Go to Fewa Lake to make a transparent fish

At the end of the summer, I seem to have followed God’s instructions, went to Nepal, and went to Pokhara in the Himalayas valley.

The eyes are getting sharper and sharper. All the streets and buildings are lined up by the water. The lake reflects the forest, the white pagoda, the shrubs and the boats. The snow-capped peaks of the year are like a giant whale lying in the blue sky. Underneath, the Fewa Lake sparkling, the lake crystal Ying is not glaring, gazing at the distance for a long time like a layer of cracked shells, jade-colored jade shells, trees, clouds, birds, skylights Change, my eyes will soon burst into tears.

I am familiar with such lakes and rivers, just like the rivers and grandmothers who are familiar with the hometown of childhood. The god at the bottom of the lake may know that I am coming, and specially sent a colorful boat and a butterfly to welcome me. The ancient legend of Nepal says that there is a god in every river. Every bird, every tree, every grass has its life and destination. me too. Keep walking, keep writing, as if looking for something, or waiting for something.

The air is as hot and humid as a comet with its tail. I want to forget all my breathing, just want to listen to the whisper of Lake God with one heart and one mind. But I didn’t hear anything, only the silence of the big piece, the sound of the water whirls in my ears. Oh, I remembered, maybe just forgot to pray to the lake god under the big tree before boarding the ship, asking it to allow me to enter its territory. I buried this neurotic idea in my heart, and I didn’t say a word. I wanted to be silent than the lake. My hand reached into the water. The lake was warm and silky. I sat over my fingers in silky satin. My girlfriend suddenly turned back. Swimming?” I nodded without hesitation. “But we didn’t bring a swimsuit?” She blinked at me childishly, as if I had guessed something. You mean, “naked swimming?” She nodded happily. A voice suddenly sounded in my ear. “Hey! Girls, do fish have a swimsuit? Not the same in the water for a lifetime?” I was surprised and happy, it was the lake god, I heard the lake god talking. I am embarrassed between my self-respect and shame. When the game is uncertain, my girlfriend is already begging the boating Nepalese uncle. “Can you help us find a waters of no one, let us go for a little while? Just a little while. “I am afraid that he will not agree, and his girlfriend once again stressed that “it will be a little while.” Another girlfriend on the boat also responded. “With such beautiful scenery, the water quality is so good, let them go for a little while.” Nothing will happen, they will swim.”

“No, I have to be responsible for your safety.” Uncle Nepal and our translator Martin firmly rejected us. The boat continued to flash in the lake, the light and shadow beat us, the water seemed to stretch out countless indigo arms gently to caress us, I said to the uncle husband, “I have already asked the lake god, it allows us Swim for a little while.” The girlfriend also said, “Thank you, who makes this beautiful scenery make us involuntarily, don’t let us go home with regrets. Okay?” Uncle Boatman and Martin looked at me seriously, three seconds. After five seconds, after the eyes fixed on us, the uncle of the boat finally said, “Okay, but you must be careful.”

“Great.” My girlfriend and I fluttered.

So we took the boat to the edge of an uninhabited water. “The terrain is low and it is the favorite wild swimmer for rock-loving explorers and hippies,” said the uncle.

“Plopping -” only heard a loud noise, the flying fish disappeared, everyone looked around in surprise, and for a while, a few meters away from the boat, a wet head, water came out. “I am here!” “Oh! There -” In the voice of her, everyone smiled kindly. “Come down, rain.” She called me in the water, “Okay, right away.” I quickly took off my coat when I turned my face back, and slammed into the blue waves.

The water is so soft, warm, like the fine snow and bird feathers on the Himalayas. I lifted the clothes in the water, allowing the skin and a salt-like body to slowly dissolve in the water. I slid into the deeper water, freely stretching, flying, gliding, oh, that is the beautiful movement of the birds in the air, the fish can be done in the water, I can not help but become a fish, a transparent fish . Let the lake god, with its mysterious power, faintly wrap me up and lift me up, the body is getting lighter and lighter, the clouds of the sky quickly gather in the eyes, at this moment, nothing is remembered, nothing has been forgotten, time has suddenly stopped Stopped in a large piece of boundless blank, inexplicably quiet, lonely… At this moment, a common body in this troublesome city, baptized by this emptiness, I am afraid, also calm, Breathing freely. The waves of water swayed around and made a hollow echo. I imagined that countless blue-black pikes danced in strange places, and the swirling waters brought me along with them to the inexplicable fairy world. The Scorpio in the water was originally heard by myself. The heart should dance with the clouds, stones and water plants.

Suddenly, I found a butterfly floating on the clear sky of the lake. “Butterfly! Look, there is a butterfly there!” A pair of spotted wings embedded in the black velvet bottom is swaying the airflow and fluttering. Martin said that the butterfly is the smallest god in Nepalese hearts. I have the privilege of meeting it. One is in the air, one is in the water, and the moment I look at it, this young god suddenly slams into my heart and flies over Fewa Lake. You are weak, the wings are thin? How much courage it takes, thank you, the little butterfly I met on my trip, are you sent by the Lake God to summon me? No, I finally understand that you are sent by the Lake God to tell me, telling me about my life. At any time, I need to have enough courage to face the embarrassing situation alone, the insurmountable sky, the lake, and the adversity is energy?