Behind the tens of millions of traffic conversions

These emerging Internet brands use performances to gather users, use emotional methods to closely connect with users, and then gradually transform users into hardcore fans with new and interactive ways. At a time when the giants’ sales are weak and they are losing ground, they can get tens of millions of traffic conversions in minutes, becoming a phenomenon-level communication hotspot.

Neil Bozeman may not have thought that the slogan of “Entertainment to Death” that he shouted in the past is not only not dead today, but has become the carnival of new brands.

“All industries are entertainment,” and this sentence needs to be injected into the brains of all marketers.

“The piglet is on the body and the applause is given to the people.” When the “social person” phenomenon of the vibrato and fast hands spread to the circle of friends, Weibo and even Angelababy, Rose, etc., this looks like a hair dryer. The two-dimensional cute image has undoubtedly become the hottest “cargo queen” this year.

The delicious milk tea is the same, and the interesting answer is one of the best. Just write your confused question on the waist seal of the tea, meditation 5 times in the heart, uncover the lid, your answer will come to your attention. “Divination” is the biggest feature of the answer tea. This tea will give you different styles of answers based on your questions. This cup of red milk tea with stories, feelings, topics, and social communication properties has become the biggest dark horse in the 2018 tea market.

The hot chicken game, through the variety show title, a variety of sea, land and air advertising and other marketing tools have quickly seized the status and popularity of the previous “Glory of the King” on social media. The users continued to change their postures and continued to vibrate in the “Jesus Survival”. Under the challenge of #吃鸡#, the “eat chicken video” ranked first in the praise of nearly 1.4 million, showing that the player was injured and asked for help from his teammates. Instead, help the scene. The title is “The most important thing for a family is neat and tidy”, full of irony and banter. This event attracted nearly 80,000 vibrato users to compete for the challenge.


Marketers have to see the fact that when traditional brand communication routines are increasingly ignored by the public, the user’s attention is easily attracted by interesting topics such as vibrato. According to the survey, today’s Chinese consumers, on average, care about more than 4 kinds of entertainment information. This is an entertainment-oriented marketing era.

Traditional industries and traditional cultural phenomena that once seemed to be extremely serious are also more inevitably and entertaining. They embed entertainment tags into the entire social ecology and are difficult to segment. More and more brands are beginning to choose to interact with consumers in an entertaining way. In the laughter and laughter, the brand spirit and product information are subtly conveyed. Marketing is no longer cold, but consumers are applauding. Take the initiative to buy. The traffic cost is low and the effect is increased.

It is undeniable that the strong rise of mobile socialization allows entertainment to achieve maximum integration with various industries.

The main battlefield of marketing has shifted, and the mobile Internet has given new logic to brand marketing:

Today’s brand, if it is not embarrassing, if you can’t play with consumers and let consumers “squat”, it will be difficult to capture the hearts of consumers in the future. The brand is no longer the cold, high-top, just the image of the entertainment media platform, but the affinity, content, topic, and the personality of the carrier that can attract more consumers.

Brand communication is no longer the self-proclaimed advertiser. Entertainment marketing is the show of the brand. The brand needs to create content that can be enjoyed by consumers. From the perspective of entertainment, it can tap the connotation of the brand, increase the stickiness with the user, and promote the flow conversion. This is the favor of young people.