Global vinyl resurgence

Fashion seems to always circulate in time, proving its charm to people of different eras. The same is true for vinyl. Nowadays, the resurgence of vinyl is an indisputable fact. The texture conveyed by the rough fried beans is closer to the simulated sound of vocals. This popular lifestyle from the 20 world is becoming a new experience boom.

Vinyl records are the dominant music formats in the 20th century. Although the emerging music formats have gradually withdrawn from the historical mainstream stage, but because vinyls sound warmer and more realistic, in recent years, there has been a resurgence of vinyl. trend. Place the record on the turntable and rotate it under the stylus. The best sound is from the vinyl record player. Vinyl records can be easily copied in large quantities, and playback time is longer than most simple recording media, so it is also known as one of Edison’s greatest inventions.

Expired, or resurgence?

This wave of vinyl resurgence began around 2013. In 2016, there were news that the record sales revenue in the UK exceeded digital downloads. However, people who bought the albums did not listen. According to some surveys, many people did not even have a needle, just to decorate the facade.

In the market, the price of vinyl record players ranges from a few hundred yuan to several hundred thousand yuan. Because of the unique playback medium of “Miniature Record”, the choice is really difficult to do. Of course, because of the resurgence, thanks to the development of digital technologies such as network, Bluetooth, USB, etc., there are actually many machines to choose from. If you just want to get started, you can listen to hundreds of pieces. After all, you can have a phono, a vocal arm, a turntable, an adjustable speed, a compatible large and small disk, and even a built-in speaker. So, what is the difference between a tens of thousands or even millions of phonographs? Probably this is like the difference between Xiali and Ferrari.

However, as the trend of “black rubber resurgence” deepens, more and more new models are very friendly to newcomers in terms of setup and operation. They simplify many complicated steps in setting up the phonograph, including installing and setting the vocal arm. . From the boot settings to the start of playback, it only takes a few minutes to debug, which also eliminates the concerns of many newcomers.

A record player can bring a unique texture to music and can be used as a decoration at home. It gives people a multi-level and multi-angle cultural experience, adding a lot of sense of ritual to life.

In fact, the vinyl record player has already developed into a record player. The vibration of the stylus is converted into an electrical signal through the electromechanical conversion of the phono and then the sound of the electric speaker is driven by the amp, which is very different from the old-fashioned product in both the listening performance and the appearance. Even the popular vinyl record player that has been popular in recent years has added USB and Bluetooth support.

Your first vinyl record player

At the 2019CES (International Consumer Electronics Show), many vinyl record player manufacturers are also very eye-catching, new products frequently. The Sony PS-LX310BT, which debuted at this year’s show, can be considered a good value for money in the same vinyl record player. The PS-LX310BT has a built-in vocal preamp, which means you can connect directly to a rear stage or an active speaker. Regarding the positioning of the PS-LX310BT, it seems to be: your first vinyl record player!

Recently, this new vinyl record player PS-LX310BT is officially released in China. As a creative entertainment company, Sony has always been committed to using the power of creativity and technology to move users. In the wave of vinyl renaissance, Sony vinyl record player PS-LX310BT follows the core high-quality technology of high-end model PS-HX500, and The process design and operation mode have achieved multi-dimensional improvement, which can fully satisfy the pursuit of “pure” sounds by vinyl players and nostalgic fans, and define the new trend of digital music era with Bluetooth wireless connection.

The charm of vinyl records is the unique charm of the album under the precipitation of time, which makes countless music enthusiasts dump it, and the Sony PS-LX310BT makes the vinyl experience more beautiful and simple. Its Bluetooth wireless connection combines the traditional vinyl experience with modern wireless connectivity. Whether it’s Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headsets or Soundbar products, it’s easy to connect. The stable Bluetooth signal transmission allows users to be free from cable restrictions. Enjoy a clear and beautiful vinyl record instantly.

The Sony vinyl record player PS-LX310BT is optimized not only in connection but also in operation. When the user presses the START button, the PS-LX310BT can automatically move the arm to the beginning of the record and lower the stylus to start playback: press the STOP button to automatically raise the vocal arm and pan back to the phono arm bracket to stop playing. When the UP/DOWN button is pressed, the arm will be automatically raised, and the arm can be manually adjusted to the appropriate position, realizing a one-button automatic play in the true sense, without the user having to perform complicated operations.

While the operation mode is kept simple, the Sony vinyl record player PS-LX310BT also adopts a minimalist design style, which combines the tough lines with the arc of the turntable. The slim body and the elegant coating make it It has an elegant and refined appearance that matches the vinyl temperament. Whether it’s for listening in the bedroom or in the living room for decoration, the PS-LX310BT blends harmoniously into all kinds of home spaces and exudes a rich vinyl culture. At the same time, PS-LX310BT is also equipped with a 45-speed vinyl record adapter on the fuselage, users do not have to worry about the trouble of not finding the adapter when playing 45-turn vinyl.

“Suspension” is a core element for vinyl records. To ensure the smooth output of elegant soundtracks, the high-quality phono arm of the Sony vinyl record player PS-LX310BT features a new design and reinforced aluminum alloy. The structure effectively enhances the stability of playback, thereby reproducing full and clear sound details and powerful low-frequency effects. The thicker dust cover better isolates external sound waves such as sound from the speakers, reducing distortion and providing better stability. At the same time, the PS-LX310BT also uses the belt transmission mechanism of the aluminum alloy record, which is not only structurally strong, but also lightweight enough to maintain good stability when rotating, so that the sound is more clear.

The vinyl record technology of Sony’s vinyl record player PS-LX310BT allows vinyl record sounds to be displayed on digital playback devices. Users can connect to computers via B-type USB and use music recording software (such as Audacitv) to apply vinyl. The analog music of the record is saved in WAV lossless digital music format. Let users enjoy the “simulated taste” and “age” of vinyl records anytime, anywhere.

Music can always evoke the memory of people’s lives and the emotional interweaving buried in the depths of the soul. Currently in the “fast food” digital music era, the classics are more and more precious, and the recovery of vinyl records will undoubtedly become more profound. The Sony vinyl record player PS-LX310BT brings a new vitality to the elegant vinyl music with its simple connection method, multiple audio innovations and minimalist process design. This is both Sony’s feelings and Sony’s passing. The power of technology to pay tribute to the classics.