What should do if baby takes medicine?

One year old morning fever cough, the doctor gave some medicine. But when the medicine is given, it will spit in the morning. The morning dad said: “I don’t want to take medicine in the morning, we drip it into her mouth with a dropper, but she cried when she cried, and the medicine just spit it out in her mouth.” Later, I saw it in the morning. The straw is crying.

Many parents have experienced baby vomiting. How to give medicine to children? Do you need to replenish after taking the medicine? Today, I talked to my parents about the problem of taking medicine.

Question 1: Many children’s drugs have already become fruity, why do they still have vomiting?
Experts: One is that the baby is sensitive to the taste of the drug, and does not want to eat and actively spit; the other is that the drug causes irritation caused by the baby’s gastrointestinal tract; there is a habit problem, and the child has not eaten easily. eat.

Question 2: Do children need to take up after taking the medicine, how to control the amount of supplement?
Expert: According to the child’s medication time to deal with.

Within 15 minutes after taking the medicine: The medicine is not dissolved and absorbed by the intestine in the stomach. If the amount of vomiting is high, he should be fed. The safe dose range of commonly used drugs is large. The doses indicated on the instructions are usually medium doses, plus several times a day, so the supplemental feeding will not exceed the safe total dose of one day. You can rest assured.

Note: The safe dose range of the antipyretic acetaminophen is small. If supplementation may cause overdose, resulting in impaired liver function, care must be taken. The safe dose range of ibuprofen is large, and usually there is no overdose in the feeding, but it should be supplemented under the guidance of a doctor.

If it is a cold, take a cold medicine of aminophenol huang Namin, relieve symptoms such as cough, nasal congestion, runny nose, fever, etc., because most of the cold can be self-healing, after taking these cold medicines, spit, you do not have to feed.

15 minutes to 1 hour after taking the medicine: According to how much the baby’s vomit and the trait of the drug are discharged, it is judged how much the medicine is given to the baby.

This involves the stomach volume problem of children of different ages. The gastric capacity is 30-60 ml in newborns, 90-150 ml in l~3 months, 250-300 ml in 1 year old, and 700-850 in 5 years old. ML, about 2000 ml for adults. (Rough calculation: based on 60 ml in 1 year old, increase 30 to 20 ml per month, 2 to 5 years old, 150 ml per year).

1 hour after taking the medicine: Most of the medicine has been dissolved and absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, and it is not necessary to replenish it.