Envious of myself

Keanu Reeves is a famous actor, producer and director. His series of movies, such as “The Speed ​​of Life and Death” and “The Matrix”, are popular. Not long ago, an interview with Keanu became a hot search for foreign social media. In an interview with a website in Malaysia, he admitted: “I am a lonely person, all alone.” “If that person appears, I will respect and love each other, I hope this wish can come true.”

The result was very fast, and the Keanu broker came out to blame! Originally, the entire article was compiled; he never said that he was a “lone person.”

So what kind of person is Keanu? Some people say that he is very poor. On the one hand, this man is too careless. Everyday hair style to clothes, that is quite unsatisfactory. The leather shoes were broken, and they were put on with transparent glue. On the other hand, the Internet said that he was too generous. Keanu gave up some of the dividends in the two collections of the Matrix series (it is said to be almost $38 million) to ensure that the crew has more budget to do special effects.

But Keanu is really a kind and generous person. A staff member of the 1996 “Chain Reaction” crew revealed on the Internet that Keanu would invite everyone to eat every day for several weeks. Later, in the “Matrix”, a worker who set up the set had difficulties at home, and Keanu gave him 20,000 dollars directly. In the second episode, he bought a Harley motorcycle for each of the stunts as a Christmas present.

Not long ago, a writer named James Datorshared shared his story at the age of 16. James was selling tickets at the cinema. He found that Keanu had bought a ticket and advised him to fill out a form and use his employee benefits to buy a discount ticket, in order to secretly get his signature. Keanu said that I still bought the full price ticket. After a while, I came back to find James: “I just realized that you want my signature, so I signed this.”

He handed James an ice cream receipt, signed behind. James recalls: “I only came back later. Keanu didn’t really want to eat ice cream. He just wanted to get a piece of paper so he could sign a 16-year-old boy.”

Daily behavior is also less concerned with the opinions of others. I was photographed and ate with the tramp, listened to the other side to tell the story, and even lay down on the ground. I was often photographed and chatting with some outsiders on the roadside.

Everyone’s ideal life is different, and it is worthy of being understood and respected. It is the most enviable thing to be comfortable and live in the life you want.