3 year old children’s mathematics talents can be understood as playing chess

In Washington, DC, a mother named Cynthia shared a video of her 3-year-old son, Aiden Brasian, on a social network. The video shows that Aiden stood in front of a small blackboard and wrote the answers to different mathematical equations. His mother taught him to solve each question, but most of the calculations were done by Aiden himself. He was able to do it for a few seconds. Make a multiplication inside. Aiden is not only interested in mathematics, but also interested in science. Aiden will do different scientific experiments with his mother at home, including mixing vinegar and baking soda to fill the balloon, creating an “acid-base reaction.” Cynthia said that Aiden’s interest in mathematics and science began when he learned to write after he was two years old.

Canadian girls practice 6 years of special skills and jump like horses
Ava Vogel, a 16-year-old girl from Edmonton, Canada, can run like a foal and walk over obstacles such as fences. The video shows that under the slow motion, Ava can land on all fours, jog like a horse, and skip various obstacles, and the movements are smooth and in one go. According to reports, Ava can jump 1 meter high when the limbs are used together, jump 1.5 meters when lifting his arms, and can run for 5 minutes on all fours.

The Finnish team carved out the world’s largest ice “carousel”
A team in Finland broke the world record a few days ago, carving the world’s largest ice carousel on a thick layer of ice and successfully rotating it. It is reported that the team named “Kouopio Big Ice Hockey”, they took about 69 centimeters thick ice layer in five days, and cut two parallel circles with huge compasses and chainsaw. In order to turn the discs up, they removed the ice between the two circles a little bit and finally made a huge disc with a diameter of 184 meters and a weight of 23,000 tons.

Turkish hairdresser trims a “hair vest” for a man with a strong hair
In a barber shop in Turkey, a senior hair stylist used a razor in his hand to trim a “hair vest” on the back of a well-groomed male customer. It is reported that the hairdresser in the video is called Berat Porataglu, which is quite famous in the local area. In the video, a customer sits in a chair with his lens on his back and wears a white vest. Poratagru used an electric razor to trim the body hair of the customer’s back. He shaved the excess along the vest’s sideline, leaving the remaining body hair in the shape of a vest.

Mexican winery built “wooden barrel hotel” favored
A tequila hotel in Jalisco, Mexico, launched the “Wood Barrel Hotel” and the “Wine Bottle Bus”, which attracted the attention and praise of a large number of tourists. The tequila estate is dotted with 30 barrel-shaped huts. The cottage consists of a double room, a small bathroom and a kitchenette. The cost per night is about $1,487. The barrel-shaped cabin is equipped with windows for natural light transmission and a stepped door to the ground.

A car owner in India will paint the car with cow dung to cool it down.
A car owner in Ahmedabad, India, painted all its animal waste in addition to windows, wheels, lights and door handles. These feces can alleviate the exposure of the car at a high temperature of about 44 degrees Celsius and keep the car cool. In India, May and June before the rainy season are the hottest months of the year, with hundreds of people dying every year. Cow dung is widely used in rural India.

Make-up artist creates a realistic visual illusion with a face as a canvas
The 20-year-old Romani-Jed Turlock is a self-taught makeup artist who is known for creating realistic visual art makeup. The illusion makeup she paints often makes netizens believe it. Her latest makeup was inspired by the kitchen mixer and it took several hours to create this eccentric illusion. She said: “The things around me gave me inspiration. Sometimes I walked in the park. Seeing a pond made me want to try to paint on my face. I like to walk out of my comfort zone and try everything new. “”

A restaurant in Dubai launches a gold-plated steak for $2,346 per copy.
A famous steakhouse restaurant called Nusr-Et, opened by the famous Turkish chef Salz 裴 in Dubai, UAE, recently launched a gold-plated steak for about 2345.7 yuan. This steak attracts the attention of many diners. Although this steak is very expensive, very “Dubai”, it is worth the money. This fashionable steak is covered with 24k gold powder, but it is safe to eat because gold is chemically inert, which means that gold can pass through the digestive system without being absorbed by the body. Today, this restaurant is loved by many celebrities, including David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio and Bragging Daddy, and even UAE Prime Minister and Vice President Sheikh Mohamed Bin La Sid Al Maktoum is also a fan of the steak.

American fitness coaches recall the road to change: I used to be suicidal
According to the British “Daily Mail” report, Greg Golias is an American online fitness instructor. He is from Nevada, USA. He is about 1.9 meters tall and weighs about 159 kilograms. Before that, he was skinny, only about 63.5 kg. In order to reverse the status quo, he trains for 6 days a week, 90 minutes each time, ten years a day. Today, he has become an astonishing “Hulk.” Greg said that he is “addicted” to the gym and “fascinated” with muscles. Greg admits that he also takes supplements to keep his body, but his secret is a persistent and healthy diet.

The woman’s home refrigerator has been repeatedly robbed of the crime of a wild cockroach
A woman living in Gosport, Hampshire, England, found that her refrigerator was stolen many times, and the ground was filled with refrigerated food and bags. After many twists and turns, she found that this was actually a wild ghost. One morning, when she was drinking in the kitchen, she saw an animal sneaking in. The video taken by Hannah shows that a wild donkey climbed in from the cat hole in the door, opened the refrigerator door with his claws, and ate the frozen food. This cockroach seems to have a soft spot for popsicles. On the screen, it opens a stack of ice cream and eats it vigorously. In addition, it also eats a lot of twisted popsicles, chicken, tortillas, mashed potatoes and Chinese pork chops, but does not eat scallops.

Two veterans subway wedding
Two veterans in the city of New York, Robert Musso and his wife, Francis Denmark, chose to hold a wedding in a different place, the subway, to make people feel refreshed. On the same day, Robert and 10 friends and family boarded the Metro Q line near the park. With the help of two assistants and a photographer, they decorated the subway car, and other passengers felt very interesting. Subsequently, the prospective bride and her father and nephew boarded the subway at another station, wearing a white knee-length strapless dress, and Robert chose a navy blue suit.

Australian renovation experts rebuilt a house in three days to increase its value by 500,000
Australian house renovation expert Xie Li Babel completed the renovation of a residential building in Hunter Valley in just three days and added $500,000 to the property on the premise of spending only about $100,000. So how does Xie Li handle the appearance of the house? First, she changed the beige color scheme, which made the house look nostalgic; replaced the leaking aluminum plate on the roof of the porch, replaced the old railing with a windshield, and brushed the “concrete porch at the entrance” with “winter fog” . She also repaired the existing sandstone garden beds and added some native plants to increase the appeal. She then painted the exterior of the house in mint green and brushed the “cool white” for the seals, eaves and new windshield. She brushed the front door into a contrasting pale pink. In general, the decoration took only three days, and the value of the property rose by 500,000 yuan.

A US resident was stalked by a crocodile and tried to ring the doorbell
According to the British “Mirror” report, an interesting event happened at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. A huge crocodile climbed to the door of a local resident and tried to reach out and push the doorbell. The owner, Karen Alfano, had just walked back from the outside. She didn’t panic when she saw the crocodile. She took this funny scene. In the video, I saw that the two-meter-long crocodile crept up and climbed the front door. The claws are like saying hello, but also trying to ring the doorbell. Finally, the staff of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources came to help, catch the crocodile and put it back in the wild.

The old lady waved for 12 years and passed the student’s move.
According to the British “Daily Mail” report, a scene of warmth was staged in British Columbia, Canada. As the 88-year-old wife, Tinney Davidson, will move to a nursing home, 400 students will gather at her doorstep and wave her farewell for the last time. Since 2007, Davidson has been smiling to meet the students who walked to school every morning, and waved to them through the window. Her warm-hearted behavior made the students love and respect her. Today, as Davidson is old, she will move to a nursing home. Before leaving, 400 students gathered outside her house and waved goodbye to her. The students are holding flowers and big letters with the words, “We love you, Mrs. Davidson” and “Thank you for such a great person.”

The man opened the courtyard door and accidentally caused the “unsuccessful sheep” to enter the group.
Scott Russo and his family live in Lincoln, California, USA. In the evening, in order to facilitate his two daughters (four and five years old respectively) to observe the flock outside the courtyard, Scott opened his own courtyard. These sheep are managed by the government to clean up the overgrown weeds in the city. However, when he opened the courtyard door, the outside sheep might have mistakenly thought that there was fresh grass to eat here, so one by one came in from the door of his house, and when Scott reacted, his family’s backyard It is already packed with about 200 sheep.

The man dressed as Big Ben participated in the marathon and was caught by the end arch.
According to the British “Daily Mail” report, on the same day, a British man dressed himself as Big Ben to participate in the London Marathon. It is hard to say that because his “Big Ben” is too high, he is stuck in the arch of the track set when he is about to reach the finish line. Lucas Bates, 30, from Medstone in Kent, is a chartered surveyor. This is the fifth time he has participated in the London Marathon. He hopes to break the Guinness World Record and become the fastest runner in the world to dress up as a landmark building. Unfortunately, he did not consider the height of the arch at the end, and his dress was about 1.5 meters higher, causing him to get stuck while passing the arch.

The couple suffered two years of strange intrusion and found 80,000 bees after opening the wall.
The bedroom walls of a residential building in the town of Pinos Puente, near Granada, Andalusia, have been humming for the past two years, making it difficult for a couple living here to fall asleep. However, after investigation, it was found that there was a honeycomb in the wall, so the couple invited the local beekeeper Sergio Guerrero for further inspection. Sergio opened the wall and found that the hive had occupied a large wall, the height of the bedroom, he estimated that there are about 80,000 bees. Subsequently, Sergio successfully removed all bees safely through a special suction system.

Women’s sleepwalking network bought bankruptcy and even bought a full-size basketball court
There was a woman in Essex, England, who woke up from her sleep many times and found that she had already purchased several items online, and each had a receipt. Her online purchases are also ridiculous: including a full-size basketball court, a few cans of paint, teaching books (although she is not a teacher), salt and pepper shakers, refrigerators, tables, etc., which makes her almost indebted. This kind of illness, after she gave birth to her first child, began to become more and more serious. Even if her husband hid his mobile phone, she could find out exactly what to buy. Later, he was diagnosed by the doctor as having sleep apnea and parasomosis. After receiving ventilator-assisted treatment, he was finally able to sleep peacefully.

The missile vehicle was seized by the traffic police and 20 nuclear bombs were blocked.
Not long ago, the citizens of Moscow went out as usual and were ready to rush to the unit to go to work. When driving to a certain loop, a big traffic jam occurred. Many people think that this is just an ordinary traffic jam, but people close to the traffic jam center find that it is not that simple. Four dark-painted military heavy-duty trucks loaded with four stout missiles were blocked. Some people who like military found that the Arles intercontinental ballistic missile that was only equipped in 2009 was loaded on the vehicle. The missile has a range of 12,000 kilometers and is loaded with a nuclear warhead. Later, under the coordination of the traffic police department, four nuclear missiles were able to continue.

The “unfinished project” of 136 unfinished tourists called it a masterpiece of God.
In Spain, there is such a “unfinished project” that has not been completed in a century, but is still called “the masterpiece of God” by tourists. The Sagrada Familia is the world’s most “unfinished project”. It has been 136 years old since its inception and has been under construction for more than a century. Although it is officially expected to be completed in 2026, everyone still Casting a questioning look. Although the Sagrada Familia has not yet been completed, it has been chosen as a World Heritage Site. Every year, many tourists come here, even if the church is still under construction, but this does not affect its beauty and mystery.