Beautiful “Emerald Island Country”

Beautiful “Emerald Island Country” – Ireland

The Republic of Ireland is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, across the Irish Sea from the eastern part of the UK. It is the gateway to North America in North America. Ireland’s natural environment has been maintained very well. Because of the grassland all over the country, it is also known as the “Green Island” and “Emerald” and “Emerald Island Country”. Ireland is a highly developed capitalist country. Because of economic development, it has won the reputation of “European Tiger”.

Ireland’s beautiful scenery and beach sands are excellent in Europe. The warm current moisturizes the sub-temperate bay, and the rugged and steep cliffs stretch over the 5,600-kilometer coastline. It is rich in natural scenery and is full of greenery, rolling beaches and winding lakeshores. And the river. The people here are warm and hospitable. And all of this is the essence of Ireland as a great holiday destination………

Strolling in the Irish capital – Dublin

Dublin is the capital and largest city of Ireland. Walking through Dublin, I feel an incredible sight in every place. Although the summer is close to the evening, the Irish capital still envelopes an almost unrealistic atmosphere. In the mist of the hustle and bustle, the lighting of the Georgian building faintly outlines the building. Dublin is a noisy, colorful, cosmopolitan city. Dublin has a population of more than one million people. I heard that there are more than 800 bars (and one thousand others). The bar that people often love to enter and exit is the heart and soul of the city. There are thousands of shops in the city that rely on the generous and endless stream of fine beer to make a living. Years ago, Dublin was the second largest city in the British Empire and the cradle of three Nobel Prize winners (Shaw, Shakespeare and Beckett).

Another important hobby for Dubliners is pop music. It’s no accident that the famous musicians who have rock music on the streets of Dublin. There is also a hobby that people have to mention, that is sports. Gaelic football or a hockey-like game is a different kind of local ball game. But Dublin is particularly fascinated by horse racing and mass dog racing. The eagerly eager horse-ridden, energetic Irish people give the impression that they seem to know more about Dublin’s soul.

Opposite the ordinary people’s living area, it shows the elegant living area of ​​Georgians. It is reported that the North District is a residential area for workers and the Southern District is a residential area for wealthy people. In fact, the division is not so clear. For example, the city’s real aorta O’Connell Street is in the North District. Most of the past events and almost all major events described by Joyce about the independence movement took place there. The best Georgian squares, the residential area of ​​Temple Balgibsai, the Grafton Pedestrian Street and important government agencies are in the South. In general, Dublin is a city that is very welcoming and very suitable for walking. In this city, you won’t be lost. The city is located between two canals, divided into two halves from the west to the east by the dim Liffey River, which flows with the cinders of the Irish mining area.

Incredibly, the dazzling buildings are not modern high-rise buildings, but the legacy of the British Empire, especially the legacy of the eighteenth century. Today, the traces of the British still exist, but they are often concealed by the name of the Gaelic, such as calling Dublin “Bale Asa Kleias”, calling the police “Garda” and calling the man “Non.” “, call the woman “Mna.” This makes the tourists confused.

Ireland is a country that values ​​religious beliefs. So this is not surprising: Dublin has three churches: two churches of Jesus, a Catholic church. The oldest church is the Church of San Patricio. The church is said to have been converted on the basis of an original church in 450 years. The Christian church built in the eleventh century still retains its ancient appearance. The Santa Maria Catholic Church is still the building of the last century. Next to these churches, stands as a witness to history, such as Dublin Castle, which is the ancient residence of the British governors, where there is a court atmosphere that no other castle has. Another example is the Trinity College, which was founded in 1592 by Queen Isabel I. In its ancient library, it contains the manuscripts of medieval writers and the treasures of the Celtic culture. From world-class museums and entertainment venues to great restaurants and first-class hotels, these are the places to add to the important international metropolis, and Dublin is no shortage.

Exploring the world’s rarest landscape, the giant road

When you come to Ireland for sightseeing, you must not look at the world’s rare landscape, the world’s natural heritage and a giant road.

This is Northern Ireland, about 80 km from the capital, Belfast. There is a natural landscape called the “Giant Road”, which is regarded as a rare natural miracle in the world, stretching for several kilometers. At the seaside, there are as many as 40,000 basalt columns of uniform size, standing side by side in the sea, forming a natural dam, like a ladder leading to the sea. This rare natural wonder has been listed as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO.

Here, visitors can clearly see that this “dam” is composed of a column of stone, each of which has a hexagonal cross section, like a unified cut, tightly packed together, It is firmly buried deep on the coast and is naturally formed. It is unbelievable that it is a non-human product. The densely packed basalt stone columns are inserted into the sea in rows and scales. After years of severe weathering, they have been brownish-grey, like a road that was artificially built and extended northward to the Atlantic Ocean.

Folklore This is the result of the giants who often appear nearby, and hence the name “Giant Road”. These rock formations standing on the shores of the sea have been tens of millions of years old, with their orderly combination and beautiful shape, and the gloomy weather unique to Northern Ireland, it is particularly desolate, as if to the world. The feeling at the end has made countless visitors stunned.

How this magical geological landscape was formed has been studied by geologists for centuries and has uncovered the mystery of the journey of this giant. About 50 million years ago, volcanic activity was unusually active in the western margins of Scotland and the eastern edge of Northern Ireland. The basalt melts out of the crust of the fissures. When the hot lava encounters cold water, it gradually cools and shrinks. Crystallization, due to the very regular capacity and frequency of basalt eruptions, forms a regular pattern after cooling, which is the star-shaped hexagonal stone cylinder that people see. Nowadays, the “Giant Road” has become a famous tourist attraction in Northern Ireland. In some film and television works such as “How to Train Your Dragon”, you can see the magnificent figure of the Giant’s Road. It is magnificent and magnificent.

Take you to the Irish Castle Tour

Traveling to Ireland, the castle must be a classic project, and the castles of different styles seem to have become the symbol of the country, bearing the history of it. Here, we seem to be able to find a time travel full of history.

Ashford Castle is the most worthy castle to visit, located in the town of Cao in Mayo, next to Ireland’s second largest lake, Corrib. Galway Airport is 28 km away. From the wide road to Kangzhen, it is actually the secular tenderness of Yangliuyiyi bridge, and then you are infected by the momentum of the castle wall, so you can’t wait to find out. Along the narrow path beside the moat, the wall of the castle is on the side of the castle. The gate of the castle is on the side. After being noticed by the guards of the gatehouse, the car will drive straight into the castle. You can also choose to take the carriage and enter the castle in one step and three shakes, and enjoy the 360-degree view of the whole world. This fairytale castle blends in with the surrounding beauty. Everything related to the castle exudes the mysterious atmosphere of the old retro, which is really moving and fascinating. From the moment you step into the castle, its mysterious, elegant and serene atmosphere is fascinating.

The castle was built by the Borg family in 1228. Three and a half centuries later, the Borg family surrendered to the British army and surrendered. In 1589, Ashford Castle changed hands, and then experienced two changes in the Lord in 1715 and 1852, until after the takeover of Hughard in 1939, the castle was transformed into a superior hotel. In 2013, after being acquired by the Tollman family, the hotel became a member hotel of the Red Carnation Hotel Group. After a repair of 50 million euros (about 390 million yuan), it became a “palace in the castle”. Since the twentieth century, the guest list has been star-studded: there are big stars like John the Great, John 侬 侬, 007 Bond, Pierce Brosnan, and politicians from all over the world, such as the father of the current Queen Elizabeth II. King George V and his queen, US President Ronald Reagan, Clinton, Kennedy, and Princess Grace of Monaco have all visited. Even though time has passed, the castle still retains its former glory. For the castle itself, the surrounding beauty is the fascinating charm. Looking up, you can admire the clear blue waters of Lake Corib, plus the green grass around the castle building and the circular fountain in the middle of the grass, bringing a flowing rhythm to the ancient buildings and the quiet air. The life in the old castle has never been boring since ancient times. Since 1868, it is the best place to taste afternoon tea. The guests taste the English black tea in the ceramic cup, overlooking the lake and the mountains outside the window, as if time is fixed here. For a moment, you just want to be a nobleman quietly.

If you like to relax, you can go to a private cinema and enjoy classic movies on the luxurious red chairs. The new spa is located in a bronze 19th-century greenhouse where you can relax and enjoy yourself; here you can enjoy Feel the best of the best wines and feel the honour of the castle kings; the billiard club, the Prince of Wales, and the historic wine cellar are all good choices. All of your imaginable activities seem to be there: forest walks, bush gliding and climbing, falconry, hunting, fishing, archery, golf, tennis, horseback riding, boating, lake trips, cycling, leather Rowing… If you want to experience royal life, Ashford is your destination. At the moment of pushing the door open, the overall feeling of the room is breathtaking, so a dreamy environment can give you too many wonderful delusions.