Why do people work?

Why do people work?

Many people think that work is to eat and get paid. This is the primary meaning of work.

It is true that in order to obtain food for life, it is one of the important reasons for work, and this is not wrong. However, we work hard, is it just for this purpose?

Mr. Inamori Kazuo of Japan’s “Management of the City” believes that the purpose of the work is to enhance the mind.

1 Why do we work?

It is very difficult to improve your mind. Some monks who have experienced long-term and strict practice may not be able to do so. However, there is a huge hidden power in the work that can achieve this goal.

The meaning of work is here.

Working diligently day after day can play a great role in exercising our minds and enhancing humanity.

I was very touched when I heard a carpenter who built a shrine in a TV talk show.

He said: Life is in the trees.

When you work, you must listen to the voices of this life. When using millennial wood, our work must be able to withstand the test of the millennium.

This kind of fascinating language can only be said by the people who work hard and work hard.

What is the meaning of carpenter work? Its significance lies not only in the use of tools to build beautiful houses, but also in improving the skills of carpentry, but also in tempering people’s minds and shaping human souls. I heard this meaning in the words of the master.

He is in his 70s and has only graduated from elementary school. His career has always been to build a shrine. I have only been engaged in this kind of work for decades. I am bitter and tired, I am bored, and sometimes I want to quit my job. But he still bears and overcomes this kind of hard work, diligent work, and painstaking research.

In this process, he gave birth to his heavy personality, so he can tell such a long-lived experience.

Like this carpenter, he dedicated his life to a profession, worked hard, and tirelessly. Such people are the most attractive and can touch my heart.

Only through long-term unremitting work, tempered my mind, will have a heavy personality, calm and not sway in life.

Every contact with such a person can cause me to rethink and think about the sanctity of the work.

At the same time, I sincerely hope that young people living in modern times will bear the responsibility for the future. They must not be at ease in their work, and should not escape difficulties. I hope that you will stick to a simple heart and devote yourself to your work.

Sometimes you may be wondering: “What is the job for?” At this time, I hope you will remember the following sentence:

Work can exercise humanity and sharpen your mind. Work is the most noble, important and valuable behavior in life.

2. Work creates personality

It is important to think that you have to work hard and do well.

Work is the “cultivation” of raising the mind and tempering personality. This is not too much.

About ten years ago, when I was talking to a German consul, I heard this:

The significance of labor is not only the pursuit of performance, but also the perfection of people’s hearts.

The most important purpose of work is to temper one’s mind and enhance one’s personality through work.

That is to say, devote yourself to the current things you should do, concentrate on excellence, and strive for excellence.This is to cultivate your own heart and to create your own deep and heavy personality.

“Work creates personality” is to gradually develop its own independent and outstanding personality through serious and practical work every day. Such an example has been numerous since ancient times, from the East to the West. Just open the biography of the great people, everywhere.

Everyone who has become a famous man, without exception, has made unremitting efforts and has worked hard in his own career before he has achieved great success. Through hard work and hard work, they have also created their perfect personality while achieving great achievements.

There is such a small story worth pondering:

On the New Britain’s British Isles, there is an uncultivated tribe village where people agree that “labor is a virtue.”

In their lives, there is a simple view of labor: “serious labor can shape the beautiful heart”, “good work comes from a beautiful heart.”

In this village, the main labor content is burnt-out agriculture, and the crop is sweet potato.

There, there is no such thing as “work is hard labor.”

The goal pursued by the villagers through the work is: “The beauty of the work obtained” and “the cultivation of personality” is to do the work perfectly and to temper their own personality.

The villagers commented on each other’s refurbishment of the fields, the growth of the crops and the smell of the soil. The smell was praised as “Fengdeng” and the smell was unsatisfactory as “no hair”.

After such an evaluation, the people who cultivated the fields finely will be called “the noble people” and will be respected by the whole village.

That is to say, the villagers in this village judge the personality of a person through the fruits of labor—whether the fields are neat and the crops are harvested. Those who have outstanding work in Tiantou and have outstanding work results are considered to be excellent people.

For them, labor is a means of obtaining food for life, but at the same time it is a means of tempering the mind and practicing personality.“Excellent work can only be accomplished by outstanding people.” This simple but credible concept of labor prevails in primitive societies.

In the Western society that brought modern civilization to mankind, the idea that “labor is hard labor” is quite popular from the origin of Christian thought.

This is clearly expressed in the story of Adam and Eve at the beginning of the Bible.

They are the ancestors of mankind, and they were driven out of Eden by stealing the fruits of God’s fasting.

They didn’t need labor in the park, but after being banished, they had to start working with pain in order to get food.

In this well-known story, people have to accept the punishment of “labor” in order to redeem their “original sin.” Therefore, labor becomes a negative and negative image in people’s consciousness.

That is to say, for Europeans and Americans, labor is a kind of painful and disgusting behavior, which leads to the modern concept of labor: working hours should be shortened as much as possible, and work remuneration should be increased as much as possible.

However, there is no such concept of labor in Japan. Not only that, the Japanese in the past, no matter what kind of occupation, always work hard from morning till night. They think that although labor is difficult, it can bring joy and pride, and can make people understand the meaning of life. Labor is noble behavior.

There are many excellent craftsmen who, as long as they concentrate on tempering their skills and create pleasing products, they will feel a kind of pride and enrichment that cannot be said.

Because they think that labor is a practice that can both temper their skills and temper their minds, they regard labor as the doctrine of self-realization and perfection of the “fine” of personality.

It can be said that most Japanese people have had such a deep and correct view of labor and life.

However, in recent years, with the gradual westernization of society, the Japanese people’s concept of labor has undergone tremendous changes. This is what is mentioned at the beginning of this chapter. Labor is to obtain food for life, and labor is a “necessary evil.”

Therefore, many Japanese people regard labor as a simple chore, and even hate labor and hate work.

3.”Extremely” can work hard to reverse life

“Extreme” work seriously can reverse life.

Having said that, I was not originally a person who loves labor, and I once thought that it is simply unacceptable to test the suffering in labor.

As a child, parents used the Kagoshima dialect to teach me: “The pain of youth, you should buy money.”

I always refute: “Suffering? Can sell the best.” At that time, I was still a child who was not good at words.

Through hard work, I can temper my own personality, and I can cultivate my body. This kind of moral preaching, like most young people today, I have also dismissed.

However, after graduating from college, after the inauguration of Songfeng Industry, a bankrupt enterprise in Kyoto, this shallow idea of ​​young people was completely shattered by reality.

Songfeng Industry is a company that manufactures insulated porcelain bottles. It was originally one of the outstanding companies in the Japanese industry. However, when I joined the company, it was already unrecognizable. The late-paying wages were commonplace, and the company had already reached the edge of bankruptcy.

The family of the owners is constantly guilty, and labor disputes are endless. When I went shopping at a nearby store, the owner said to me in a sympathetic tone: “How come you come here, stay in such a broken enterprise, your wife can’t find it!”

Therefore, when we entered the company in the same period, we felt that “such a company is annoying and we should have a better place to go”. When everyone gets together, they will complain.

At that time, I was in a period of economic depression. I was also introduced to the company by the introduction of the teacher. I should be grateful, and I should not even say bad things about the company.

However, at that time, I was young and angry, and I left the ingenuity of the introducer aside. Although I have not made any contribution to the company, I have more blame than others.

Less than a year after entering the company, the university students who joined the company have resigned in the same period. Finally, except for me, there is only one high-caliber student from Kyoto University who graduated from Kyushu.

After we discussed it, we decided to apply for the Self-Defense Forces Cadre School. As a result, both of us have been admitted.

However, I need a copy of the residence book for admission. I wrote to my brother in Kagoshima’s hometown and asked him to send it. I have waited for a long time without any news. The result was that the colleague entered the cadre candidate school alone.

Later, I realized that my hometown refused to send a copy of the household registration book to me because my brother was very annoyed at the time: “The home is shrinking and you are sent to the university. Thanks to the teacher, you have entered the Kyoto company. As a result, you have to endure for less than half a year. I don’t want to resign. It’s a ungrateful guy.” He refused to send a copy of his anger.

In the end, I was left alone in this run-down company.

I am alone, I am very upset.

At that time, I thought that resigning to a new position may not necessarily succeed.

Some people may have become more smooth after they resigned, but some people have become more miserable. Some people stay in the company, work hard, have achieved success, and life is very good; while others have stayed and worked hard, but life is still very unsatisfactory. So the situation varies from person to person.

Is it correct to leave the company correctly or stay in the company? After the trouble, I made a decision.

It is this decision that ushered in my “life turn”.

Only I left alone in this declining business, and I was forced to this step, but I was awake. “If you want to quit your job and leave the company, you must have a reason to be righteous. Just resign because you feel dissatisfied, then life in the future may not be smooth.”

At the time, I still couldn’t find a good reason to resign, so I decided to: bury my head first.

No longer complaining, no more weird words, I concentrate my thoughts on my current job, concentrate on my efforts, and go all out.

At this time, I began to take my heart and use the spirit of fighting to face my work with a positive attitude.

From now on, the seriousness of my work can really be described by the word “extreme”.

In this company, my task is to research the most advanced new ceramic materials. I moved the pots and pans into the lab, slept there, stayed up all night, and didn’t even eat for three meals a day. I devoted myself to research work.

This “extremely serious” state of work, from the perspective of others, has a tragic color.

Of course, because it is the most advanced research, like the horses of the horse-drawn carriage, it is not enough to use the dead. I ordered an American professional magazine that published the latest paper on new ceramics. I read it while reading the dictionary and borrowed books from the library. I tend to hurry up during the night or rest day after work, and study and study eagerly.

In such a desperate effort, incredible things have happened!

When I was in college, my major was organic chemistry. I only learned a little about inorganic chemistry before I graduated for job hunting.

But at the time, when I was a young man under the age of 25, I actually achieved outstanding scientific research results again and again, becoming a rising star in the field of inorganic chemistry. It all benefits from my important decision to concentrate on my work.

At the same time, the thoughts of resigning after entering the company and the confusion and troubles of “what will happen in my life” have miraculously disappeared. Not only that, but I even got the feeling that “work is too interesting, too interesting, I don’t know how to describe it.”

At this time, the hard work is no longer used as hard work. I work harder and the people around me are getting higher and higher.

Before that, my life can be said to be continuous suffering and frustration. Since then, unconsciously, my life has entered a virtuous circle.

Soon, the first “great success” of my life came.

When Kyocera was listed, the original shares held by me were not thrown, and the profits from the issuance of new shares were all owned by the company. I was less than 40 years old at the time, but I was thinking about the opportunity to go public and “work harder to work from now on.”

After the listing, I will not only continue to benefit the employees and their families, but also do more for the happiness of ordinary investors.Not only can I not relax, my responsibility will be bigger and heavier.

I believe that listing is not the end, it is just a new starting point, and the company must develop better from now on.

Therefore, at the time of listing, ” the original intention of returning to business, even if it is sweating, even if it is full of dust, let us work together to cheer!” While encouraging employees, I also made up my mind in my heart.

These scenes are still fresh in the past.