Go to the center of the global industrial chain to forge the wings of soaring

Paris Air Show is one of the largest and most prestigious international aerospace exhibitions in the world. It is also the display and competition of the strength of the world aviation industry giants. This is also its attraction and influence.

This week, June 17-23, 2019, was a rare good weather in Paris. When the international civil aviation industry fell for three consecutive quarters, the 53rd Paris Air Show opened under the enthusiasm of the sun. The Bourget Exhibition Centre in the northern suburbs of Paris is crowded with people, and the 110-year-old Paris Air Show is still full of youth and charm.

Strength: Pass for international markets

This year, more than 2,400 companies and organizations from more than 50 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, attracting 150,000 professionals and more than 350,000 visitors. The lineup is luxurious and the guests gathered.

On June 17, the 2019 Paris Air Show officially opened. The first big news of the opening ceremony was that Dassault and Airbus jointly unveiled the Next Generation Fighter (NGF) under the witness of French President Mark Long and the defense ministers of France, Germany and Spain. At the same time, the three countries of Germany and France also signed a framework agreement on the project. Some media said: “If the 2018 Farnborough Air Show is the home of a new generation of fighters in the UK – ‘The Storm Concept Machine debuts, then the Paris Air Show in 2019 is the first show of France and Germany’s future combat air system. “”

Turkey’s five-generation fighter TFX 1:1 model debuted at the Paris Air Show and is also showing the world the technology and capabilities of Turkey’s fifth-generation jet aircraft.

International aviation powers are all exhibiting with their main models. In terms of civil aircraft, Airbus brought many models such as A220, A321LR, A350-1000, A380 and A330neo. Boeing and Tahiti Airlines jointly brought the 787-9 and demonstrated the flight, while the 737 passenger change aircraft (BCF) was also being held. In terms of military aircraft, Airbus’s various military drones, “Typhoon”, France’s “Phantom” 2000, the United States’ KC-46, F-35, “Chinook” and other models participated in the static exhibition.

Although there are more than 100 aircraft participating in the air show, only a few aircraft participate in the air show. People enjoy the French Air Force’s A400M transport aircraft, “Gust” fighters under the blue sky and white clouds, the French Army’s NH90, Eurocopter’s “Tiger” helicopter, the Pakistan Airlines’ KC-390 multi-purpose transport aircraft, and the Turkish TAI’s T129 ATAK helicopter. The Russian “Ansat” helicopter, as well as the wonderful flight performance of the TF-17 “Zhenlong” jointly developed by China and Pakistan. Among them, during the air show, the “Zhenlong” fighter will arrive at 3 pm every day, bringing flight visual enjoyment to professionals and ordinary audiences, becoming the most popular air show star with the “Gust” fighter.

The Jingzhan District is also the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, each showing its power. In order to highlight its own strength, the merchants have to work hard on the construction of the booth and the layout of the products. As the most important aviation company in France, Dassault Group and Safran Group have built a large-scale exhibition stand at the air show site, demonstrating their own aviation technical strength. The two groups have booths with the largest area in Hall 2 this year. Among them, Dassault Systèmes has demonstrated almost all of its first-line military and civilian aircraft models, including the full range of “Gust” fighters, the latest release of the next-generation fighter NGF, the “Falcon” series of business jets and so on. In addition, the “Gust” fighter VR simulator was also launched, which attracted a lot of popularity. Safran Group displayed its advanced technology in the booth of about 1200 square meters. It has the first appearance of the aircraft interior, the “future electric” system, as well as various engines, landing gear and other products, attracting viewers. There are many collaborators.

People praise the booth of the world-class enterprises as “domineering”. In essence, the “dominant” booth is supported by the strength of “dominey”. Strength is the passport of the international market, and strength is the last word.

Technology: the hot spot of exchange collision

Another feature of this year’s Paris Air Show is that “the new concept of science and technology will light up the future”. The latest scientific and technological achievements and even the hotspot of frontier science and technology exchanges have been at a high level. During the professional day, the word “hyper” can even be used for evaluation. The “high-tech fan” is full of the characteristics of the air show, but this year’s Paris Air Show, not only mature products, but also a large part of the concept machine, model machine, and even a lot of it is just a belt An idea to find like-minded partners.

At this year’s air show, Airbus’s self-driving electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft VAHANA and Boeing’s autonomous manned electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft were exhibited. Airbus and China’s aviation industry unanimously demonstrated the future-oriented concept cockpit. Many professional small enterprises in Europe, including scientific research institutions, have brought their own latest scientific and technological achievements… Do these common directions indicate the future trend of aviation manufacturing?

At this year’s Paris Air Show, artificial intelligence technology has also become a key area of ​​display. Thales highlighted TrUE AI and visualized the integration of aerospace technology, drones and artificial intelligence. The joint technology of Collins Aerospace and Pratt & Whitney also joined forces to showcase the Pro Line Fusion touch display device and the GTF engine structure recommended by Pratt & Whitney in the same huge independent exhibition hall.

In addition, environmental protection and green flight are also an important technical point of view at this year’s air show. For example, the ATR72 introduced by ATR at the air show highlights the machine’s better environmental advantages, which can reduce carbon emissions by 40% compared to the same class jet airliner. The electric aircraft “Alice” and eVTOL “flight taxi” also portrayed the new possibilities of future business and commuter travel. With regard to future travel and urban air traffic, this emerging field has too many possibilities, and it is also a hot scene: not only dozens of companies, billions of capital investment, but also major manufacturers in electric propulsion, flight control software, air traffic Technology research and development in areas such as control systems.

It is worth noting that in the Air Show Hall 4, Japan and South Korea also sent relatively large pavilions to participate this year. Among them, the Japanese pavilion has participated in many companies, including Xinminghe, Mitsubishi, Kawasaki, Subaru, etc., mainly including UX helicopters, US-2 seaplanes, C-2 transport aircraft, P-1 patrol aircraft, etc., but The focus is still on the aerospace manufacturing sector, including joint research and development of engines, composite materials, electronic equipment, etc., and not many of them are introduced for the whole machine manufacturing R&D field.

Technology changes the world and technology creates the future. Aviation technology takes you into the future, right here, at the forefront of technology, in the new round of big game of aviation technology that can touch the future…

Business: the beginning of the centenary air show

The air show is a grand event and a high-tech “market”. The large and small businesses are not far away with their own housekeeping products and technology, whether it is the exhibition of “wen” or the flight show of “wu”, whether it is business talks. Or a friendly visit, the purpose is only one, declare “better me, more trustworthy I am here”, seek cooperation for the development of the industry, find buyers for their products and services. This is the initial heart and heritage of the world-class air show.

According to analysis, the annual global commercial aircraft market size can reach 150 billion US dollars, and each international large-scale air show is the vane of the future aviation market, which can be used as a pulse for the commercial aircraft industry. Each large-scale air show is also a feast for the strong. Airbus has obtained orders for 123 aircraft and purchase options on the day of the opening ceremony. This year’s Paris Air Show has received new orders for 363 aircraft, including 149 confirmed orders and 214 promise orders. Boeing, which suffered from the credit crisis due to the 737MAX incident, was unmanned on the first day of the air show, but on the second day of the Paris Air Show, Boeing’s fate reversed and 230 orders were placed, although 200 of them were It’s just an intentional order, but for Boeing, which has already had zero orders for two months, this is indeed a great news. Business is the most real, speak with integrity and strength.

This year’s air show, 6 exhibition areas, more than 3,400 exhibitors, but can not see Boeing, Airbus, GE and other world aviation giants stand, they are only limited to accurate customers and partners in the form of VIP. The aviation giants have sensitively grasped the changes in the market and replaced the past passive exhibitions with more pragmatic and efficient active precision marketing. They are favored by professional audiences, especially potential partners, and have passion for flight shows and the public. Greatly cut.

At the same time, there are more and more small-scale, business-segmented parts or upstream and downstream companies exhibiting. Although these enterprises are small in scale, they all have “skilled skills” and have been deeply immersed in their own fields. Even small companies can appreciate the international trend of the aviation industry chain. They come out and show themselves to seek partners and market opportunities for themselves. The main and auxiliary students form a vibrant aviation industry chain.

A few days of professional days, I felt close-up that everyone is talking about cooperation, talking about technology, talking about the future development. The heat of the booth has been reduced. Most of the booth layouts tend to create a comfortable business environment. Everyone talks very much. Even the guys who have eaten have moved to the exhibition area. No one cares about the outdoor flight show. No one cares about the hot and cold weather…

The air show is a platform, the market is like a link, the competitors are separated, and the partners are even more.

China: Firmly and confidently integrated into the international aviation industry chain

At the 33rd International Air Show, the Chinese aviation industry has always attached great importance to it, and has continuously explored and embarked on a firm and confident international development path.

Aerospace technology and markets are global. Over the years, the Chinese aviation industry has unswervingly followed the path of marketization and internationalization. The understanding of all parties has become more unified. Paris Air Show is the premier aviation event in the international aviation industry. It has a strong influence. It is an open communication platform for the international aviation industry and aviation technology industry. It is also a demonstration of the international development of China’s aviation industry. Develop an important international platform for cooperation and exchange with the international aviation industry.

At this year’s air show, nearly 20 Chinese aerospace companies collectively unveiled, and China’s technology-leading products and equipment have attracted much attention, demonstrating the overall strength of China’s aerospace industry to the world. China Aviation Industry brought together 15 products and services in its 9 categories. During the air show, Luo Ronghuai, general manager of China Aviation Industry, and Chen Yuanxian, deputy general manager, held talks with a number of high-end customers. The company’s AVIC International, China Aviation Technology, helicopters, airborne systems and hundreds of customers in nearly 30 countries. Conducted in-depth exchanges. The stage of the large-scale international air show is not only the platform for competing for the strength of “showing muscles”, but also the platform for complementing “finding friends”.

When meeting with the heads of many international first-class aviation companies such as Airbus, Luo Ronghuai repeatedly expounded the development ideas of the open aviation industry internationalization, and proposed a differentiated cooperation mode for different cooperation objects, different industrial chains and different professional fields. That is to say, we must attach importance to the comprehensive strategic cooperation with large companies, and also pay attention to the sharing and win-win cooperation with all relevant parties in the industrial chain. We must also attach great importance to the professional systems, professional components and professional capabilities of highly specialized SMEs in Europe and America. To cooperate with the standard, learn from the masters, make up the gap, and accelerate the growth.

Chen Yuanxian said in an interview with reporters: “China’s aviation industry has achieved a leap from internationalization 1.0 (M&A) to internationalization 2.0 (M&A + integration). China’s aviation industry is actively implementing the ‘One Belt and One Road initiative’, based on the development of China’s aviation industry. The status quo and future development requirements, the proposed “air route plan, to promote the interconnection of the aviation industry in various countries, to create a mutually beneficial and win-win ‘interest community and common development and prosperity’ community of destiny.”

Chinese companies have collectively unveiled to showcase China’s capabilities. In addition to the ARJ21 new regional aircraft, the C919 large passenger aircraft and the CR929 long-range wide-body passenger aircraft jointly developed by China and Russia, COMAC also presented the CBI business jet model to the public for the first time overseas. In addition, not only large-scale aerospace companies such as Aerospace Science and Technology, China Electric Power, etc., but also companies such as Hite Group, Baoji Titanium, and Nanshan Aluminum, which have small scale but deep business practices, are exhibiting. Li Wei, chairman of the Hite Group, told reporters: “The air show is a big gathering. The aviation industry is originally an open international market. To do aviation, regardless of the size of the company, we must have a mentality of tolerance, cooperation and learning. Only Embracing global high-tech can create a capability to show China.” More and more Chinese companies understand the world through airshows and let the world know about China.

From the point of view of the mainstream media, I also feel the progress and confidence of the Chinese aviation industry. The Xinhua News Agency Paris Branch wrote that “China has become a powerful participant in the global aviation industry chain.” The People’s Daily published a long-form report from the Paris branch reporter at the air show in the headline of the science and technology that the “China Pavilion” is full of international standards. China’s aviation industry has demonstrated the overall strength of going to the world and competing in the international market. The Central Radio and Television General Station quoted the comments of aviation experts. “Many products of China’s aviation industry appeared at the Paris Air Show in 2019, showing more than 30 years of experience and integration into the world. The strength and self-confidence of the aviation industry chain, the official website of the Chinese government forwarded Chen Yuanxian’s interview and said that “more than 30 years of participation in the Paris Air Show, witnessed the Chinese aviation industry’s journey from ‘follow-to-run’ and accelerate integration into the international aviation industry chain…” During the air show, the hot words “international fan”, “international development”, “witness growth”, “Jilong stunning”, “MA700” debut, “future cockpit” system exhibiting, etc., became the mainstream of communication, from one side It reflects the public’s affirmation and expectation of the aviation industry.

Embracing the future, cooperation and win-win, and sharing development are the development direction of the aviation industry and the eternal theme of previous air shows.