Artistic perception in the information age

The information age has given people a new sense of everyday life. For artists, the information age brings many new visual experiences, the most sensitive of which is the change of images, especially the fast and rich spread of WeChat images. In contemporary art creation, artists use new language to express their feelings in the information age, which may be an artistic phenomenon that transcends cultural boundaries and specific living conditions. Today, artists of different cultural backgrounds in different countries can’t escape the parcels and impacts of information, and pose new challenges to the artistic expressions and methods that have already existed, and to the language forms of expression. In such a time context, Chinese artists encounter the influence and challenges of more prominent and more intense images, so image creation in the information age has become a new topic in Chinese contemporary art.

In these years, Yuan Wenbin and his colleagues often write together, draw the wind and discuss art. He lives and works among us, but on the other hand he has a unique way to constantly find his own way of expressing the world. One of his outstanding features is that it is very sensitive to changes in the external world. This change is not a change in the general life scene or natural scene, but a change in the way the world information is transmitted affects people’s living conditions. Therefore, in the course of his artistic development, The word “information” has become the subject of his exploration. Every time I see his work, I have a novel feeling. Seeing that he has his own unique way of thinking and expressing, he tries to use painting language to express the new changes that have taken place in our time. The works are full of life. The details and textures, especially the emphasis on life, reveal the important cultural features of this era. If an artist can truly stand in the times and be more sensitive than others, especially to feel the changes of the outside world from his own perspective, and then reflect this feeling in the shape and language of art, this is a new kind of Real or true. Wen Bin’s recent works, “Friends Circle” and “Wall”, explored a theme – the image of the WeChat era.

Our life experience today is inseparable from mobile phones, WeChat is inseparable from WeChat, WeChat has become a new window for us to understand and understand the world. The events, stories, and characters presented in WeChat connect us to the specific real world. However, the information disseminated in WeChat is confusing and even fragmented. In the face of such a very specific and rich and complex information image world, Wen Bin went straight into the field of “friend circle”. A large number of portraits are used to reflect his network of life, emotions and thoughts. The most striking feature of his works is the uniqueness of feeling and the directness of expression. In the “Friends Circle” works, his friends are presented. The concept of “friends” also indicates the relationship of people’s interactions. The unfamiliar people are connected in series to form a WeChat. The image lineage of the group. In the past, we talked about the concept of “group”, which is distinguished by social identity such as occupation, age and class. However, in the era of WeChat, the group connected by friends has a brand-new structure. Looking at Wen Bin’s works, I saw both the living individual and the spiritual features shared by these individuals, especially their expressions. Therefore, his works provide us with an era in which we perceive our lives. A new way. Many of the information in the WeChat era is between credible and untrustworthy, and the characters in the “circle” are real. Interestingly, Wen Bin is not to express a specific real person. He uses his way to describe his friends, but in fact he expresses the kind of “instant” that these friends have shown in the WeChat era. appearance. Since ancient times, there have been portraits expressing people’s experiences and people’s spiritual world traditions. Wen Bin’s circle of friends is not only academically related to traditional portraits, but also to constructing a new type of human existence. . So we can regard his works as portraits, and you can see his works as the information itself. This is probably an expression of a contemporary artist walking through the real world and the world of art.

The relationship between authenticity and virtuality of information is a very interesting proposition. We need information every day to fill our understanding of the world, but if we believe in the authenticity of information, we may fall into many confusions. The message in WeChat is that you can believe in all or part of it. You can treat it as pure information, or as a past that has nothing to do with itself. It is not easy to put this feeling into the image of the painting. I read these works by Wen Bin – although I am familiar with some of his friends, they are also my friends – but I still think that Wen Bin is actually using the “defamiliarization” way to deal with the images in the WeChat circle of friends. In the “magnified” shape, all kinds of characters appear in the same appearance, just like the debut of the stage curtain.

Painting really needs to be associated with real life today, which has aroused everyone’s resonance. Sometimes painting is opening a new door and window, allowing people to enter a world that can be interpreted, but painting is not to shape or retain some kind of reality. In Wen Bin’s works, we saw faces of different colors. He used his own understanding of friends to form a color filter, which made people look colorful. We can also see different brushstrokes and even painting textures. Each image shows its personality due to the characteristics of language processing, and it is stitched into a kaleidoscope full of images. In this sense, his work is associated with our current life experience and is a culturally perceptual connection.

Today’s image world has not much room for painting. The painting is squeezed by various media images, and Wenbin is still able to stick to the field of painting and enjoy it. This is an art obsession. He has a strong styling ability. The reason why he can draw so many portraits of his circle of friends very well is that he has long adhered to the expression of painting, and he has been doing very much on what we call basic styling skills. Big research. Because of the need for a new theme or a new expression, a new language is needed. He uses ink and oil paintings and explores the language of modeling. This makes him able to handle the portraits in a way that can be used according to the characteristics of his friends, including temperament, hobbies, career traces. The language of painting is expressed. What makes him in the painting is not monotonous, but a colorful and interesting scene. He has a very serious and persistent spiritual pursuit, and is also good at expressing in a cheerful, relaxed and humorous painting language. It can be said that this “friend circle” and “wall” on WeChat is his further advancement and exploration in artistic language over the years, and it is coherent with his previous creations. His paintings feel free and his style is smooth. These works are also very easy to draw, very real, and there is a kind of dialogue between him and the characters he draws. At the same time, in front of us, these characters are composed. An overall landscape can make people feel that his whole artistic thinking process and expression have his own perspective. How to make these figures not monotonous, both their character, but also to capture the instant expression of people in a medium such as WeChat, this is a topic. Wen Bin’s hand in the creative process, his paintings of his circle of friends, very interesting, let us see that he entered a very golden age in artistic creation.

Wen Bin also has another series of works “Walls”, which is also in line with his consistent style of connecting the world of life with greater social and even global cultural phenomena. His previous works attempt to express this appearance while expressing the appearance of life, to present the essential meaning behind it. In the “wall” series, this approach has taken a step forward. The image resources in his “Wall” series also come from many events, scenes and stories in WeChat. In the face of the news reports in the communication, Wenbin treats them into images with realism, immediacy and currentity. This is different from his “Friends Circle” series, and has a consistent tone. All in all, Wen Bin’s new works and the exhibition he will hold are not only to present his thoughts and thoughts to the art peers and the public, but also to encourage us to perceive us from his artistic creation.