Extreme sports enthusiasts fly over Fuengo by paraglider

Extreme sports enthusiasts fly over Fuengo by paraglider
The 36-year-old extreme sports enthusiast Horacio Lorenz Fernandez used a paraglider to record the adventure flight scene in Guatemala when flying over the active volcano Fuego. The picture shows Horacio leaping from the top of a less active Akatonango volcano and then gliding between the clouds. He circled around Fuego volcano and took a 360-degree panorama of the volcano and the surrounding area. Horacio in the video is a self-conscious, legs crossed in the air, as comfortable and relaxed as lying on the sofa. As the paraglider descends, he lifts the camera up to capture the volcanic ash of the active volcano.

British women challenge “running on the trash can”
A woman from Newcastle, England, stood on a blue trash can and said, “Do you think I can do it?” Someone outside the screen replied: “Can, go!” This “women warrior” is in the trash can. The cover ran up and looked very good. When she was about to jump into a blue trash can, the lid suddenly slipped sideways and swallowed her in. The woman was dizzy in the rubbish heap and was at a loss.

Belgium hosts the first European Seagull Calling Imitation Championship
On March 24, 2019, the first European Seagull Calling Simulation Competition was held in Belgium. Participants from all over Europe flocked to Adingoke to participate in the event. The scene was very interesting! As you can see from the video, a banana is hung from the top of the player. The contestant needs to imitate the sound of the seagull against the microphone and mimic the attitude of the seagull as much as possible. In the end, the winner of the competition was the 31-year-old man from Amsterdam, Reggie Rachi and the 21-year-old Bregji Ding from Hasselt, Belgium. It is reported that the prize for this competition is the title of “Seagull Imitation Expert” and a basket of Belgian beer.

Man with a 40 ° C high temperature ball across the 100 km Sahara desert
John Farnworth, a football enthusiast in Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom, with a sandstorm and a high temperature of 40 °C, crossed the 60-mile side of the Sahara Desert and made a total of 25 miles in 6 days. More than a million balls. The 33-year-old John wears goggles and a headscarf, wears custom-made sneakers, and slides down the steep sand dunes while hitting the ball. Together with three friends, he got help from four Moroccans. In 6 days, he only put the ball down while sleeping, eating and going to the toilet. When the sweaty football star reached the finish line, people applauded. John also set another record, including a manor in Widnes, near Liverpool, to control the ball that fell from a height of about 31 meters. Subsequently, he broke his record by controlling the ball that fell from the 32-meter high-altitude drone.

A comedian actor “stealed” an ATM machine and was refused by the driver.
A funny and bizarre scene took place in Newark, New Jersey, USA. A man tried to “steal” the ATM to take the bus and scare the driver. Later, the truth was revealed. It turned out that this was the ghost idea that comedian Darrius Kinney had temporarily thought of. They were just shooting funny videos. In the video, Jinni stood next to the bus station. After the car stopped, he picked up the bulky ATM machine and moved along the street one by one. When he got to the door, he said to the driver, “Come on, let’s divide it together!” The driver immediately closed the door and hurriedly drove away. In the end, Kinney also reluctantly patted the body and said, “Wait, let’s make money together!”

English parents give up everything and take two children around the world
After his family’s death, Benjamin and Qilin from London, England, rethought the meaning of life and made a bold decision: to abandon the existing comfortable lifestyle, sell all the property they own, and raise money for global travel. I want to get more experience from life. The couple said, “We don’t want to lose valuable time with our children because we are busy with work, so we decided to spend time with our family and travel together.” They have a six-year-old daughter and a three-year-old son. Travel around the world and learn new things. Different from the traditional schools, these two children are on the “world school.” They receive world education, learn different cultures and languages, experience the wonders of the world, and become excellent divers and photographers.

250 people work together to move the big barn
About 250 Amish men from Ohio, United States, together lifted a huge barn across the farm and moved it 45.72 meters. When they arrived at the destination, they rotated the barn 90 degrees, and the entire movement took about 5 minutes. The Amish refused to use modern technology and was unwilling to get in touch with the outside world. To this day, candles and carriages are still used in their lives, not electric lights and cars. There are also a large number of Amish communities in Pennsylvania and Nebraska. They tend to work closely together to accomplish a heavy and huge job.

The blind followed the guide dog to complete the New York City Half Horse Tournament
A blind man in the United States, accompanied by three guide dogs, completed the New York City Half Horse Competition and became the first person to complete the game under the guidance of a guide dog rather than other runners. On St. Patrick’s Day, 20,000 runners ran across Times Square in New York to participate in the 2019 New York City Half Marathon. Among them, a blind athlete named Thomas Panek completed the half-horse race without anyone’s help and created history. He was accompanied by three relay Labrador Retrievers and completed about 21 kilometers in less than two and a half hours.

Russia staged “Ice and Snow Castle Attack and Defense”
In a forest near the Russian capital Moscow, hundreds of revelers joined forces to capture a snow castle and throw snowballs to bid farewell to the winter and celebrate the arrival of spring. A viewer recorded this spectacular scene. The video shows hundreds of sieges building up the wall, throwing snowballs at each other and struggling to capture the ice castle. The defenders above the castle constantly pushed the sieges down and tried to stop them from reaching the battlements. Then, as a siege arrives at the top of the castle, the straw dolls are crowded into a clearing. People burned dolls, sang and danced, and celebrated the winter and spring. It is reported that this is a celebration of the annual “Thai Meat Festival” in Moscow. The task of both offensive and defensive is to acquire and protect the straw dolls that symbolize Mrs. Maslenica at the top of the castle. Once someone climbs the castle, the “castle attack and defense” will end.

British girls may sleep for 3 weeks with rare narcolepsy
Rhodes Rodriguez Dijas, a 21-year-old girl from Leicestershire, England, can sleep for 22 hours a day because she is suffering from Klein Levine syndrome. Sometimes she even sleeps for 3 weeks. ,Shocking. It is reported that Dias has suffered from abnormal sleep since he was a child, but has not found the real cause. In May 2018, at the suggestion of her family doctor, she received specialist treatment until September when she was diagnosed with a rare Kline Levine syndrome, commonly known as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. Once the disease occurs, she may sleep for 22 hours a day, or even sleep for two or three weeks.

The woman spent 88 yuan to buy a “glass ring” is actually worth 6.5 million diamond ring
It happened in the UK. 33 years ago, Debra, 22, spent £10 (about RMB 88) on the flea market to buy a “glass ring”. Later, Debra locked the ring in the cupboard at home until recently, when her mother was defrauded of all the money by a relative, Debra took the ring out. Debra took the ring to the jewellery expert for identification. I thought the ring would appreciate at most 750 pounds. I don’t think the experts said it was a 26.27-carat diamond ring worth more than 6.5 million. Finally, Debra auctioned the ring. Off, except for the auction fee, earned more than 4.14 million yuan.

The man was refused for 43 consecutive years, and the woman was 72 years old and asked to marry in a wheelchair.
According to the British “Daily Mail” report, the male protagonist named Colin Jones, now 74 years old. In 1976, he met Pauline Young in his child’s kindergarten. After seeing each other, they fell in love, like glue. In the 43 years they met, Colin proposed to Pauline every year. However, Pauline refuses every time. As she gets older, Pauline suffers from a rare cerebral cortical basal ganglia degeneration and begins to experience slow movements and tremors. Three years ago, Pauline’s situation deteriorated and she had to return to England from Malta to live in a health centre. Colin is still living in Malta, running a company co-founded by two people, and will visit her once every two weeks. In December last year, Colin came to the health care center to visit Pauline. She suddenly asked Colin if she wanted to marry her. Colin was hit by sudden happiness and immediately expressed willingness.

Men do not talk to their wives for 62 years.
The 84-year-old husband didn’t want to talk to his 80-year-old wife. He even pretended to be dumb for 62 years… The two married 62 years and raised 6 children and 13 grandchildren, but in the 62 years of marriage. The husband Dawson never said a word in front of his wife Dorothy, and the whole family never doubted his deaf status. Dawson’s lie was smashed because his wife Dorothy accidentally saw a video of Dawson singing karaoke at the bar when he watched the video online one day. Dorothy couldn’t accept the deception of her husband for most of her life. She insisted on divorcing Dawson and asked Dawson to pay for mental damage, half of her family and maintenance.

London Flying Dussel flight arrived in Edinburgh wrongly
According to the British “Daily Mail” report, a passenger plane took off from the London City Airport in the United Kingdom, ready to fly to Düsseldorf, Germany, however, the plane landed in Edinburgh, Scotland, about 805 km away from London. The passengers on board were unable to help, and they took out their mobile phones to take pictures. After the plane landed, it re-launched from Edinburgh at 10:30 am on the same day, ready to fly to Düsseldorf. After the plane landed in Edinburgh, the flight attendant said with a shocked voice: “Scorpio, no one is in Edinburgh? Is there really no one under Edinburgh? Ok, please don’t take pictures or videos.”

In order to alleviate the tension of children, the US hospital opened its “sports car” into the operating room.
The Doctoral Medical Center in Modesto, Calif., provided two remote-controlled cars for small patients in the pediatric ward, allowing them to drive into the operating room to help relieve stress and anxiety. In the video, a little girl is wandering around in a pink beetle toy car. She is wearing a sick suit and a surgical cap, apparently a small patient who is about to undergo surgery. Later, the little patient named Caroline entered the operating room with a car excitedly. This interesting video is shared from the social media homepage of the medical center. They wrote: “The children’s nervousness and anxiety are gone when they jump into the car.”

Thai woman tried massage treatment and unexpectedly the leg was cut off
A 46-year-old woman in Thailand received a violent Thai foot massage for her leg pain, but she did not expect her leg to be cut off. In December 2018, after months of leg pain, the woman visited a masseur who called herself a “happy doctor.” As can be seen from the video, although the woman yelled for pain and asked him to stop the massage, the masseur continued. After the massage, she not only did not feel better, but felt that her condition was getting worse. So she went to the hospital to take an X-ray film. It was found that my thigh was broken and the left ankle was dislocated.

Turkey’s first-rate wave cats stick to the market every year and only attack men and dogs
A stray cat in the Turkish capital of Istanbul is at the door of a market, attacking passers-by and dogs, but it only attacks men and dogs, not women and children. Surveillance videos outside the market recorded the scene of the stray cat repeatedly attacking passers-by. The picture shows that as long as the man and the dog pass the steps outside the market, the cat will pounce on it. The locals said that the cat has always been mild. Ali Aydin, a resident near the market, said: “It is not a wild cat. It has become accustomed to human existence. It hurts people just to protect its children. I guess someone may have hurt this cat.”

The US police grabbed three children who had been thrown from the fire on the third floor.
According to the British “Daily Mail” report, a house in Iowa in the United States fired in the early hours of the morning. A mother and three children were trapped. Four police officers immediately rushed to the scene after receiving the police and stopped by hand. Three children who were thrown from the third floor. The law enforcement recorder on the police recorded this thrilling moment. Because the fire was too big, the police could not enter the house, and the windows upstairs kept rising smoke and flames. So they took the initiative to guide the children and mothers to throw the three children one by one from the upstairs, and the three children were saved. The firefighters then arrived and used the ladder to save the child’s mother. Throughout the process, the police continued to comfort the frightened child and told the child to remain calm. No one was injured in the accident and everyone was evacuated safely.

Pacific Island countries are the world’s first airlines to sell tickets
Most of the adult residents of the Pacific island nation of Samoa are overweight. To this end, Samoa Airlines has to introduce new regulations in 2014 that will be charged according to passenger weight to raise public awareness of obesity. According to the new rules, passengers must fill in their personal weight and baggage weight in the booking area of ​​the company’s website before purchasing tickets. Different flight charges vary from $1 to $4.16 per kilogram. Samoa Airlines became the first airline in the world to sell tickets. In order to prevent passengers from losing weight, passengers must first log in to the Internet to register their weight. They need to be called again before boarding to confirm that the passenger’s weight is not smashed.

A Canadian bald eagle helps golfers get into the hole
A vulture flying freely over the Canadian golf course helped a golfer to make a great “eagle ball” into the hole. According to reports, a man is playing his first round of golf this season, when he waved the club and wants to hit the ball to the second hole. Unexpectedly, a bald eagle swooped down as the ball rolled, interested in the ball, trying to pick it up and fly away. The man slowly approached the vulture, opened the camera and began encouraging the vulture to throw the ball into the hole. Soon, the vulture played a few minutes of golf on the grass, then spread his wings and flew up while still holding the ball with his claws. When flying over the sky, the vulture released the ball and the ball fell directly into the hole. “The ball fell in!” The golfer shouted loudly: “One shot into the hole!”