Culture sometimes conflicts

The communication of civilization is very strong, and it has a broad compatibility and has a strong leading role. In the face of civilization, there is generally no distance between the upper class and the bottom. For example, you can’t beat people, swear people, don’t arbitrarily derogate people, and can’t do indecent things in public. Civilization requires people to respect others, respect the old and love the young, talk about etiquette, obey the rules, know the book and pay attention to the general. These civilizations, noble people and the bottom people will abide by them.

People share the harmony brought by civilization, and they are reasonable and reasonable, and they are very decent. It has the commonality of human beings, has common trends and rules. However, civilization and culture have both integration and differences. Culture is often divided, and different cultural backgrounds often cause conflict. In particular, after the culture and customs of some places are closely combined, such conflicts are the most common and often lead to disputes. For example, people in some places like to eat dog meat, which forms a culture called diet nourishing culture. They think that dog meat is full, strong, and delicious. This culture is deeply rooted in the local people. However, many people are resolutely opposed to eating dog meat. They believe that this behavior is caused by backward culture and is a decadent, corrupt and cruel cultural view. The fierce conflict between the two cultures is an indisputable fact. In some places, patriarchalism prevails, and it is considered that the “fighting and swearing” of children and women is right, emphasizing the backward cultural concept of “being a pro, being a love”. However, many people are very uncomfortable. They think that this is the logic of robbers. It is a feudal culture. It is very bad. It does not respect human dignity and does not give people equal status.

Many people don’t understand the reality that culture can lead to conflict. They don’t understand why there are more students fighting now. Why do they kill the same roommates? Why do female students have seven or eight people playing a classmate and taking off others? The outerwear is punched and kicked; I don’t understand that there are gangs in college students, and there are hills. These have complex reasons, but one of the reasons for long-term neglect is caused by conflicts in cultural practices and is not caused by respect for each other’s personality. We often ignore the phrase “listen to discomfort” and feel that the individualism of this sentence is too strong; often the words “I can’t understand” are taken lightly, and those who say this are less experienced. In fact, “I don’t feel comfortable”, “I don’t get used to it”, “I don’t want to be pleasing to the eye”, “I feel upset and troublesome when I hear it” is a kind of psychological expression brought about by different cultural customs, and must cause us Highly valued. This is like a puppy dog ​​who sees a dislike of the same kind, and will give a low-pitched throat warning. At this time, we must pull them away quickly to avoid stifling. People can also apply this principle, and find that the signs are not appropriate, and quickly remedy, alert, guide, and evade. The “run-in period” that we often say is actually the period of cultural identity.

Young people have been employed in society, and they have started their business. They have seen people from all corners of the country and have contact with all kinds of people who have their own cultural characteristics and have their own customs. What should they do? Sichuanese like to be spicy, Shanghai people like to be light, Northeasters like to taste heavy, Cantonese people like to eat and have soup; intellectuals like to discuss and say things, the voice is not big; the working class likes to drink a small wine, when they are drunk, they like to recognize it loudly. “Boss”; the peasant class first speaks full stomach and talks again, buns, noodles, rice is indispensable, like one foot on the ground, the other on the stool; the cadre eats the surface to look at the food, but the heart is paying attention to sitting The “master” person, speaks to everyone, listens to the sound of the strings, does not know what to eat for a meal, go home and cook noodles again.

These are the cultural expressions of people from different cultures, that is, different cultures and customs.

Face the reality, you said that you don’t care too much, no matter it, OK? No way. Can you rest one foot on the ground at the senior state banquet, and the other on the stool? Eat with the professor, can you recognize the boss in front of them? You ask Allah to eat, squatting about seven or eight spicy dishes, a big hot pot, what is it called Allah? You make a big shot for a meal, Nanquan North leg, using a stick Meteor to dry up, this is impossible. If possible, it is inevitable to leave a rude impression.

We must read more, learn more, master the cultural characteristics of each place, the expression of culture, and learn more about customs. We must look more, ask more, learn more, and ask more. Don’t be obscured, do things without rules, treat people with no sense of proportion, then it’s a big mistake, then you will be an unpleasant person, an unwelcome person.

Qi Baishi has the cultural characteristics of Qi Baishi, and the high cultural characteristics of Van Gogh; the Beijingers speak the cultural characteristics of Beijingers, and the Xi’an people have the characteristics of Xi’an; any taxi driver in Beijing has cadres above the ranks. momentum. These have traces of culture and are hard to erase.

Don’t look down on other people’s culture, because he also has reason to look down on you, so mutual respect is the most appropriate. In addition, be sure to remember more questions, quietly ask, do not make your own. The more you don’t understand, the more you ask, the more you have to ask. Seeing people ordering food, on the surface, it is a matter of ordering food, which is actually a matter of food culture. This is a philosophy of life, a manifestation of a great culture. Such people are high and wise.

If you say so much, you still don’t know that culture will be in conflict. You can look at the two-day network’s posts and watch the two-day debates on the mobile phone, arguments, quarrels, etc., and you can see the leopard.