How do middle-aged men not lose their glory

As people progress to middle age, their physical skills are declining. Especially for men, after entering the age of 40, the amount of androgen secretion in the body will be significantly reduced, thus showing a series of clinical Symptoms, including forgetfulness, fatigue, temper, insomnia, depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, body aches, etc., which are more serious, are also plaguing middle-aged men, and one problem that makes them difficult to talk about is that the glory is no longer. With the lack of androgen secretion, it can lead to a series of problems such as decreased sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, short duration, and inability to reach middle-aged men. For middle-aged men, it is difficult to say, then, for middle-aged men, what health care methods should be used in daily life to improve their sexual function, so that people still have no glory in middle age? Here are a few easy-to-operate and effective daily health care methods:

●Physical exercise is the best aphrodisiac

Physical exercise is an important means of keeping men healthy and energetic. For men who maintain regular physical exercise for a long time, not only can they have a healthy body, but exercise can also increase the body’s oxygen content and promote testosterone secretion, which is a very good supplement for the middle-aged male reproductive system. This intrinsic robustness gained through physical exercise is far more than the use of any aphrodisiac.

Therefore, it can be said that physical exercise is the best aphrodisiac. Middle-aged men should choose a sport that they like and form a habit of long-term exercise. Generally speaking, it is advisable to maintain two or more vigorous exercises every week, such as running, playing, strength, etc. The sweating during strenuous exercise can make the whole body relax, which has the purpose of improving the quality of sexual life. Important promotion.

● Wear cotton underwear to keep cool

Studies have shown that polyester fiber materials currently widely used in the manufacture of clothing have the effect of temporarily inhibiting spermatogenesis. If men wear polyester underwear, polyester fiber will generate an electrostatic field in the penile tissue, causing male sexual function. Decrease. Therefore, for men, only pure cotton underwear should be chosen for wearing.

On this basis, it is also necessary to pay attention to maintaining local low temperature, which is mainly due to the fact that the testicles need a low temperature environment. If the temperature is too high, it will adversely affect the formation of sperm in the testes, resulting in a decline in male fertility. And some studies have pointed out that this damage to reproductive ability is directly proportional to the temperature and duration of high temperature. Therefore, in order to keep the temperature of the testicles below the body temperature, it is best to wear a cotton-opened panties, expose the scrotum to the outside, keep it fresh and breathable, and promote the natural expansion and contraction function of the scrotum to promote The secretion of androgen.

●Continuous operations, challenge the limits

In daily life, middle-aged men can continue to fight in the occasional couple’s life until they are exhausted. The ultimate challenge is to use the principle of retreat. When the reproductive system is strongly stimulated and the energy is exhausted, After a few days of recovery, the state of recovery is stronger than before. However, this method cannot be used frequently. Generally, the frequency of keeping it once every 2 to 3 weeks is appropriate, and after each challenge, it is necessary to pay attention to supplement the body nutrition and promote energy recovery.

● alternating hot and cold water bath

The method of alternating bathing of hot and cold water to enhance sexual function has always been a relatively traditional method. When adopting this method, men should pay attention to keeping the indoor temperature suitable and avoiding cold. First, the male needs to be fully warmed in a bathtub with warm water, then out of the bathtub and apply cold water to the genitals for 3 minutes. After the penis and scrotum contract, re-enter the bathtub. Repeat the above method for 3 to 5 times. This method of alternating bathing of hot and cold water can greatly improve the sexual function of middle-aged men if conditional medicine is performed daily.

● Stimulate the inguinal canal to strengthen testicular function

The groin is the pathway that transports blood to the testes and connects the nerves. Therefore, maintaining good blood circulation in the inguinal canal is also beneficial for improving sexual function. Middle-aged men can massage the inguinal canal every day before going to bed. The specific method is to press the sides of the penis with two fingers and stroke from top to bottom.