Complain, let the youth flee

The son left home
“May 1” small holiday, no matter adults or children are excited to prepare for a trip, the mood is flying, don’t mention how happy. However, on the afternoon of May 1st, in the group of the Seventh Class, a message sent by the mother of Taozi broke the festive atmosphere of the festival. Taozi’s mother said: “Which classmates in the class know the news of my family’s Taozi, he got up this morning and took me 800 yuan from the bank card and pulled me out. I can’t contact him anymore…”

This sentence suddenly aroused the concern of many parents.

Someone asked: “Why should he blacken you? Are you quarreling?”

Taozi’s mother replied: “There was no quarrel. He just told me that I didn’t pay attention. I ran out. I received a bank withdrawal text message and I knew that he had taken the money. He couldn’t make a call and he pulled me black.”

“Why does he have a bank card? Is it so small to use a bank card?” Another parent asked.

“Because I used to be away from him, I will give him a card and give him some money to make him useless.” Taozi mother patiently explained.

“I asked my son, I didn’t see Taozi.” Some parents finally answered the question of Taozi’s mother.

What’s more, parents have asked questions about Taozi’s mother. While answering various questions, Taozi’s mother spit out her son’s various ignorance and his own misfortunes.

After intermittent information compilation, it turned out that Taozi’s mother was a single mother and divorced her husband for more than a year. Before the divorce, she long endured her husband’s domestic violence. In order to avoid her husband, she often went out. Most of Taozi is brought by grandparents, and Dad is equally rude to Taozi, who often fights. After the divorce, Tao Zi followed her mother. Perhaps because of family reasons, Taozi appears to be much more mature than his peers. He is a member of society, socializing, playing games, and learning less. In order to change the environment for his son, it took a lot of effort for his mother to bring the Tao to the big city. He only sent him to this school this semester.

After entering this school, Taozi obviously did not follow the rhythm of classmates, and the learning and habits were all a lot worse. Every day’s homework could not be completed on time, so slowly, it was overwhelmed. Learn emotions. It is estimated that Tao Zi’s departure from home is related to these situations.

Two mothers quarrel
Then, Taozi’s mother began to sneak a lot in the group. At the beginning, everyone also comforted her and helped her out. Slowly, it seems that everyone is tired. If there is no good way, then there will be less. .

Taozi’s mother said: “Today is my birthday. I didn’t expect this child to be so unconscionable. I didn’t even have a blessing. I also made such a ridiculous thing. When I come back, I must pack it up!”

“My life is really bitter. In the past few years, his father tortured me. Now it is him who tortures me…”

“He is not the first time he has done this (away from home), and my alarm is useless because he is leaving home, not missing, the police are not filing…”

Taozi’s mother’s spit has been screened. One day passed.

Early the next morning, Taozi’s mother said in the group: “Our family Taozi once said that a classmate borrowed his basketball. Can this classmate help me to contact me in the name of basketball?”

So, everyone knows that Taozi has not returned overnight, and the teacher also asked: “Who can help find Taozi.” However, no one answered. Taozi’s mother was again a nose and a tear told her that her suffering was not easy.

On the third day, Taozi still has no shadow. When Taozi’s mother asked again in the group, Han Hanma, who had always spoken very little, suddenly accused Tao’s mother of yelling and said, “Your own child is not good, it is your own business, all day in the group. Lie, disgusting everyone, what are you doing?” “We all have our own affairs, and we are not obliged to listen to you.”

In the face of Han Han’s accusation, Tao Zi Ma initially apologized and bothered everyone. With the accusation of Han Han’s mother’s accusation, Taozi Ma also began to color. Frying the pot!

Noisy and noisy, Taozi still can’t contact. Until the school on the morning of May 4, Taozi still did not appear. When Taozi’s mother and the class teacher worked together, they found the Taozi who had been in the Internet cafe for three days and three nights through two students. Taozi sitting in front of the computer, wilting, decadent, dirty, bloody eyes, stinking – this is what a 13-year-old boy should have, clearly a self-exiled tramp. Taozi was caught back in class and the storm was temporarily flat.

It turns out that everyone is wronged.
Two weeks later, the teacher informed the group which students did not work, and asked the parents to stare at the child to correct at home. Taozi’s mother joked and said: “Teacher, can you let Taozi pass the check in front of you, once and twice, until you pass the customs.” The teacher said that there are more than forty children in the class, how can they be kept one by one? Over! Taozi’s mother said, “Because the teacher is talking, Taozi wants to listen. I don’t listen to what I say. Hey, you don’t know how difficult it is for a single mother like me to teach children…”

“Like your request, I am afraid that only the principal will give you a separate class! Your own doll is not good. It is a teacher’s responsibility. This group is disturbed by you. You have to face your face… I listen. It’s annoying to you… I’ve been holding you for a long time…” Han Han’s mother couldn’t help but prevent her and her mother’s mother from swearing, and brought a lot of swearing.

Everyone began to criticize Han Han. I didn’t expect her to say, “I’m sorry, I have depression. I can’t hear her talking about these broken things. The last time her child left home, she was there. I just wanted to jump off the building! I told the class teacher. I don’t want to see people complaining, I am very painful, I want to retire, but my children are here too, I am afraid to miss some important information…”

It turned out to be a mother who was full of grievances, and more serious, and depression. The reason why she can’t see Tao mother’s bitterness is because these bitter waters will remind her of her situation. Taozi’s mother spit out her own bitter water, but it was the scar of Han Han’s mother.

Han Han is not a child in class, learning and discipline are a mess, no heart, no matter whether my mother is sick, my father is divorced, he is outside the world as a demon king.

Why are children not worried?
Two hard mothers, here are two children who are not sensible. Teacher Chen, the class teacher, has seen so many different kinds of children. She said: “This can’t really blame the children. I have talked with both children and have observed their behavior for a long time.” After leaving home, May Day Taozi said to the teacher: “I don’t like to stay with my mother. I think that I have to stay with my mother for three days and listen to her complaints. I don’t want to stay at home.” Tao’s mother’s marriage was really unfortunate. The sacrifice she made was also great. However, after she got out of the unfortunate marriage, she did not give the child a clear sky. Instead, she let her self-blame and self-satisfaction flood, causing the child to feel suffocated and want to escape. Of course, the pressure of learning is also one of the reasons.

Han Han said in his usual conversation with the teacher: “Mom always said that she did not divorce her father for her sake. Her illness was also irritated by my father and I. I hate that my mother sighs every day…” “Mom actually I am not willing to divorce my father. Her old man is not a good thing, but why do you want to die and live with Dad…”

Teacher Chen said that the common point of Taozi’s mother and Han Hanma is that they bring the misfortunes of marriage into the children’s life too much. The children are too young to bear the pain of the adults. Therefore, in the face of the filthy fog, they Just want to escape.

Get out of the sorrow and re-establish the atmosphere of the home
After the second quarrel between the two parents, Teacher Chen made an appointment and had a long talk. Under the analysis of Teacher Chen, the two parents realized that they were actually pity with each other. They no longer talked about each other, but they discussed with the teacher how to deal with the children.

Teacher Chen said: “Home is the best shelter for children, but the premise is to be safe. If the mother complains that Ai Ai is not finished every day, the child is not happy. The child begins to have his own thoughts during adolescence, when he discovers the mother. When the complaints are different from the ones they see, they will despise the mother and be counterproductive.” Subsequently, Teacher Chen and the two mothers stipulated three chapters: The first is to not complain, to control their mouths, to say something happy, Even interesting news can be; second, face up to their own problems, cure the disease, not to say that his father is not in front of the child, all contradictions, the two adults deal with themselves, bad emotions do not affect the children! Third, do not give children a large amount of cash, do not give bank cards, do not buy smart phones, take alternative actions, such as letting children participate in sports, travel or something -” the two parents agree with the teacher’s suggestion, willing to work together Create a warm and happy family environment for your children.

A month has passed, Taozi is changing hard, from one or two in the morning to the end of the day, can now be completed before 11 o’clock; dictation, dictation of word patterns from the first one will not be able to write now Six or seven…

Han Han once specialized in chaos, talking harshly, deliberately smashing ink on his classmates’ new clothes, deliberately stepping on his new shoes, and now he is slowly changing. He used to complain seven or eight times a day by his classmates, and it is now significantly reduced. What surprised Han Hanma most was that some classmates had asked him to play. In the past, he did not have a friend.

It is said that parents are the children’s first teachers, and the children’s problems often reflect the problems of parents. Tao Zi and Han Han are the most obvious examples. When the two mothers were brave enough to make changes, the child immediately showed a welcome change.