Fitness people overworked into the ICU

In recent years, fitness has slowly become a sport that many young people love. Reasonable exercise and fitness can benefit our body a lot, but if we pursue the effect blindly, it may be counterproductive. Recently, a 24-year-old fitness darling has been over-trained into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The movement suddenly fainted when the cold

Some time ago, the fitness expert Xiao Chen went to the gym on time, and even if he had been fever for three days, he still could not stop his training. He went to work from the evening to the early morning. After the training, Xiao Chen felt that his body was extremely hot. He thought that maybe he had just finished exercising, and his body temperature would be normal after a while, so he went to buy a nightingale on a battery car. Xiao Chen, who can return home with the wind, not only did not drop his body temperature, but even had not had time to eat the nightingale he had just bought, and his eyes fell black.

The girlfriend immediately sent Xiao Chen to the local hospital. Xiao Chen, who was sent to the hospital, is not optimistic: due to hepatic coma caused by acute liver failure, liver transplantation needs to be carried out quickly, but the cause of liver failure cannot be found. “This is not a cold fever, how suddenly it becomes liver failure?” Everyone is in a hurry.

At the suggestion of the local doctor, Xiao Chen quickly transferred to Shulan (Hangzhou) Hospital for treatment. Due to serious illness, Xiao Chen directly admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Dr. Yu Zhe, intensive care unit of the Infectious Diseases Department, knows in detail that after the consultation, Xiao Chen believes that there are intracranial infections and liver failure in Xiao Chen, and there may be opportunities for salvation through comprehensive medical treatment. Therefore, within 3 hours after Xiao Chen’s admission, the green channel of Li’s artificial liver was opened urgently, and artificial liver treatment was started. Through cardiopulmonary function support, infection was controlled and the intracranial pressure was reduced. Under the guidance of Academician Li Lanjuan, Xiao Chen was diagnosed as having viral meningoencephalitis with liver failure and hepatic encephalopathy. After three days of targeted treatment, Xiao Chen finally recovered his mind and smoothly transferred to the intensive care unit.

The doctor said that Xiao Chen’s condition is extremely dangerous, and it is a typical multi-system dysfunction caused by intracranial infection, which leads to acute liver failure. As for why there is an intracranial infection, the doctor is highly skeptical mainly because Xiao Chen’s physical training is excessive, causing damage to his own function, decreased immunity, and infection of pathogenic bacteria.

Overloading, but hurting

After waking up, Xiao Chen said: “It’s too radical. It’s my own training is too radical. I am overloaded every day. I never believed in overtraining before. Now I believe.”

Well, the question is: How did a big boy who was originally interested in sports and healthy sunshine suddenly fall so badly?

It turned out that the 24-year-old Xiao Chen was a fitness instructor two years ago. He wanted to return to the fitness industry. He repeatedly trained to participate in the competition. With his physical condition, the squat project can only do 120 kg at most, but it is repeated. With a breakthrough limit of 150 kilograms, such overloaded physical training has long exceeded the limits that he can carry.

In order to achieve the body fat, the crazy training Xiao Chen not only overloads every day, but also consumes too much high protein in the diet, which increases the compensatory burden of liver and kidney. He had a fever and headache with a headache before he was in a coma, but he didn’t care too much because he felt young and strong.


Moderate exercise can strengthen the body’s immune system and improve immunity: but excessive exercise can endanger health, not only damage the immune system, weaken the body’s resistance, cause sequelae such as poor blood circulation, elastic fatigue, and may even inhibit white blood cells, leading to Neurosis causes a decrease in the ability to respond, a decrease in balance, and a decrease in muscle elasticity. In short, excessive exercise will break the harmony of the human body, even more harmful than the movement.

In order to avoid excessive fatigue caused by excessive exercise, it is recommended to follow the gradual and quantitative measures during exercise. For example, according to the age and physical condition of the individual, choose the appropriate exercise program, exercise 3 to 4 times a week, and exercise moderately.