Alcohol, a hurdle of professional players

Tianjin Tianhai team player Zhang Lu (picture 2 right) drunk driving case recently shocked Chinese football. Zhang Lu was not only punished by the club’s “three stops” and the national team’s “delisting”, but also faced legal sanctions. Some commentators believe that considering his 32-year-old age, his future career will be worrying. Throughout the international football, there are many people who drink alcohol, and even go downhill because they have no mouth. However, there are also players who have achieved extraordinary results because of strict self-discipline.

Worried in career

After the public security organ announced the case, Tianjin Tianhai Club issued a statement saying that the player Zhang Lu was suspected of breaking the national laws and regulations, and seriously violated the rules of the team rules. He would not be tolerated for his suspension, suspension or suspension. Decide and will impose further penalties based on the results of subsequent judicial authorities. At the same time, the Chinese Football Association decided to immediately cancel Zhang Lu’s training and competition qualifications for the Chinese national team and stop participating in all official football events organized by the Chinese Football Association. At the same time, it will continue to pay attention to the progress of the case and will be officially based on the relevant departments. Handle the results and make further severe penalties. Since Zhang Lu is the second goalkeeper of the national team in the top 40, the above punishment means that the preparation plan for the national football will also be adjusted accordingly. It should be emphasized that the tickets of the Chinese Football Association and Tianjin Tianhai Club may be further “upgraded” in the future. Zhang Lu’s national team career and career are not optimistic. The direct result of the absence of Zhang Lu is that the performance of Tianhai, which strives to relegation, is affected. In a mid-to-high competition that ended on the 22nd, Tianjin Tianhai lost 0:3 at home to Beijing Zhonghe Guoan.

Ironically, the first person in China’s football liquor driving was Zhang Xiuwei, the former teammate of Zhanglu Club (picture 2 left), and Zhang Lu was sitting in the co-pilot position at the time of the incident. Zhang Xiuwei, who currently works for Guangzhou Evergrande, drunk a white Porsche in a car accident in 2017. He was finally detained for three months due to dangerous driving offences. He was suspended for three months. Later, he added a revised age event and was eventually China. The Football Association banned for 9 months.

Looking at the accidents caused by alcohol in Chinese football, the most embarrassing thing is Qu Leheng. The talented player drank with his teammates such as Zhang Yuning in April 2000, and then took a car driving by Zhang Yuning on the way back to the station. While burying his career, he also had to accept the desolate fate of his lower limbs.

First-class players have also been recruited

Looking at the world, there are not a few players who have misunderstood drinking, and they are severely punished without exception. In September 2017, legendary striker Rooney (Figure 3) was arrested by the police for drunk driving. Rooney’s Everton Club deducted his salary of about £320,000 for two weeks and placed it on the key watch list, clearly telling the team discipline that “if there is another crime, it will be cleaned”. The court banned Rooney’s two years of driving and also completed 100 hours of unpaid community work within one year.

In August 2018, Tottenham’s French door god Lori (Fig. 1) repeated the mistakes of Rooney. The Daily Mirror revealed that Lori was fined 50,000 pounds for drunk driving and 20 months for driving. There are British football websites saying that in addition to Rooney and Lori, top players such as Yaya Toure and Fermino have also made moves.

Italy’s “Turin Sports” believes that alcohol is extremely harmful to professional players. Bentner, who played for Juventus, is the representative. The original talented Danish striker was highly hoped, but the genius indulged himself during the period of rehabilitating, often mad at the nightclub. In March 2013, Bendtner was arrested by the police for drunk driving. Although he issued an apology statement in time after bail, such a scandal is unacceptable, and Bendtner’s competitive state is obviously seriously affected by alcohol abuse. The Danish national team also banned him for half a year.

As a close neighbor of China, South Korea is also zero tolerance for football driving. In October 2018, the Korean K-League official website broke the news. At that time, the striker Park Jomtien, who played for South Korea’s Quannan Tianlong, was suspended for 60 days by the Korean professional league. The reason was that Park Juntai and his team drunk driving on June 30 of the same year. A taxi collided, causing injuries and affecting the image of the Korean professional league. Subsequently, Quannan Tianlong officially announced that it had canceled the contract with Park Juntai. It is reported that the players themselves were ashamed and unwilling to take the initiative to request a contract with the club.

C Ronaldo only drinks mineral water

Some people are debauchery, and some are self-disciplined. The Portuguese star C Ronaldo (Figure 4) is one of them. According to the Spanish “Marca” report, C Ronaldo has undergone a comprehensive physical examination after joining Juventus, the results are unbelievable – body fat percentage 7%, muscle content above 50%, these two data are not only higher than The average of the players in the five major leagues is even comparable to the data during the period of Manchester United’s effectiveness. The good state of Ronaldo is inseparable from strict self-discipline. In his public “General Life Precautions”, the rejection of alcohol and beverages is a very important one. Even if he is on vacation with his family, C Ronaldo only drinks mineral water throughout the journey.

Some professional media listed several top players, including Ronaldo, and praised them for their self-discipline in “a gorgeous and extravagant life.” The list includes “Bell who doesn’t like the taste of alcohol”, “Little Peas” Hernandez who never drinks late, Ribery who converts to Islam, and Harry Kane who likes to relax with a hyena or golf. Wait.

According to the analysis of the “open-air sports” in the United States, from the history of football development, there are always some great players who cannot refuse alcohol. Drinking seems to give players a certain degree of relaxation. For example, in the 2010 World Cup, after two consecutive draws in the group stage, then England coach Fabio Capello allowed the players to drink before the game against Slovenia, and the Three Lions also won the desired victory. But then, England defeated Germany in the knockout. Therefore, although the research on the impact of alcohol on the competitive state has not yet reached a clear conclusion, the health and career damage of many athletes is related to alcohol.