Word of mouth comes like this

Walking on the road, to have the opportunity, strange travellers will definitely introduce each other’s experiences and experiences to other guests, and exchange information from the other places. But on this occasion, I don’t know how to answer “If you go to Hong Kong, what hotel can you introduce?”

Although I live in Hong Kong, I don’t know which hotel is good. Because most of us don’t have to worry about finding a hotel in our city. Therefore, the impression of Hong Kong people about Hong Kong hotels is often just the role of image propaganda and long-term reputation. This word of mouth relies mainly on stories told by outsiders.

For example, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, all Hong Kong people know that it is one of our best hotels, but where is it? There is a Taiwanese and I have said his experience. That time he stayed, one of the nights happened to run into one of the elevators, and only a few others were working. Originally, this is no big deal, because Wenhua Dongfang is not too crowded if it is full of guests, and it will be a few dozen seconds. I didn’t expect him to go out of the elevator and was planning to go back to the room. He saw a hotel employee staying in the small hall on the floor and gave him a glass of champagne. He politely and sincerely apologized for the inconvenience caused by the hotel facilities failure. . This Taiwanese guest has also seen the world, and has lived in a number of famous hotels, but he has also met for the first time. This story, he will repeat it later, bring it to every corner of his footprint. Our Hong Kong people’s understanding of Mandarin Oriental is also the case. The experience of exporting to domestic sales for a period of time has spread to the legend of Chengdu.

The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong is a hotel that I have recently introduced to foreigners. I have not lived in this tallest hotel in Hong Kong. I only had food and tea there, but the impression it left for me was too deep. Not for the high level of food and beverage, nor for the richness of its interior, but for the reception of its door.

That time, when I just got off the plane, I had to rush to one of the tall buildings to meet. Unexpectedly, I encountered a tempered taxi driver. When I said that I couldn’t tell, I threw me at the door of the Ritz-Carlton, so I could pick up the guests waiting for the bus. Seeing that I was at a loss, the uncle of the hotel door naturally came up to pick up the luggage and thought I would stay. After the explanation, they understood the original, one went to negotiate with the taxi driver, and the other explained to me how to go to the building I was going to. Later, the negotiations were fruitless, and the impatient driver was sent away by them. I was preparing to push my heavy luggage to find a way. Unexpectedly, the uncle who took the box for me offered to lead the way, and I couldn’t push it until I reached my friend at the elevator exit of another building.

Please note, first, this gentleman does not know me (of course I am not a great celebrity). Second, I am not a guest of their hotel at all. However, this hotel can treat a passerby that has nothing to do with their hotel. This is beyond the “service” that we usually know. What do you think of this hotel? Changed to you, would you introduce this hotel to people?