Why Trump insisted on buying Greenland

Will Greenland become a state in the United States? This crazy idea, which has been questioned by media outside the United States, seems to be the political goal that President Trump is determined to achieve. He said on August 20th local time that he would postpone his scheduled trip to Denmark in early September because the Danish government had no intention of discussing the sale of Greenland. Trump’s sudden cancellation at the last minute shocked Denmark. “The cancellation of the visit for such reasons is a bodily injury to everyone who is prepared to meet him. Please be more respectful,” said Danish former Minister of Industry and Commerce Rasmus. A Dane, it is hard to believe that Trump will make such a decision. How can he think that part of our country will be sold and that the US territory will be sold?”

The Danish royal family said “surprised”

CNN reported on the 21st that Trump sent a tweet on the evening of 20th: “Denmark is a very special country with a great people. But based on Prime Minister Met Fraser Rickson The comments, she is not interested in discussing the purchase of Greenland, I will postpone our meeting scheduled for two weeks to another time. (Denmark) The Prime Minister is so straightforward, saving a lot of money and energy for the United States and Denmark. I thank her And look forward to rescheduling some time in the future!”

Earlier, according to the US “Wall Street Journal” report, Trump has repeatedly consulted with consultants, whether the United States can buy Greenland, some consultants regard this idea as a joke, but other people in the White House take this matter seriously. Fraser Rickson responded on the 18th that Trump’s idea of ​​buying Greenland is “ridiculous”. “Greenland is not for sale. Greenland is not Denmark, and Greenland is a Greenlander.”

Shortly after Trump’s push, a White House official confirmed to CNN that Trump’s trip to Denmark had been cancelled. The White House announced at the end of July this year that Trump was invited by Queen Margaret II of Denmark to plan an official visit to Denmark from September 2nd to 3rd. Denmark is an important stop for Trump’s trip to Europe. Trump also planned to visit Poland to attend the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. It is not known whether the Polish itinerary will be affected.

According to the Associated Press, the Danish royal spokesman said on the 21st that Trump’s announcement of the postponement of the visit was “surprised” and “nothing to say”, but no further comments were made. Fraser Rickson said on the 21st that she was sorry and surprised by Trump’s decision in view of the close relationship between Denmark and Washington, but she reiterated her opposition to any deal in Greenland. Former Danish Prime Minister Schmidt wrote on Twitter that Trump’s cancellation of the visit was “a deep insult to Greenland and the Danish people”. “The United States has always wanted to get Greenland, Truman tried it, Eisenhower tried it, and now it is the turn of the current US President Trump.” The Copenhagen Post website quoted former Danish Prime Minister and Liberal Party leader Rasmussen as saying Trump asked his aides to study the possibility of acquiring Greenland, and advised these aides not to waste time, because there is absolutely no such possibility. “Recently, the Danish government has been intensively preparing for the visit of US President Trump. As Trump decided to cancel the trip to Denmark last night, all preparations have stopped.” Denmark “Copenhagen The Post website said on the 21st.

“The cornucopia of natural resources”

Located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean, Greenland has approximately 58,000 inhabitants and is a self-governing territory of Denmark. The defense and foreign affairs are governed by the Danish government. The island covers an area of ​​about 2.2 million square kilometers, of which 1.7 million square kilometers of land is covered by snow and ice. What makes the most desolate place in the world so attractive? The British “Guardian” said on the 19th that in addition to uranium and zinc by-products, Greenland has some of the largest rare earth metal mines, the United States is targeted by the Greenland Mining Company, which has been developing Kwanne in the southwestern Greenland since 2007. Since the Bay Mine, there has been very exciting news. According to reports, the Kwana Bay Mine contains more than 100 million tons of rare earth ore. It is expected that the project will become one of the world’s largest rare earth producing areas outside China.

In recent years, the pace of Chinese capital’s participation in infrastructure construction and energy development in Greenland has been accelerating. Greenland’s iron ore projects, airport expansion projects and oil and gas blocks have left the mark of Chinese capital and Chinese employees.

The Ota News Agency said on the 20th that Greenland is the largest island in the world and a cornucopia of natural resources. If Greenland becomes a US territory, Washington will usher in new opportunities in research, fishing, and reducing dependence on rare earths. The US “Washington Observer” believes that Greenland has a unique strategic value. The US Air Force Base in Tulle has a deep-water port and a very long aircraft take-off and landing runway, thus playing a special role in the military operations and logistics center in the Arctic. The United States can deploy medium-range missiles in Greenland, thus “splashing cold water into Russia’s Arctic ambitions.” In addition, the incorporation of Greenland into the US territory means a surge in US tourists and investment.

Trump made it clear recently that he believes that Greenland is priced, just as everything and everyone have pricing, Denmark “may be willing to” sell Greenland. “We protect Denmark as much as we protect most parts of the world. So when this idea is put forward, I say, of course, no problem. Strategically, it is very important. This is essentially a huge real estate transaction.” He also said, “The island has caused very serious damage to Denmark. They lose 700 million U.S. dollars per year because of this island, so they have suffered heavy losses. But I am willing to protect Denmark and will help them.”

“Competing with China and Russia in the Arctic”

In the face of Trump’s insistence on buying Greenland, the American media is full of teasing and jokes. CNN’s well-known news anchor Anderson Cooper said on the 21st when connecting with the show guests: “If you can’t be tough on the National Rifle Association (NRA) chairman, then go to the Danish Prime Minister.” The famous American online magazine “SLATE” The 21st commented that as the world becomes more aware of the effects of climate change, the value of Greenland’s present and future is increasingly prominent. But the problem is that Greenland is already a valuable Danish territory. “There is no sign

Residents of the Minglingland want to see their islands being mined by Americans,” VOX News said.

“Is it a joke or a genius idea to acquire Greenland?” Yahoo News reported on the 20th that Trump was not the first US president to try to acquire Greenland. In 1946, the Truman administration had offered $100 million in gold to the Danes to buy Greenland and was rejected by Denmark. “Trump’s idea of ​​acquiring Greenland is a joke on April Fool’s Day,” Danish Liberal Foreign Minister Lidgard told the media. “This is a terrible and grotesque idea. For Greenland and Denmark, I am convinced. This will be a huge loss.”

“Russia Today” TV station reported on the 21st that the United States is interested in Greenland, mainly to compete with Russia and China in the Arctic. At present, China is investing billions of dollars in Greenland, which makes the United States feel dissatisfied. In addition, Greenland is very important in the context of the opening of the Arctic route. The United States is trying to stop Russia from fully grasping the Arctic routes. The United States is also annoyed that Russia is preparing to cooperate with China in the Arctic. Russia’s “Viewpoint” said on the 20th that for the United States’ plan to purchase Greenland, the Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy at Moscow University, Meruyev said that this is an American extortion against Russia, China and Denmark: “I don’t believe that it can become a reality. Everyone They will oppose it because this behavior exceeds the capacity of the current world political system.”

“Trump’s sudden cancellation of his visit to Denmark at the last minute triggered a flood of criticism in Denmark.” The Copenhagen Post reported on the 21st that all walks of life in Denmark generally believe that Trump’s decision is a disrespect for Denmark, especially in Denmark is also one of the most intimate allies of the United States. A European Union diplomat who did not want to be named told the Global Times that the United States still pursues power politics and is arrogant to small countries. As long as it is beneficial to the United States, it will do everything possible, regardless of whether the means conform to international morality and rules. Greenland has long been a strategic military stronghold that the United States has dreamed of. “It seems that Trump will not stop if he does not get his own hands.”