20 years after “West City Boy”, Better Man returns

“I will never leave you because I don’t want to see you crying; I swear to you, my love will last forever, I will swear again…”

At 7:30 pm on August 16th, the Hong Kong Pavilion of the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, the first global tour of the Irish super-day group “Westlife” (Westlife) reunited as scheduled, and set off a 20-year period among Chinese fans who are looking forward to it. Recalling killing.

With the singing of the slow version of “Swear It Again,” Kian Egan, Shane Filan, Mark Feehily, Nikiy Byrne ( Nicky? Byrne) Four handsome faces jumped on the big screen, like the flashing picture from the black and white TV with unstable signal. Then, the four old boys who were not confused at the time stood on time and space. On the stage of the return, after seven years of disbanding, they picked up the microphone again and “swear again” against the crazy fans underneath: “Im never gonna say goodbye.”

“Swear It Again” is the first single released by “West City Boys” 20 years ago. It was launched in April 1999 and won the British singles chart in less than a month. This has become their next seven albums, global. The beginning of an amazing sales of 55 million records. In addition, “West City Boys” is the only one of the top seven singles to enter the top of the British charts, the proud results are second only to “Elvis” and “The Beatles.”

Despite the brilliance of strength and popularity, the “West Side Boys” have also experienced tremendous challenges: the early 2004 member Brian McFadden left the team, the news of the 2011 announcement of the dissolution of the group has made countless fans heartbreak… …

On June 23, 2012, the Crocker Stadium in Dublin, “West City Boys” bid farewell to the last stop of the tour. During the live performance, Shane changed the lyrics of “What Makes A Man” to “This Is goodbye” (but farewell), but when he extended the microphone to the fans, everyone shouted out the original lyrics – This isnt goodbye!

Returning to the sentence on the stage, the fans waited for too long.

Obviously, this is a strong “nostalgic shackles”, and the Chinese fans who listen to the “Western City Boys” are full of emotions. Last fall and winter, the “West Side Boys” announced their return. The “20th Anniversary Tour” (the first world tour after the reorganization) was sold out in 5 minutes. This is also the fastest-selling tour of the “West Side Boys”. The previous Jay’s super-going summit, it can be seen that the so-called “sunset red fan group” that hot heart is absolutely not to be underestimated.

In fact, the “Western City Boys” who debuted in 1998 and have now become a military for more than 20 years ago entered the life of the 80s and 90s earlier than the music of “Zhou Dong”. For many people, “Western Boys” belong to their innocent age: “I Have a Dream”, “Seasons in the Sun”, “Flying Without Wings” Can fly high)”…The English entry song has a song from the “Western City Boy”, the English teacher even used it to make a hearing fill; the student dormitory is covered with walls are the big posters of these handsome teenagers; Light, lyrics, and sung content are the most intimate and sincere love words of men and women in love – for more than 20 years, from broadcasting to hot cassettes to MP3, then to today’s smartphones, listening to songs The tools are being upgraded, and the touch of these classic old songs is also being upgraded. “West City Boys” announced the return of the news, as if the old time has also been reorganized and assembled, the most commentary on each broadcast platform is – “My youth is complete!”

On the afternoon before the performance, four members of the “Xicheng Boy” accepted an exclusive interview with the reporter at the Intercontinental Hotel in Shanghai where they stayed. They drink coffee casually, chatting with each other, from the poetic hometown of Sligo to the new album, from the disbanded and restarted music journey to the joy of four dads and ten dolls… As the new song “Better Man” foreshadows, the former boys became “better men”, they have become husbands and husbands, and they have experienced more life and ups and downs, and then rejoined the stage after the peak, and it is exciting to move on to the next stage. The journey – “It’s good, we don’t have a finale.”

Red, purple, blue and green, four-color “spectrum”
19 years ago, “West City Boys” quickly became popular with one song “My Love” and became one of the most dazzling boy groups in the world; 19 years later, they sang “Hello My Love” to announce a formal return to everyone, as if Two times to the fans – “Don’t come innocent, my lover.”

Four 40-year-old boys, would anyone want to listen to them singing? Shane bluntly said that he had worried before: What does the new “West Side Boy” represent? Do fans want new music? How to create a new work?

When they first heard the British superstar Ed Sheeran and the “Golden Maker” Steve Mac created a new song “Hello My Love”, four people almost The first time is determined: Yes, this is what they want to try! This song retains the popular style and melody of the “West City Boys”, which makes the four people’s signature voice characteristics to the extreme, and the familiar style has a new element, which is still moving.

Mark quoted the lyrics half-jokingly: “Like this song sings, ‘You may be able to find a more perfect person, no small belly and bad temper, a good tooth, a thick hair, we like this kind of self-deprecating song, we I care a lot about my appearance, because the teeth are a little awkward and my hair is getting thinner… Although the lyrics are not about us, this song is very ‘Western Boy.’

It is worth mentioning that after the 90s, “Huang Boss” Ed is also a loyal fan who grew up listening to the song “Xicheng Boy”. Steve (2018 All-British Music Awards annual producer) is “Western Boy” The old friends, who participated in the production of many albums from “Westlife” (1999) to “Back Home” (2007), the classic songs such as “Uptown Girl” were from Steve’s hand. Ed and Steve created exclusive works for the “West Side Boys”, including two other singles “Better Man” and “Dynamite (Dynamite)” that were launched after the reunification to help them return to the ranks of the popular celestial group.

Because of the melody of the new song “Dynamite”, “Dynamite” is a dazzling brilliance of purple, green and red. The reporter and four members chatted about their favorite colors. Shane said, “I like red,” and the “guinea pig” mark of the meat can’t wait to explain: “In fact, we all like to wear dark clothes and take cool black and white videos, but sometimes we want to look interesting and lively. We Each stage on the stage has a special color, shoulder straps or armbands and the like will be reflected, which makes us like a buddy who is a unique and different personality, I used to be green, but now it is purple, (refers to the neighbor Nikki) Because Nikki stole my green, (laughs) I decided to try orange next time. “The blonde “American” Niki is on the sidelines: “Okay, I choose green because I am very patriotic.” I am going to wave the Irish green to the world under the banner of art. Moreover, I may be a green-eyed monster. A pair of green eyes have long been staring at the green of Mark’s guy!” Captain sitting on the far side “Shen’s words are not many, and there is a bright face: “I love sky blue since I was a child, maybe because it represents the ocean and the sky, you know, it is a very bright, happy color.” Fall, Mark and at the edge of a gag: “! Yes, I tell you, he was not even wearing a sky-blue shorts are” four big boys tacit laughter heap ……

Looking back at the 2012 farewell tour, members all felt that Chien recalled, “I am the one who is trying to push it forward. I don’t want any combination to disband. Nobody else, we got drunk and got a rental. Car, I blurted out: ‘Brothers, this is a stupid decision, I really think we will miss it all. At that time the car was very quiet, and even the sound of the needle on the ground could be heard.” After the combination was dissolved, Chien Trying to be the mentor of “Good Voices of Ireland”, Nikki took over the work of the host of the TV show.

The day after the farewell performance that year, Mark took the plane to the United States. In his own words, I don’t know when to return. “I desperate to leave, press the ‘reset button’ in my head. It took a long time, but in the end I still missed it – my brothers, my fans, sing “Flying Without Wings The first sentence of the book, I heard thousands of people crazy, I think everything has to be reproduced!”

In the whole performance after the return of the “Western Boys”, the seven-day dissolution time did not obliterate the voice conditions on which they became famous. In the middle of the performance, the older brothers also moved out of the four bar stools to sit in the middle of the table. They and the audience while the classic love song. When the fans were enthusiastic, they also sang and danced the “Queens” classic songs “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions”. The song selection shows their confidence in the return to the comeback – “We are the champions”!

On November 15 this year, the “West Side Boys” after the return will bring fans a much-anticipated new album “Spectrum”. Shane confidently introduced to this reporter: “This album brings together our ambitions and ambitions as a singer. You know, we want a new kind of music, each song has a different color, but they are clever The ground is combined, just like the spectrum of the rainbow, which was not what the West City boy did seven or eight years ago.

Four dads and ten dolls
“You have motivated me so that I can stand on the top of the mountains; you have inspired me so that I can walk in the sea of ​​anger; by your shoulders, I become strong; you have elevated me and made me beyond limit……”

The song “You Raise Me Up” sounded again, and the singers and fans shed tears in their eyes. As early as October 2005, “West City Boys” released this single, as the 100th cover of the classic hymn, their interpretation once again on the British singles chart champion, in December of the same year, “West City Boy” also The “Mystery Garden” jointly performed this work at the Nobel Prize Presentation Ceremony.

After returning to the stage 14 years later, Nikki shared in good faith. In addition to the performance, the last time they had sang “You Raise Me Up” was at his father’s funeral. “My father passed away many years ago. I have inherited a serious attitude towards work from him. I am still young and can’t be confused.”

Nikki was born in Dublin. His father used to be the lead singer of the restaurant singer. In the 1980s, he often helped his father to sing a musical instrument. Although he had music genes, he originally wanted to be a football player, but he was almost tall. In the end, the dream fell through… After a deep setback, Niki followed his father to sing and then participated in the draft. When he saw the other members of the “Western Boys” in his early years, he had secretly concealed his luck. The bastard! Later, when he learned that he was selected, he mistakenly listened to “pop band” (pop band) as “pub band”. “It’s always my father’s dream to live by music. Because of our group, he almost thought that there are more places to sing!”

In addition to Niki, the other three members of the “West Side Boy” are from Sligo, a poetic place known for the Irish poet Yeats. In 1992, 12-year-old Chien, Shane, and Mark met each other during a concert at a local theater. Their friendship lasted for a lifetime because of music. Mark said: “Sligo is still the same as before. People, things and things have not changed. When the performance is over, we will go back. We are very fortunate to live in a beautiful hometown and to travel to all major cities around the world. Occasionally, I have lived a crazy star life, and there is a good balance between the two.”

As the age grows, the four members also realize that they are very different from the one they just left when they are physically and mentally. In their twenties, they are young and frivolous. They will rush to buy a sports car in their dreams, park together, and go out to fly in the middle of the night. They will run into the bar to drink a hangover at the end of the show. The next day, they will be alive and kicking. The stage is singing a love song… Now, they are all husbands and fathers, and the time to sleep early, Chien revealed that he is now lying on the bed at 10:30. In order to come back, the four big men started to exercise, even tried yoga, and regularly performed strict vocal cord protection training. After experiencing financial crisis, the death of relatives, and so on, their understanding of the world and the interpretation of songs are no longer plain.

On July 5 this year, the “West Side Boys” returned to the stage of the Crocker Stadium in Dublin. At the same time, the members celebrated his 40th birthday for Shane. “This birthday party has 85,000 friends. It’s great to have a birthday on the show!” In the interview, Shane was immersed in happy memories. Eighty-five thousand people sang birthday songs on the stage. On the stage, the nine children of the members were held by the fathers, holding birthday cakes and laughing at the stage. Soon, the “West Side Boys” will welcome their tenth child – the cake, Mark excitedly told the fans, soon, he will have a daughter.

“Father” is a new identity that has gradually adapted to the “Western City Boys” in recent years. When talking about the past six or seven years, Chien admits that there have been many changes in his life, witnessing the birth of a child, and he is also young from the time when he was not interested in his studies, he was not afraid of causing trouble on the road, and attracted a lot of girls’ eyes. Cool brother, turned into a small belly slightly convex, willing to let the two dolls ride on the back of the mess. He enjoys spending time with his children. “My son is very young. Others ask him what his father is doing. He said that I am a surf!”

But when the children figured out the singer’s career, they also had small troubles. Niki interjected: “For example, when you find that your daughter’s favorite in the group is thank you instead of her father, it is strange. Not only that, but occasionally accept the ruthless spit from the next generation: “Dad, you don’t want to do this on the stage next time, look very awkward; Dad, your jacket is not very good looking, change one Dad, if you think about restructuring this time, you won’t sing the songs of the past.”… Looking at the father’s journey and waving goodbye, the child also came up with an innocent and sophisticated question mark— — Dad, come back on a global tour. Are you a millionaire?

Youth is no longer, but it seems to go back to music. Everyone feels younger and more relaxed. After a long time, they gather together to play music. It is full of joy. Mark talked about rehearsing with the members in the studio several times before and after the reunification. Their children would run upstairs and drums of various instruments. After a while, they heard that they sang a lot of songs from the early days of the “Western Boys”.

“Sometimes you will be a bit pessimistic, a bit skeptical, especially when you are very busy, realizing that it is not all fun and fun, every industry has the hardship behind it, but the children will bring you back to the beginning. The state of music, it is a pure joy and excitement.”