Apple headphones smashed the New York subway

Steven New, head of maintenance at the New York Transit Authority, said that since the release of the second-generation Bluetooth headset in March, the subway platform has repeatedly encountered passenger headphone loss requests. Since the earphone can’t adjust the wearing angle according to the shape of the wearer’s ear, and the wearing feeling is not strong, in the hot and humid summer, the loss situation becomes more frequent. Given the high price of headphones, most of the owners are hoping to get back. According to reports, the New York Transit Authority is considering the development of a public service announcement to remind passengers not to pick up Apple Bluetooth headsets when going up and down the subway, in order to reduce the subway delay and reduce passenger losses.

Spanish scientists have discovered that the caves on the outskirts of the northern city of Cantabria are similar to the Martian surface environment, so they believe that Mars can be experienced in the cave.

According to the Spanish “Independent” reported on the 4th, the cave is 1.5 kilometers long and 60 meters high. It has a simulated science space station, allowing people to experience life on Mars. Everyone who enters the cave is equipped with the most advanced communication equipment. In order to simulate the space-time obstacle caused by the distance between Mars and the Earth, it takes 8 minutes for any signal to reach the receiving instrument of the other party. People can also experience “space walks” and grow food in the lab. The first batch of five people entered the cave for the first time in 2017. After undergoing a test of harsh environment such as low temperature and lack of oxygen, they successfully completed the three-day life experience of Mars. To ensure a healthy experience of the program, participants are required to undergo a rigorous physical examination and a 26-day online course and a 3-day training session before entering the hole. Currently, the experience event has received enthusiastic registration from explorers around the world.

before the implementation of the Tenant Expenses Act, the landlord usually charges a pet deposit of 150 pounds (1 pound is about 8.7 yuan). If the pet is not damaged, it will be refunded when the rent is refunded. customer. The implementation of the new bill removes a lot of fees for tenants, and many landlords have begun to play the pet’s idea after they find that their income has decreased. A landlord in Bicestershire, Oxford, charges a monthly rent of £40 per pet, which means that a family of one dog and two cats will pay an additional £1,400 per year. A landlord in Gloucestershire, England, charges a £50 monthly rent for “four-legged friends of humans,” but fish or hamsters are free; some landlords charge for pets with claws. The tenant said that the agency has listed the pet rent as a standard contract, but the cost is too high. The intermediary said that this is the countermeasure under the policy.

According to reports, half of the adults in the UK have pets, of which about 11 million have cats and 9 million have dogs. According to statistics, about one-fourth of the family renting a living in England reached 1.6 million last year.

“Scientists have discovered that the Komodo dragon is closely related to the chicken.” Russian Communist Youth League Pravda reported on the 4th that Russian Siberian scientists and scientists from the United States, Italy and other countries have deciphered the genome of the Komodo dragon. This makes it possible to write lizard genealogy. The Komodo dragon is currently the largest lizard on the planet, with a body length of up to 3 meters and a body weight of more than 130 kg. They are fast-moving and good at swimming, crawling on land for up to 20 kilometers per hour.

Scientists used computer simulations to combine their chromosomes in the laboratory to successfully identify 201 genes with positive selection characteristics that affect the cardiovascular, energy, and chemical sensing systems of the monitor lizard. One feature of the monitor lizard is its cardiovascular system structure. Unlike other reptiles, lizards have four ventricles. Separate blood circulation separates them closer to birds and mammals. In addition, the sex chromosome of the Komodo dragon is homologous to the 28th chromosome of the chicken, which means that the Komodo dragon may be related to the ancestors of the chicken.

The Komodo dragon is on the verge of extinction, and Russian scientists believe that understanding the genetic characteristics of the monitor lizard helps protect this wild species.

No country in the developing world is close to China. This is why American companies are so stubbornly insisting on staying there. Only when trade wars become much worse than they are now, will they be forced to go elsewhere.

Last week, the US-China Business Council, one of the largest lobbying organizations for US companies in China, released its annual member survey. The results show that China is still a market with more profit or more profit than other emerging markets.

Why do American companies love China so much? It’s not just because China is a big country. India is also large and friendly to the United States; Brazil is also large and close; Mexico is closer. What is great in China? From a business perspective, China is better than other countries:

Tax rate In China, the corporate tax rate is 25%, compared to 35% in India, 34% in Brazil and 30% in Mexico. In this comparison, China is at least 5% lower.

Labor China now has a stronger protection of labor rights and wages are rising. But China’s wages are still lower than Brazil and Mexico. On the other hand, from factory sewing workers to scientists and other high-tech advanced machine tool operators, a wide range of talents are ready. They have hundreds of thousands of such talent reserves, and other countries do not have such conditions.

China is known for its ability to produce everything. Need a photovoltaic panel for drones? China can do it. Need a floating board for use in the swimming pool? China also has it.

In addition to tax costs, logistics transports goods from one state to another and from one country to another.

Brazil’s logistics is notoriously bad. There are probably 3 good ports in Brazil. But China’s seaports are not only numerous but also world-class. No country in Latin America or India can compare with it. The port of Mexico is controlled by drug trafficking groups. India will be a good option because of its geographical advantages, but its port facilities are far from China, so logistics costs may be higher. There is also corruption and crime, making business in these countries more complicated.

Public security China is not the country with the highest Corruption Perceptions Index, but the crime rate is very low. In China, crime is not as common as in other emerging market countries. The law and order in India, Mexico and Brazil is much worse. If you consider the quality of life of foreign workers, it is obviously more insecure to build factories in those countries than in China.

There are 9 polluting cities in the world, and 9 are in India. There is also pollution in China and the quality of the air is not good. But China is more active than any other country in controlling pollution. They invested in the construction of high-speed railways and are the world’s largest producer of electric vehicles. The government is taxing coal-producing companies and coal-fired power plants and is trying to reduce fossil fuels. China still has a long way to go, but all of these initiatives create opportunities for American companies that want to serve the Chinese market.

China’s abundant workforce, stable currency and political situation, world-class logistics and a safer business environment have made China stand out.