Creative too much is wrong

Once in the marketing forum, one of the most important aspects is to appreciate the creative advertisement of a well-known brand. The time is more than 4 minutes. The whole picture and sound effects are very shocking. It is a blockbuster movie. Everyone is amazed by this wonderful idea. For a long time. This creative advertisement was the most memorable part of the forum that day. Of course, I have been relishing it for a long time.

However, in the process of recollection, I always feel that something is wrong. The idea is too exciting. I only remember the idea, so that I didn’t remember which product. This is no trouble, people spend so much money, creativity is to promote the product, and as a result you do not even remember the product, it should not. But when I asked other people, the answers of others were just like me, and they all shook their heads again and again, saying that the advertisements were so beautiful, they didn’t pay attention to the products.

Also, a more important question is that this commercial is more than 4 minutes long. Where can I broadcast such long advertisements to customers? If such a long commercial is broadcast on a TV station or on several major video sites, the cost will be sky-high. More critically, in the Internet era, who has the patience to read a 4 minute commercial? Unless it is in a particular environment. The reality is that no one can put their customers in a specific, closed environment to watch a commercial.

Thinking hard. Because, this means: creativity, not only does not achieve your brand, but is destroying it.

Who said no?

Remember the Nokia N9 ad? In the words of netizens, it is “the bunker.” Invite the famous actor Fan Bingbing, the time is 2 minutes and 22 seconds, the whole process is domineering international fan, the scalp is numb by the creative bombing, if you are interested, you can go directly to search. As a result, everyone knows that the Nokia N9 sales are bleak, and it has become the most painful loss for Nokia. After this battle, Nokia moved farther and farther away from the smart machine, and fell from the altar and was abandoned by the times.

Let’s take a look at the Xiaomi smartphone that is almost simultaneously listed. At that time, the Xiaomi mobile phone was just unveiled. It was as simple as a freshman next door. There were no stars, no advertisements, no creativity. The “three nos” newcomers created a miracle in the history of Chinese mobile phones.

There is also a marketing case about the cake house, which is not named here. At the beginning, I was full of confidence, and I was determined to use it. I used the well-known master of the style in the industry, and the words were used to describe the cake as the delicious food in the sky. The people who read the copy were directly given. As a result, in addition to the increase in sales in the first month, it has declined month by month. Although the advertising coverage has been increased, it has not improved.

How to do? Try changing the ad? This can only be the case, otherwise the cake house will die. Changed an ad that was smashed before. This advertisement is so plain and unpredictable that it was previously ignored by everyone. The whole advertisement is a sentence, and this sentence does not look like an advertisement: every day customers can try the fresh sliced ​​cake for free. The picture is a slice of cake that makes people look drooling. In this way, it has been on the bus for 3 months. What do you guess? In less than a week, sales continued to rise, and the cake business grew by 30% in a month. This is a good performance that has never been seen before.

“Every day, shoppers can try fresh sliced ​​cakes for free.” Is this an advertisement? Unlike it, it is more like a notice, but the effect is so powerful. Please read each reader to pause for 5 seconds, think about it, is it more and more magical?

This is the real big idea, and it is a thunder in the plain.

Why is this happening?

The creativity lost to the simple, wonderful and unfavorable.

In fact, it is normal for us to think about one step. When we are doing marketing solutions, we are always habitually pursuing new, strange and special ideas, but we ignore the most crucial part: what customers think. No matter how creative, customers don’t pay, everything is in vain.

If you think about this problem from the customer’s point of view, you will be able to solve it. The idea is gorgeous, but the customer thinks: What is the relationship with me? I bought a product that can solve my problem. Ever since, Coca-Cola and Pepsi have signed the hottest stars every year, and compiled the most popular music rhythm. Can customers overtime work, or will buy cans Wang Laoji drink, why? I am afraid of getting angry.

Car advertising is doing a lot, you can tell the customer directly: my car can help you save 4 oil.

Don’t show off your skills. What customers need is not creativity, but simple and affordable. Say, what can you bring to me? If I meet my expectations, I will make a deal. It doesn’t meet me. The customer’s time is also time and precious. I don’t have time to listen to your advertisements. The wonderful ideas are essentially the same in the eyes of the customers.

“Oh! My idea is so good, didn’t you touch you? You are not going to buy my product?”

The customer is in his heart: neuropathy! Looking at creativity, watching big movies, I go to the cinema, I am waiting for shopping, you let me see what creativity.

If so, why is creativity still popular?

Of course, there are deep-seated reasons for this. It is the thing that the buttocks decide the head. We know that the marketing department of the company (also known as the Planning Department) is instinctive in pursuit of creativity in order to show the results of their work. What if the marketing department puts a seemingly unpretentious advertisement in front of the boss? I feel that my heart is guilty. Will the boss feel that I have not done any work in this job? I have no idea at all. What do the marketing department do? Therefore, the pursuit of creativity has become one of the main tasks of the marketing department. As for the effect, first creative, first look good and then talk.

The boss, looking at the creativity in a specific range, will feel very shocking, very good-looking, and passed with an excitement. It is also easy to understand. You are also excited to see creativity in a specific environment. As a result, creativity has become a pass to measure the quality of advertising. Of course, it is still the same sentence, the advertisement is good, the key is to look at the customer, and it is self-satisfied. The self-proclaimed achievement is the creative person, but the brand that is hard-built by the enterprise is destroyed.

Some people say, don’t you?

Now consumers are becoming more and more rational. When they see the brand has such a good idea, he will admire it, but at the same time he has a tight pocket. This advertisement does not cost less at first glance. I don’t know how much advertising fee is added here. It’s not that the wool is on the sheep. I won’t buy it. Customers will applaud the idea, but will not pay for the idea, but will choose the same kind of products with higher cost performance.

For example, Metersbonwe had a huge investment in the invitation of King Jay Chou to advertise, but when UNIQLO did not have any creativity to stand quietly next to Metersbonwe, the customers ran directly to Uniqlo. why? The price is cheap and the style is new. I care for you who speaks and what is your creativity?

Well, if you say so much, you should understand everything and stop thinking. To study what consumers want? Tell him directly. Give it a try!