How to make a qualified “eat melon crowd”

Many friends said, “The happiest thing in summer is to eat watermelon in an air-conditioned room.” Holding half a bottle, even an iced watermelon, and taking a spoon to dig and eat, is a favorite of many people. However, a spoonful and a spoonful of digging down, unconsciously, a melon and eight pounds of melons have been eaten, and still eat very thoroughly.

The nutritionist reminds the reader that from the perspective of controlling the amount of food, it is recommended to cut the pieces of watermelon and eat them quantitatively. Remember that you took a few pieces and it was not so easy to exceed the standard. Of course, if you have enough self-control, you can eat it, but in order to be a qualified “eat melon”, some attention is worth knowing.

A watermelon = 6 bowls of rice?

The net passed a watermelon equal to 6 bowls of rice, so I can’t eat watermelon when I’m afraid of getting fat. 7 It’s a bit exaggerated. In fact, the heat of watermelon is not so high.

Watermelon has a particularly high water content. 100 grams of watermelon meat without melon skin is mostly water, which is about 30 kilocalories, which is the same level as strawberries, while the sugar content and calories of apples, oranges and kiwis are It is much higher.

So how much is it better to eat at one time? An ordinary 8-10 kg large watermelon, it is better to eat a quarter of a watermelon at a time. The heat is about 300-400 kcal, which is almost a small bowl of white rice.

If there is no problem with blood sugar, then eat no more than 200 grams (4 two), the best time to eat between meals, the impact on blood sugar is relatively small (provided that other foods do not exceed the standard).

Can you lose weight by eating watermelon at night?

Watermelon contains citrulline and arginine, which has a certain diuretic effect, which can help to remove water from the body, but the reduction of water is not equal to weight loss. Losing weight is a behavior that aims to reduce excess body fat and body weight. The center of weight loss is the negative balance of calories, and the calorie intake is less than the calorie consumption. Compared with other fruits, watermelon contains more than 94% of water, calories are not high, and the amount of watermelon is not much, which can reduce the intake of staple food, which is beneficial for weight loss.

But if you only eat watermelon after dinner, the amount of food can not help to lose weight, too much sugar and energy intake is easy to accumulate fat.

“Peasing melons” must pay attention

● Eat less iced watermelon

Ice watermelon is very irritating to the stomach and easily causes spleen and stomach damage. If you really want to eat ice watermelon, then the temperature is best 8-10 ° C, and the amount of each meal should not exceed 500 grams.

●Quantity needs to be controlled

Although watermelon is low in calories, once it is eaten too much, it will consume too much sugar and produce excess calories. There is no way to lose weight. If you think that watermelon can’t satisfy your stomach, I suggest you remove the watermelon rind and take out the white part to make a cold salad. This is also a sugar-free food that is good for slimming.

●If the kidney function is not good, you can’t eat more.

Watermelon has more water and consumes a lot of water in a short time. For people with impaired kidney function, water can not be eliminated in time, which will lead to water retention in the body. Severe cases can even lead to a sharp increase in blood volume, causing heart failure. Therefore, patients with kidney-related diseases should avoid eating too much watermelon.