How to make marriage last for 60 years

When I was a child, I went to the cousin’s 10th anniversary wedding celebration. I thought, “Wow, 10 years, this time can be long enough!” Since then, I have participated in the 25th anniversary of my parents, my parents’ The 40th anniversary and many times attended the 50th anniversary of the uncle, aunt, etc., and even two 60th anniversary wedding celebrations.

In today’s divorce era, it is incredible that these couples can work together for so many years. What gives them the power to keep going? Are they all lucky? As I got married for 10 years, this mystery was solved. In these couples, a pair of abortions 7 times; a pair of the smallest children died at the age of 12, adding to the worse, one person suffered from Alzheimer’s disease; one pair, two children were diagnosed with cancer; Yes, at present, one person faces the partner’s cancer; one couple and one person leave home for a thousand years; one pair, the child is born for 3 months, and takes care of the hospital for 2 months before taking home; there is also a pair. In 8 years, I moved to 4 times and gave birth to 4 children.

What is this secret? I have combed a few: their relationship is built on love; they hold on to trust, believe in each other, and, in order to avoid abuse of the trust of their spouses, they respect each other enough; their priorities are: each other, children, themselves, family, Others; even after experiencing today’s storm, they still believe in tomorrow’s hopes. When they say “we will not separate until we die,” it is sincere. “The rain, the water, the wind, the wind, and the house, the house does not collapse, because the foundation is on the rock.” This is the gospel we chose to read at the wedding. The more I think about it, the more appropriate these words are to me.