Animal love tricks

Men’s dress
In many online novels, there is a scene in which the male protagonist is close to the female owner by the male dress. In order to hold the beauty, many male protagonists are willing to pull the following. In nature, there is such a male animal that is willing to put it down.

The Australian giant squid is the world’s largest squid species, living in the southern Australian waters, with a body weight of 10.5 kg and a body length of 1 m. This squid can use a cell called the “pigment layer” to instantly change the skin color and The pattern is the perfect blend of the environment.

In the winter, in order to attract females, male squid will give up the hidden color and transform the beautiful skin color. Not only that, because the ratio of Australian giant squid male to female reached 10:1, in order to compete for mating rights, there must be a “competition match” between males, fighting each other. Those squid with bigger and stronger physiques will eventually win the mating rights, and the female squid will be placed underneath and carefully guarded. And those little male squid have no chance to approach the female at all.

I can’t win the other side by strength. What should I do? These sly little people thought of a trick – men dressed as women.

The small male squid will change the skin tone and make your skin pattern and color look like a female. In order to be more like, they will also learn the female squid, put away the tentacles at the front of the body, swim to the big squid and show it to them. The big male squid that was taken lightly took it for granted, thinking that there was another “wife and wife”, letting go of the guard and letting him swim to his own body.

Maybe you will say that even if a big squid is taken lightly, the female squid under it is not willing, and the little ones can’t succeed. It is a pity that the female squid is not only disgusted with this deceptive behavior of the small male, it seems to be very welcome. The researchers found that, in general, female squid would reject 70% of male courts, including those who won in the fight, but they would only reject 35% of these “men dressed as women”. Therefore, the small males have increased their mating rate without any effort.

Made a gift of hands and feet
Many people know that female spiders and female baboons are famous “black widows” who tend to eat their male partners and acquire protein after sexual intercourse. From an evolutionary point of view, the male heroic sacrifice is useful because it helps the female to produce tens of thousands of eggs, which is conducive to the reproduction of the population. Other male insects, although not heroic, will give the female some gifts in order to provide nutrition to the female.

However, male short-winged cockroaches use tricks. This small insect will also be given a “marriage gift” during mating. This wedding gift is a fine pod, the outer layer of the essence pod is composed of gelatinous substance, and the inner layer contains semen.

The sweet taste of this gift and the texture of the glue are hard to resist for females. Naturally, the female will bend her body excitedly, bite the outer layer of the substance and enjoy this “love of love.”

However, the fine pod actually attaches to the genital hole of the female. When the female bends over and eats, the outer layer of the fine pod is bitten, and the male semen inside slowly begins to flow into the female genital hole to complete the fertilization process.

In addition, the researchers found that the male short-winged scorpion has also done a hand on the gift. First of all, they contain some substances contained in the spermatophores, which can prevent the digestive enzymes in the intestines of the female short-winged stoves from digesting the proteins in the semen. This prevents the females from digesting the semen that adheres to them after eating the spermatophores; Secondly, the protein in the spermatophore can also manipulate the female reproductive system, making it easier for female short-winged fossils to mate with other males.

Therefore, for female short-winged cockroaches, this gift does not have any benefit, and the gift-giving gift giver becomes the biggest winner.

Ugly is relative
Have you ever heard of some women who are in a blind date, in order to set themselves a better look, will bring a not so good-looking girlfriend? Male guppies seem to know that ugliness is a relative truth. When they are courting, they also choose some ugly friends to set themselves off.

Researchers at the University of Padua in Italy have done an experiment in which they divide a water tank into two parts that can be interconnected, with a female guppies and two male guppies in each side of the tank. However, the two male guppies in the right tank are dim and look ugly.

Later, the researcher placed another male guppies in the middle of the tank. Which side would it swim to? Since the female fish prefers the more vivid male fish, this guppies also seem to know this, it will spend 62% of the time on the right side of the female guppies, because its competitors are not so good-looking. The experiment also showed that the other two male guppies on the right end were ugly, and the new guppies would spend more time beside the female guppies at the right end.

Scientists speculate that there are many animals that may choose a similar strategy. For example, in Australia, the fiddler crabs will dance brightly colored scorpions when they are courting. In order to highlight themselves, they will choose to stand on the cheeks when they are courting. The fiddler crab next to it.