammer, and the vagueness of his eyes was revealed at the time. The appearance of the ever-changing lanterns flashed, and everything was blurred.

It’s old. My father has a beer belly, and the head is slightly bald. Unlike the photos of my father when I was young, I was tall and handsome, and there was youthful vitality in my eyebrows. Also, the North drifted for so many years, even the little girl who only came to his thigh, grew taller than him.

In the hustle and bustle, I remembered that at a very young age, I like to ride on his neck and spoil him, and he even kisses his mother. How long have you not been with him? It seems that we are not like a father and a daughter at all, and there is no such warm past. Why are we doing this? Why do I have to be willful and always think that it is his fault?

I thought so, and suddenly I fell into tears.

If everything is written in the story, then I should call him and call him “Dad.” Actually, I didn’t do anything after I cried, but the next time he called, I had a smile on my face and said, “Okay, let’s go out together.”

Now, I have already gone to college, stayed in Beijing where he has been away for more than ten years, and often chatted with him, listening to his jealousy, helping some of the best. Although I still occasionally disagree with him, I occasionally suspect that he is annoying. He always suspects that he will not arrange time. He thinks he can’t think about it from the perspective of others; although I still can’t understand his feelings well; although I last time Also, because he spent nearly a hundred dollars to buy a lot of strawberries and said him a meal, later learned that it was because he found that I love to eat strawberries, want to buy the best things for me to eat.

Maybe I still haven’t grown up. If I don’t grow up, I can be an excuse.