Why is a fat man easy to lose?

As the saying goes, “male fat is short.” Obese men’s external genitalia will destroy the relationship between husband and wife. According to foreign survey results, when a man gains weight, his genitals will be shortened. The fat man’s external genitalia does look shorter, but it does not mean that the external genitalia is very large. Generally speaking, the fat man’s external genitalia is shorter, but the shorter is not the real “shrink”, but the “useable” part is shorter. Because the man is fatter, the fat accumulation in his abdomen and thighs is thicker, causing the external genitalia to be hidden, and thus the illusion that the external genitalia becomes shorter. In addition, obesity is prone to endocrine disorders. Some men who are obese from small to large have reduced testosterone levels, affecting the development of the external genitalia, and appear to be as big as a boy’s “chicken.” “Men fat short”, that is what it means.

Obesity affects sexual desire and fertility

Both men and women, obesity can have an impact on sexual function. The fatter a man is, the harder it is to get into the vagina. If both parties are obese, sex life will be more difficult. After several failed sexual life, it may even become sexually cold. Due to the overweight of the body, some sexual life movements, especially difficult movements, are inconvenient to do. The whole process of sexual love is like “loading the march”, it is easy to pant, unable to help, and deflated in the middle, making sexual life “disappointing”. Obesity in the body of hormone metabolism disorders, testosterone levels are low, will affect sexual desire.

Not only that, obese people are also prone to high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and other diseases, these diseases are easy to block blood circulation, damage small blood vessels and peripheral nerves, and the premise of penile erection is by nerve regulation and normal function of small blood vessels in the penis . Obesity has become an important cause of erectile dysfunction in men. Although many obese men have an erectile genital tract, the erection hardness is poor and the maintenance time is short. This state is also classified as an erectile dysfunction. In addition to the pleasure of depriving sex, obesity may also cause infertility. Obese women are prone to polycystic ovary syndrome, which makes the endocrine regulation disorder in the body and the male hormones are too high to cause pregnancy difficulties. Obese men are prone to fertility because they place the testes in a localized high temperature environment.

Exercise and diet adjustment are essential

Diet and sexual desire are the most basic needs of people. In today’s society where the standard of living is constantly improving and the material is extremely rich, obesity caused by unhealthy diet and overnutrition has directly weakened the sexual desire of many men and women.

In order to avoid the “male fat short” situation, improve sexual desire and sexual ability, the best way is to maintain a good lifestyle, scientific diet, increase exercise, control weight. A large number of studies have shown that after obese men lose weight, testosterone levels in the body are significantly increased, sex hormone metabolism is significantly improved, testicular developmental disorders and erectile dysfunction are effectively corrected, and fat is less, and the external genitalia grows relatively.

Adjusting the diet structure is essential to prevent obesity. Rice and noodles should be gradually reduced. The staple food should be changed to cellulose-rich grains. It is recommended to drink more cereals and reduce the intake of meat. Encourage eating more fish and eating chicken in moderation. Eat less and not eat barbecue, eat more fruits and vegetables. You can also eat some nuts such as walnuts every day. In addition, you must do 1 or 2 exercises every day, each exercise lasts at least 1 hour.