Every man should be a dad

Today I plan to speak a few words of fairness to my father. Contemporary men also have very obvious differences before and after the squatting, mainly have the following important characteristics:

Once you are embarrassed, you will be attached a lot of attributes: lazy, careless, stupid… Before you are a father, his attribute is a word: not bad.

Once you are awkward, you will be attached a lot of characters: Tucao, back, back… Before he was a father, his character was a word: very good.

Once you are awkward, you will add a lot of hobbies: love overtime, love to go to the toilet, love to sleep… Before he was a father, his hobby was a word: Do you do it?

We can see that in fact, having children is not only a complete revolution for women, but also for men. The only difference is who is more in the right to speak.

There is a saying: Motu is a good time, and it’s a lifelong injury. But I still think that when Dad is a happy thing, every man should be a father. Only then can you have a set. Skeletal life in the bones.

After being a father, men have indeed played a role in enhancing the harmony of all aspects of society. The two girls in our former office often secretly competed because of the comparison. They are bigger than the size of the diamond ring, than the style of the bag, compared to the resort location, who received the husband’s flowers in the office before the holidays…

After a year or two, both of them became mothers. Every day, they started to be more unreliable than their husbands. Today, your husband’s milk powder is hot enough to kill E. coli, and tomorrow her husband’s clothes will be washed. Wearing the whole day without any notice, the day after tomorrow, the husbands forgot to take the baby to prevent the needle… It didn’t take long for them to have a steel-like friendship based on their friends who were based on their respective black husbands.

You see, even the most sour lemon essence in the world, as long as you try to hold each other and spit the father, you can become each other’s honey.

Every man should be a father for peace in the world.

In the past, I had a bad problem with this person. When I was angry, I loved the Cold War, and the other party couldn’t figure out what to do. I was overwhelmed and the whole house was filled with smoke and creeps.

This bad problem was also cured by the child.

Because after I have a child, I have nothing to look for, even if my son makes me angry, I will first slap the child. The family has been alive and well, and it is no longer dead.

This not only avoids the adverse effects of the Cold War, but also has a major advantage: to ease the parent-child relationship, because I do not have to train my son directly, and I will save the country.

The child is lost and lost – you don’t care about your son, he’s lost all three days!

The child is careless and careless – you don’t care about your son, who is so careless all day!

The children often look innocent, and haven’t figured out what’s going on, don’t know, don’t dare to ask.

Every man should be a father, for the sake of family happiness.

When my son was a child, I saw a giant baby weighing 180 pounds (90 kilograms) sitting on the ground, wearing big pants, holding a whole piece of bare abdominal muscles, and playing with a son who was a father and a child, this is realistic and rough. The picture made a warmth in my heart: Well, the man’s most handsome moment should be when accompanying the child. They wore a little white rabbit puppet in their hands and played the game of “Whoever grabs the radish first, who can eat a biscuit.” Soon I found out that the situation is not good! The biscuits were all eaten by Dad.

I took back the previous sentence.

The man’s most handsome moment must not be when he is robbing a toy with a child and winning a full victory and then crying his son…

I yelled at him: How do you bully the children?

He said: Children can’t be used to it. This is called frustration education.

Very good, since this son has to play this game, I have to drag me, no longer play with my father, my friendship with my son has been sublimated, and he is no longer afraid to lose when playing, the psychological quality has increased, because He knew that I could not eat all his snacks, which in turn increased my son’s trust in me.

Every man should be a father, and he is more frustrated for the next generation of the motherland.

My family’s giant baby was a dull, straightforward man in front of Dangdang. His expression was sluggish, his movements were single, and his beauty was lacking.

But when the time is different, he changes his posture to a lot of postures – the elegance of doing the questions on the bed, the dignity of doing the title on the sofa, the sexiness when doing the questions on the toilet, all add to the glory of life.

Especially when tutoring children to learn, Dad’s Quartet: sighs, slams his feet, doubts life, and releases himself.

The inner BGM (background music) is always in the single loop:

Rotating jump, I close my eyes

Dust can’t see you intoxicated

Snowy summer night, I don’t stop

Blur the hourglass of the old age when I stepped on it


Compared with the mother’s iron lungs, the father’s titanium liver is not vegetarian. It is especially admirable that mothers often rush out to vent their enthusiasm when they complete their homework, but the fathers are different. After they have experienced an unspeakable accompanying reading, they can still walk out with ease, like a 180-plus. The smile of the little angel’s face.

Every man should be a father, in order to make the soul get a colorful bloom.

The unruly men are gathering together, how boring, stocks, football, movies… The old stalk in the universe is talked about nothing new.

When you are married, it’s fun to have dads get together. After meeting one or two sentences, I immediately cut into the topic –

“Brothers, Li Lei and Han Meimei ran from the two ends of a 1200-meter bridge to the middle. One stopped for one minute for every 50 meters, and the other one stopped for one and a half for every 100 meters. Q: When Li Lei and Han Meimei met together, How long did it take?”

A master’s degree, a doctoral degree, a science and engineering man, an IT dog, and a financial tycoon at a table are not eaten.

If you don’t do the problem, the chat is also “Which school special class is OK, which training institution is a pit, where is the audition class, where are the coupons you want, what is the name of the class that your son last reported? “…

“Big brother, where did you hear so much news?”

“I mix with a group of chicken blood mom every day!”

An unscrupulous man will never have the opportunity to say a word to the mother of someone else’s family, and the dad who insists on accompanying him has already penetrated into the mother’s circle and became a friend of women.

Every man should be a dad once, in order to turn over when he is being spit.

When the man behind him suddenly becomes a character that people love and hate, but this is also an extremely safe character, because it deeply consolidates the two mentalities of the majority of the mother: “can still leave the ground” and “others I can’t do it for me.”

However, more important than the above two mentality is that the way Dad takes the child, maybe the mother can’t see it, but it is the mother can’t replace it.

For this great “uniqueness” and “irreplaceability”, every man should be a father. If you are quite idle, you can do it twice.