Feel the “paradise” in the inhabited island of Madai

When it comes to the Maldives, everyone will think of white beaches, romantic islands, coconut palm trees, and water and sand. The Maldives has been transformed into a romantic and luxurious honeymoon resort, but the price is so high that many people are discouraged. As everyone knows, in addition to the five-star private island on the tall, the Maldives also has an affordable and affordable residential island.

The first time I went to the Maldives, after nearly a month of hard travel in India, I went with a feeling of complete enjoyment. Of course, I must choose a private hotel island on the tall, but because of the high cost (the cost of one night is quite For my half-month expenditure in India, I had to stay for two nights. After experiencing the feeling of “God” in heaven, I left in a hurry. The second time I went to the Maldives, I decided to choose two inhabited islands. I lived for four or five days and still enjoyed the purity and beauty of “Paradise.”

In fact, whether it is an expensive five-star island or a price-friendly island, it has the same beautiful and pure sea water, the same starry night sky. Just because of the different degrees of development, the facilities on the island are different, the luxury of accommodation and the difference in diet, service, etc., the price difference is large, for example, the island hotel costs 80 to 100 US dollars for one night, while the luxurious five-star island More than $1,000.

How to choose, Feng Wei by people. Mix and match is a good choice, such as a few days to the resident island, and then to the hotel island for a few days. I personally prefer the resident island because I can get close to the local people on the island and feel more customs.

Touldu Island is a surf-friendly residential island in the northern part of the capital, Male, which can be reached by a two-hour ferry from Male. The island is not big, you can walk around the island in about 20 minutes. There is a school on the island, two or three small grocery stores and restaurants, seven or eight small resorts, and a Coca-Cola factory. Many of the island’s inhabitants depend on fishing for a living, and here still maintains the taste of a simple fishing village.

Most of the hotels are located in the eastern part of the island, probably because the waves in the east are more suitable for surfing. I prefer the western part of the island of Tuludu, because there is a white sand beach that is as delicate as flour. When it comes to low tide, even if it is far away from the coast, the sea is just barely over the knee. Groups of tropical fish swim around their feet, and a variety of beautiful shells can be seen everywhere.

Every evening, I will come to this white beach. Take a walk on the soft sand while admiring the sunset over the sky. The breeze is like a pair of gentle hands touching the face. The sea gradually changed from clear light blue to orange and blue-violet, until it completely turned black, and I left reluctantly. Return to your holiday home with the moon.

The island’s residents are very friendly and very welcoming. Almost every day, local people give me some homemade fruits or dried fruits. In addition to coconut trees, there are many lotus trees and other tropical fruit trees that cannot be named. Fruit trees are basically planted in the yards of residents. Once I was holding a camera and taking a tall lotus tree, just to be seen by the hostess. So she enthusiastically asked me if I wanted to try it. I haven’t waited for my answer yet. She has quickly picked up five or six with her scorpion and handed it to me and said, “Try it, it’s delicious.” I put the lotus leaf flesh into my mouth and bite it down. , crisp and sweet.

Another time I saw a few large cockroaches in front of a family’s house were drying some dried fruit. I want to ask what is the end. The hostess told the English-speaking granddaughter that this is the core of the Indian lemon, which can be eaten as a snack. She also called her granddaughter into the house to take a can of dried fruit, I tasted it, and the taste was close to the almonds. I said to my aunt very delicious, she poured out a lot to me, and told me where to find wild lemon fruit on the island.

I have nothing to do with the camera to go to the village, sometimes I will go to the school playground in the island to watch the children play, they will also come and play with me.

There is no luxury accommodation in the inhabited islands, no top seafood dinners, or even a decent café, but it can bring you a completely different travel experience and feel the simplicity and beauty of the civilian life in “Heaven”.