Bulgari’s Tanabata confession

In this air, there is a sweet Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day. BVLGARI brings a brand new Tanabata limited series of products, and writes the ultimate script for romantic people, inviting you to join a heart-warming love movie.

Love is sincere and pure, and is one of the most precious human emotions. Every year on the seventh night of the seventh lunar month, many couples from all over the world will start a love confession. Bulgari Tanabata limited series understands the various feelings of lovers in sweet love, and uses unique design to visualize love and record the moment of each heart.


Inadvertent heartbeat is the collision of the eyes that occasionally look up, but it sways in the bottom of my heart. This Tanabata, in the romantic and invigorating atmosphere, in addition to the sweet words of the ear, you must boldly express your unique heartbeat. BVLGARI Bulgari selects the DivasDream series of the Tanabata limited necklace for you to witness the moment of your own.

A collection of classic elegance and exquisite DivasDream jewellery, the elegant and elegant fan-shaped design is lightly wrapped around the neck and wrist, revealing the female’s flower charm all the time. If you are shining like a jewel, you can’t help but sway the shallow smile, and the glamorous atmosphere will bloom perfectly.

Bulgari’s Tanabata stipulations offer exclusive special symbols, just like passwords that only one can understand each other. 18K rose gold inlaid with soft white mother-of-pearl, a circle of special pink sapphires around the perimeter, precious and elegant yet playful and cute. Wherever you go, the stars are so beautiful that it is unforgettable. Love is the way to get along with each other. Love is a tacit understanding of each other, capturing the pink love signal and caring for your sweetness.

Accepting the invitation of a sincere love, and dancing together to become the protagonist tonight. The Bulgari DivasDream collection is inspired by the scalloped mosaic tiles of the ancient Caracalla Baths, praising the feminine temperament and their longing for a sweet life. Bulgari DivasDream series Tanabata limited necklace with exquisite and small fan-shaped design, more like a cute and sweet skirt shape, like a well-dressed girl’s swaying skirt at the ball, exudes youthful vitality. Let every moment, full of pink heartbeat.

Fixing your heart at this moment, you will spread your affection to your life. Pink sweets embellish the neck, connect the heart signal, open the exclusive romance of Tanabata.

Eternal flower

On the Chinese Valentine’s Day, the company of “Eternal Flower” will be an unexpected surprise. Flower styling is another iconic element of Bulgari. Fiorever’s range of jewels range from fine jewellery with luxurious diamonds to modern, casual, everyday pieces. The collection includes necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets, all with eight petals as the core, but with different postures. Whether it’s a single flower, or a sparkling flower cluster, it’s a radiant glow that exudes elegance and lightness. The style of Platinum is pure and clear, and it complements the brilliance of diamonds: the flowers made of rose gold are more brilliant, and the colors that are difficult to ignore are reflected in the gestures.

Fiore is translated into “flowers” in Italian, and Forever is translated as “eternal” in English. Bulgari combines the two vocabulary to create Fiorever and named it as “flaws”. The iconic display of the Bulgari Fiorever series draws inspiration from ancient Roman civilization, dating back to the historic city of Pompeii. This elegant decoration can be seen in many ancient Roman monuments, including the garden murals of the old Villa Villa di Livia, the statues stored in the Massimo Palace, and the mosaic mosaics of the Gothic Gothic tomb. . This 3,000-year-old Fiorever flower symbolizes a shining glory.

The petals of the sultry heart are dotted around the ear, fingertips and wrists, releasing the unique temperament of Fiorever’s free and feminine freedom. Advocating a passionate Italian style, with a lifestyle full of surprises and anticipations, it interprets the charm of following the heart, free and easy, self-consciousness, and self-loyalty. The Fiorever series of jewels guides every woman who wears it, like the eight-petaled flowers in Rome, to live a unique and shining self.

Unlike the flower of nature that was opened to the opening ceremony, Fiorever burst into a series of flowers, without fear of the test of time, always shining and moving. I hope that every Fiorever woman who is immersed in the sweet atmosphere will be dazzling like a diamond, and it will last forever.

The wave of electricity surges and opens the chapter of love

Love spreads like a tide, misses nowhere, and the inner monologue of “like you” echoes in the ears. The air is filled with the taste of love, and people can’t help but want to dress up and spend a long summer night with their loved ones.

With a heart-warming and inspiring heart, the exclusive gift box that comes with the envelope is opened. The moment of the electric wave surges, as if there are countless pink bubbles jumping out of the air. Bulgari Tanabata limited edition shoulder bag, pure quartz pink calf leather body, inlaid with three light gold and silver white chain. Outline the entire outline of the bag, depicting the pure appearance of love, recording the most beautiful moments of each other. Another metal-like water snake skin is full of rock and roll. The classic snake head buckles this incarnation of the cute and lovely Cupid spirit snake, with love to send a heartbeat to the loved ones. A wonderful blend of two styles that cool girls and sweet girls can have.

In the cinema, the corner of his eye looked at him sitting beside him, and his heart could not be calm. At the moment when the four eyes meet, the mind does not have to say anything, and the eyes have already determined everything. Bulgari witnesses with you, this is a moment of pink color, share the heartbeat of each other, and the romantic story of Tanabata is yours.