“Garbage sleep” is scarier than insomnia

Too little sleep time is not good for health, too much. The concept of “garbage sleep”, which was investigated by the British Sleep Committee, once again caused heated discussion in the academic community. “JUNK SLEEP” corresponds to “JUNK FOOD”, especially the problem that the sleep time is not high enough.

Studies have shown that when the brain sleeps, the brain clears the waste along the blood vessels between the cerebrospinal. This statement coincides with the concept of “garbage sleep”. People who don’t sleep well, how much “garbage” is in their heads? In this regard, China’s psychiatric experts said that during the awakening, the metabolic waste generated by the cells will accumulate in the intercellular fluid; while in sleep, the cerebrospinal fluid will flow into the brain tissue along the perivascular space, and the interstitial fluid between the brain and the brain Stop the exchange and bring the metabolic waste of the intercellular fluid to the venous space, which then drains the brain. That is to say, during the daytime, the brain’s brain metabolites continue to accumulate, and the brain can efficiently remove metabolites during sleep, thereby restoring vitality.

The British Sleep Committee said that all animals need to sleep to maintain a complex system of stable internal environment. If there is no sleep, the system will lose balance and will have serious consequences. If a person’s sleep is insufficient or deprived, there will be strong sleepiness, exhaustion, irritability, emotional instability, loss of fine work ability, and disorientation. About 80% of the subjects will have illusions and auditory hallucinations. These symptoms are significantly aggravated when sleep deprivation exceeds 100 hours.

The so-called “garbage sleep” means that the sleep time and quality are not satisfactory. The pace of life is getting faster and faster, and “garbage sleep” is increasing. This is mainly related to indulging in online games, playing mobile phones, watching videos, working at night and working stress, often working overtime, and increasing sleep disorders. Unlike insomnia from psychological and mental stress, sometimes “garbage sleep” is more terrible than insomnia.

Want to have a good night’s sleep, in addition to reducing the dependence on electronic products before going to bed, but also does not care about the bed, do not drink coffee after 4:30 in the afternoon, do not take too much protein after 9:00, do not drink before going to bed. If you can’t sleep, don’t lay hard, you can get up and do something easy, and then try to go back to sleep, the symptoms will gradually ease.