Holding hope as a dream

What is the last thought in your mind before going to bed every night?

Are you like many people, always watching the night news, or brushing your phone to your eyes? I just dragged myself to bed. If you are unfortunately guessed, then you will be sloppy and miss the important opportunity to be environmentally friendly.

Many psychologists who study subconsciously believe that we should pay attention to the mood and state of mind before going to bed, in order to make full use of the potential of dreams and create a favorable opportunity.

The old words “thinking, dreaming at night” also fully explain the focus of the mind before going to sleep, which will have an important impact on the mental activity in sleep. Experts engaged in related research believe that this will further set the tone for the mood and attitude of the next day.

It seems that we really should not ignore the last thought of the day, right?

Think about it, if the last thought before going to bed is something that is not nutritious, and with these unpleasant emotions, I will get up with the negative emotions in the next morning, and I will lose the starting line in the first place. on.

When you are about to go to bed, you can listen to some relaxing music, do physical relaxation exercises, and then read an inspiring book of inspiration, so that you can maintain a warm and optimistic mood before going to bed.

Another good way is to close your eyes and come to the stage to talk to yourself and self-hypnosis:

I will feel the roof high tomorrow…

I will handle the business calmly…

I will see him tomorrow, I will not be excited anymore, I really forgive…

Tomorrow’s briefing, I will finish beautifully and smoothly…

So fall asleep with hope and meet the high EQ tomorrow.