Fight “big screen sports”

On the one hand, the development of big-screen sports can’t escape the similar methods of other vertical categories in the big-screen industry, such as online and offline collaboration, large-screen small-screen linkage, and internal and external distribution of platforms; on the other hand, the sports industry also has its own uniqueness. The development logic can bring some different methods or development ideas for the big screen ecology, especially in the current market environment, there are too many possibilities for sports.

This year’s sports market is very lively, giant players continue to enter, overweight, relying on capital advantages and verticals of the copyright market, other participants also use the advantages of channels, technology and other layouts, in the big business of sports to do their own small ecology.

From a macro perspective, this year’s General Administration of Sports and the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Action Plan for Further Promoting Sports Consumption (2019? 2020), proposing a plan to enrich the sports consumption industry and vigorously develop fitness and leisure consumption, and the policy continues to usher in positive benefits.

On the other hand, with the upgrading of the national consumption level, the concept of sports consumption has increased, and the national fitness boom has arisen, the total scale of sports consumption in the country has reached 1.5 trillion yuan, and the market opportunity of the sports industry has also greatly increased.

In addition, while new technologies such as 5G, 4K, VR/AR and other new technologies have brought changes to many industries, they can naturally provide more energy for the sports market. No matter the product itself or the industrial upgrade, there are more scratches. Hands and power.

Driven by various factors, the domestic sports market is further hot this year. Looking at the current sports market, the battle for copyright is on the rise, the business model is breaking through, and technological innovation continues to be empowered. The sports industry is welcoming a new situation.

Sports path under the battle of Big IP

In July of this year, Tencent’s news of renewing NBA copyright for the next five years with 1.5 billion US dollars caused a lot of repercussions. Although the NBA copyright dispute has come to an end, it is clear that the sports arms race in the domestic market has just begun.

Since last year, the rumors of the merger of Ali Sports and Suning Sports have been rumored. In July, there were media reports that Youku Sports and Suning’s PP Sports Program established a joint venture company, which is currently undergoing business integration. In addition, Youku Sports Packed into Ali. The news of sports has also been confirmed by many parties.

In view of this, after joining forces with Suning, with the most complete football resources, it is bound to compete with Tencent, which holds the NBA copyright, in the sports market.

In addition, the byte hopping of the multi-party layout of the “leaders” will also come to the sports market. In June, the byte jumped to 1.26 billion yuan, 30% shareholding ratio, becoming the largest shareholder of the tiger. In November last year, the byte beat also won the NBA short video copyright.

Since the World Cup live broadcast copyright was obtained last year, China Mobile’s Mi Mi video has also made great strides in the sports market, signed with the NBA, and joined hands with the China Volleyball Super League. After all, there are channels, technology, and if you add content, there is still considerable room for play in the sports field.

More and more incoming people, in the sports market where the copyright party occupies more voice, the gameplay of the giants largely influences the development path of the industry, so its direction will also usher in more variables. On the other hand, in the current realization of sports events, copyright distribution, advertising, and paid membership are several important links, but they are also relatively traditional revenue models. In order to enhance user experience, fill copyright fees, community operations, sports retail, The way of live broadcast and other rewards is the direction that needs to be strengthened next.

Taking the sports community as an example, in the domestic market, which focuses on sports information and community, the tiger is the one with a high number of users and users. This sports platform that started in 2004 has developed into a male with a clear style. The community atmosphere is also a special atmosphere, which gives users a strong sense of identity. Based on this, user operations have more possibilities, not only to enhance user stickiness through interactive participation, deep content, etc., but also to attract new users. The important means, further, can also guide consumption and layout of e-commerce business based on this.

For example, Tiger’s “selling goods” platform can provide users with professional identification, genuine purchase and other services; “Poison” APP has become a trend lifestyle platform including genuine equipment transactions, shoe identification and inspection. E-commerce and retail are one of the most critical aspects of the sports industry. In turn, sports events are a huge traffic entry for vertical e-commerce.

For example, American sports e-commerce giant Fanatics owns licensed production of professional leagues such as NFL (National Football League), NHL (North American Professional Hockey League), MLB (American Major League Baseball), MLS (American Major League Soccer). And the right to sell, in 2017, Fanatics’ valuation has reached $4.5 billion. Then, Ali is based on Taobao, Suning based on Suning Tesco, and even Tencent based on Jingdong, the sports e-commerce this fat believes that no one will miss it.

The success of the Tigers community shows that the sports community model is promising in the domestic market. However, BAT, which likes to take the lead, does not seem to be too big in this aspect. Even the investment in Tigers is jumped by the byte. As the business logic of the sports community model becomes clearer, it is not excluded that BAT will further strengthen the community service. At that time, it will inevitably bring about further concentration of traffic portals and user data.

In addition, “This! Different types of “sports + variety show” programs such as “Shovel” “Super3 Star Field” are also speeding up people’s attention. This form of program that balances professionalism and entertainment in sports can not only carry out more sports. The popularity of the event will also promote the industrialization of sports and the realization of sports content. In short, in the face of the current commercialization problems, I believe that the exploration of more new business models will accelerate.

New Opportunities and New Attempts in the Sports Market

Sports is a big market, and can even be extended to a larger category of culture, education, health, tourism, etc. At the same time, this is not only a game for the giants, but in addition to the layout of the giant players, we can also look further. Focus, stand in the big screen, see what opportunities in the big business of sports, for operators, TV media, or IPTV, DVB and other channels with local attributes, offline advantages, where is the opportunity.

The sports industry is difficult to play with Internet resources alone, and the ability of operators to sink and connect through business halls is very strong. As long as marketing strategies and marketing resources are in place, users’ growth will often be very rapid. This is why many Internet companies and operators work together.

Shandong Haiguan Network Technology Co., Ltd. launched the Haishang Sports Platform in August last year. This is the sports service cloud platform jointly launched by Shandong Radio and Television Station and Shandong Provincial Sports Bureau. It is also the sports industry operation explored through the “Internet Media + Sports” model. platform. Such a starting point actually means that it can connect with the above-mentioned fields of culture and education, and play a greater role in public service platforms and new media communication.

It is also based on the advantages of localization. The Haishang Sports Platform currently has sports stadium reservations, sports Huimin vouchers, national fitness events, live events/on-demand, sea-view sports media matrix, Shandong IPTV Business modules such as sports areas provide assistance for the integration and innovation of sports and industry.

Through online and offline connections, large and small screen collaboration, and local community operations, we can not only establish closer connections with users, but also promote the overall impact of the platform, local operators and home entertainment services such as operators. In terms of institutions, it is a good reference.

With the development of domestic sports market and the rise of national fitness, from professional sports to pan-sports, it can provide greater market space to the big-screen industry. Operators and TV media will welcome outside the major events based on their own advantages. More opportunities, such as local sports events, will become an important growth point. While organizing local events and forming regional brands, we can further explore profit points. For example, children’s sports will usher in a certain degree of eruption, with the quality of sports. Education has become an important measure in education reform, and children’s sports will attract more attention and more business opportunities will emerge.

In general, the development of big screen sports, on the one hand, can not escape the similar methodologies with other vertical categories in the big screen industry, such as online and offline collaboration, large screen small screen linkage, platform distribution inside and outside, etc.; The sports industry also has its own unique development logic, which can bring some different methods or development ideas for the big screen ecology. Especially in the current market environment, the sports word has too many possibilities.

Product innovation under technological empowerment

New technologies such as 5G, AI, 4K/8K, VR, and big data are exerting more influence on the sports industry. The cross-integration of sports and technology has shown more charm, but also brought more to the sports industry. More imagination space.

As far as the global sports market is concerned, the application of various new technologies has become an irreversible trend. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will be the largest sports event in the application of 5G technology, and will also be a demonstration of new technologies such as 4K and 8K. field. Under the overall route of “4K first and 8K” in China, the 4K related layouts of various places have been launched, and sports events are no exception. For example, “Beijing Super HD Video Industry Development Action Plan (2019?2022)” proposed 2022. The 4K Ultra HD TV live broadcast of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, and the 8K Ultra HD live broadcast plan.

Focusing on the domestic market, all kinds of new technologies have already been the focus of the next players. For example, Miy’s sports copyright development and operation mode is IP+NGIE (next generation immersive experience), which realizes content value in the era of big connection. maximize.

In addition, the application of sports data analysis, large-screen visualization, multi-view and other technologies will also tap the value of big-screen sports to a greater extent. For example, the Super Sports Sports Data Platform of Beijing Xiaojuju Company provides data analysis and visual rendering engine, one-stop data analysis service and product delivery, incremental in the cooperation process with CCTV Sports, Tencent Sports and other sports media. Advertising and marketing resources and other services.

Product innovation. Online, all kinds of new technologies can be applied in various program forms such as live broadcast, interesting explanation, preparation for the road, surrounding tidbits, in-depth interviews, etc., so that sports programs are more interesting and visual, and this will also promote domestic online video. The development of the sports market; offline, for example, through the “AI + big data + Internet of Things devices” to obtain data on the player’s running, speed, offensive, defensive and other aspects, to observe, guide, and even evaluate the athlete’s value, etc. They also represent the development direction of future professional sports.

2020 is a sports year, the arrival of global sports events such as the Tokyo Olympics and the European Cup, will set off a new wave of sports market, which will be a showcase and test site for various new technologies. For the domestic market. It will also be a venue for sports players to show their magical powers. In the process of preparing for and training, it will certainly promote the overall progress of the domestic sports market.

In short, in the big market of sports, there is a big map of BAT, and there is also a small ecology of other companies, but no matter who, business innovation, technological innovation is the requirement of all participants in the new environment. After all, the real industry of domestic sports There is still a long way to go. From the battle for sports copyright, to the debate on the development model, to the power of technology, it is all about slow work, capital, operation, trial and error, and patience.