American unique fancy license plates

Nowadays, the tornado of the “car era” has swept the land of China more violently. The people in the city are scrambling to drive the car. The countrymen are riding the motorcycle eagerly. The men and women are all taking the “early wheel” as the first place to enjoy life. A goal. However, after many people have owned a car or a motorcycle, they have ignited a new fire of hope. Since the appearance of a car or motorcycle has been diversified, it has been consistent for decades. Why can’t we have a dull license plate? When can I hang a personalized license plate with unique aesthetic appeal and individuality?

Personalized license plates are still only a “beautiful myth” for most people. But for the American people, it has already become a “realistic reality.”

Potato license plate turned out
Once upon a time, the American license plate was no different from the Chinese license plate. A pair of cold and cold faces, only the English letters accompanied by the Arabic numerals stood upright, without any attractive ornaments and interesting propaganda words. In 1928, in order to show the charm of the “hometown of potatoes”, Idaho creatively printed “potato” on the license plate with the propaganda word “famous potato”. A little careless to open the United States personalized license plate first.

Cowboy license plate park
In Wyoming, in the western United States, there are not only the world-famous American cowboys, but also the world’s first national natural park, Yellowstone. On the state’s license plate, the beauty of Yellowstone Park is set against the unrestrained cowboy, cleverly sketching a bliss picture of a person who is in harmony with nature.

President Hill license plate is a natural success

The Rushmore Mountain in South Dakota, whose original name is unknown, was only famous for the four presidential heads who made outstanding contributions to American independence and development. The state’s license plate, in the context of President Hill, subtly reminds people of “don’t forget history” in order to keep people cherish the four great Americans: Washington, the father of the United States, and Jefferson, the drafter of the Declaration of Independence. The path of the American road to prosperity – Roosevelt, the pioneer of the black slave liberation movement – Lincoln.

Skyscraper license plate against the waterfall
The state of New York, which was endowed with the “Big Apple”, is not only a gathering place for rights and money in the world, but has also become a place of modern civilization. On the state’s license plate, the towering skyscrapers are full of the mighty Niagara Falls, which is the best of the “historical wheel, the mighty; the shunchang, the rebellious death” thing.

Animal and plant license plate glamorous
Vermont, which is known as the “Green Mountain State”, has all the license plates green; the cactus is everywhere in Arizona, the most conspicuous on the license plate is the tall and tall cactus; Maine, known as the “resort” In the state, license plates are always decorated with dark green pine branches and cheerful birds; Florida, where citrus is the main agricultural product, is centered on orange citrus.

Aviation aircraft license plate two dragon play beads
The White Brothers, who invented the world’s first aviation aircraft, were born in Ohio and flew to North Carolina. Therefore, the license plates of the two states are deeply related to the aviation aircraft. The Ohio license plate is set against the background of the red sun, with the propaganda of “the birthplace of aviation”; the North Carolina license plate uses the symbolic pattern of the world’s first aviation aircraft, finishing the finishing touch. A promotional word that identifies “first flight.”

Website license plate keeps pace with the times
The license plates of some states in the United States are also characteristic of the information age. In 2000, in order to highlight the characteristics of the “e-era”, Pennsylvania took the lead in printing the website of the state website on the license plate, in order to facilitate the people of the state to do business and consultation, “unintentional willows” to become the pioneering work of the website license plate. In the days that followed, Maryland and other six states followed suit in time to rush to the “synchronization with the times” fashion.

Emotional license plate recall or vent
In order to recall the 343 fire fighters in New York City who were killed in the September 11th terrorist attacks, a car owner in Pennsylvania hangs a “343-NYC” commemorative license plate on a private car forever. Living in these heroic deeds; in order to express strong dissatisfaction with the status quo of “there is no member of the SAR in Congress”, some private car owners in Washington, DC, are indignant and invariably slogan with such a strong political tendency. Venting license plates – taxpayers who are not represented.

Special license plates are paid annually
Some states in the United States also issue special license plates. Such license plates may be added to the name and logo of a university, institution, military or organization, and the pattern must be approved by the state legislature. Special license plates are also the way the state government raises funds for some non-profit organizations. Special license plates are paid annually, and the rates vary according to state regulations. The proceeds are used to sponsor projects of nonprofit organizations. The most typical of these license plates is the special license plate issued by Florida to commemorate the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger. The fundraising of the license plate alone amounts to $30 million. To protect the declining number of big-horned elk, New Hampshire has issued a deer license plate with an elk in the upper left corner of the license plate to raise funds for the state’s animal protection organization.

There are also state regulations that allow owners to choose their own license plate number or text. The state government allows individuals to select content of a particular meaning on a standard license plate, but the text must be healthy, approved by the government, and pay an additional fee.

A 6-inch wide, 12-inch license plate carries colorful, interesting information. It’s no wonder that collecting old license plates has become a favorite of Americans in recent years. Now the American License Plate Collection Association has more than 3,000 members.