American factory

On August 21st, the documentary “American Factory” invested by former US President Barack Obama attracted attention. The film was produced by the Obamas and recorded the story of the Chinese company Fuyao Glass’s establishment of a factory in the United States, bringing employment to the local area, and touching on deep-seated topics such as Sino-US cultural differences and economic development. Netflix translates the film into 28 languages ​​for worldwide broadcast.

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1 Chinese people are diligent and eager to learn, and the degree of cooperation is high. This is one of the factors that our processing industry has risen rapidly in the past few decades.

2 My perception is that Obama blamed Trump for provoking trade disputes: the big brother, the problem is that informationization has eaten jobs, not China.

3 The sense of crisis is needed at all times.

The “American Factory” saw the end, let me have a hard time in the throat. After a moment of warmth and laughter, this documentary shows the audience the violent conflicts in the process of economic globalization. On the surface, this kind of conflict is a huge difference in the existence of Chinese and American cultures, but in fact, it also includes the gap between the development level of China and the United States.

The business world has always been cruel, and even the GM’s factory will fail. Cao Dewang, the “Glass King” from China, took over the abandoned factory in Dayton, Ohio, and converted it into the American factory of Fuyao Glass. American workers were grateful, but they soon became in conflict with the factory. They are too low-paying, do not want to work overtime, and miss the welfare and idleness of the universal era. In stark contrast to this is the hard work of Chinese workers and Cao Dewang’s insistence on management philosophy.

A few decades ago, when Americans had not yet ushered in a big increase in wealth, there were countless diligent workers. When they finished industrialization, they enjoyed the huge dividend brought about by the rapid development and had more needs than struggle. And our pursuit of work and life is obviously different. In the factory in Fujian, the female workers who returned to their homes once a year represent the struggle of many ordinary workers. This is a cultural difference and a development gap.

It is worth noting that the industrialization process has reached the information age. Both enterprises and workers are facing a new round of transformation and upgrading. In this process, how to avoid becoming the next bankrupt factory and the next unemployed worker is something that needs more thinking.

Shenzhen Demonstration Zone
On August 18th, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the “Opinions on Supporting Shenzhen’s Pioneering Demonstration Zone with Chinese Characteristics”, proposing to build Shenzhen into a high-quality development highland, a model of a rule of law city, a model of urban civilization, a benchmark for people’s livelihood, and sustainable. The strategic positioning of the development pioneer. Shenzhen, which is at the forefront of reform and opening up, has once again been entrusted with a heavy responsibility.

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1 big Shenzhen friends, pick up your sleeves and cheer!

2 Enlarged the move, Shenzhen ushered in a spring.

3 Welcome Hong Kong youth to experience the speed of Shenzhen.

Amazon fire
The Amazon rainforest fire lasted for many days. According to Xinhua News Agency, there are 75,336 forest fires in Brazil this year, an increase of 85% year-on-year. More than half of the fires are located in the Amazon rainforest. The Brazilian government has been accused of this, and the local development of rainforests to boost the economy reflects the enormous difficulties that developing countries face in environmental protection and economic development.

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1 The Amazon rainforest is the “Lung of the Earth” and urges Brazil not to destroy it for the immediate economic benefits.

2 I can understand the plight of Brazil. It is unrealistic for local people to have problems with food and clothing, but to assume the environmental responsibility of all mankind. But emotionally, I can’t accept the fire of hell that Amazon has experienced.

3 Please fear the nature, human beings are only the passengers of the earth.