What is the value of Yan?

The process of reallocating resources through the scores of the values ​​of the values ​​is actually a display of rights.

According to the report of the American medical professional magazine, in recent years, with the popularity of Beauty APP, people are keen to see themselves after the beautification, and they will feel anxious about their shortcomings. This induces a type of psychological problem called “physical obstacles.” At the same time, this unified aesthetic trend has led to the simplification and convergence of the public’s pursuit of beauty.

Always feel that you are not good?
There are a large group of people in life, especially girls. When you don’t want to dress up and dress up, even if you just go to the street to buy a cup of yogurt, or go downstairs to get a courier, you will be especially afraid of encountering acquaintances; if you are unfortunate, Will rush to escape, afraid of the other side to recognize.

Quite simply, this group of people does not want others, especially those who have seen them after the “modification”, to see that they are not perfect, so people often choose to wear hats and masks to go out at this time.

For a time, appearance, or with a more savvy vocabulary – value, to a level of fear.

Designed hairstyles, fashionable clothes, well-maintained skin, perfect face makeup, self-timer for self-portraits, and even “face-to-face” with plastic surgery… even if everyone invests so much for beauty, it’s because of the face. A pox, a wrinkle, is easily annoyed, as if we agree with ourselves, completely from the outside.

In this era of visual information explosion, the main carrier of information, from text to pictures, and then to video, such as on YouTube, VLogger because of video, monthly income of more than one million. And this trend, in the rapid development of the Internet today, is becoming more and more obvious. We are used to accepting visually oriented information.

From a variety of movie masterpieces, commercial blockbusters, online red videos, and idol stars, people know what is so-called good-looking, so-called beauty, and the great benefits that can be brought to life. Yan is the value.

We can’t satisfy the general description phrase of “being cute”, “looking sexy”, “melon face” and “five senses”, but need a simple, rough, short, and quantifiable “face value” index. Just like the boys in high school, secretly scoring the looks of the girls in the class, now people are keen to give a specific and accurate score to everyone’s appearance.

With this score, it’s easy to see that different scores can have a different impact on our lives. Those with high values ​​are more likely to gain love, gain wealth, find good jobs, and get away from being single. More exaggerated is that the main idea of ​​the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, Jiaohar, was because of his handsome appearance, and he was told by the public opinion that he should not be executed.

In the Korean drama “You from the Stars”, the reporter interviewed Quan Zhixian’s female star “Millennium Yi” and asked her what the secret of her success was. She replied – “Good-looking.” A seemingly funny sentence is actually a feature of the times.

Correspondingly, if there is a high value, there is a low value. Like the average grades in the class, some of them choose not to talk about heroes with high or low scores. Some people with low face values ​​also have the mentality of breaking the cans and completely disregarding their appearance. Of course, there are more and more people who are willing to invest a lot of money and energy in raising their face value, instead of letting themselves sing like the popular online song “Not because you don’t look good” Low value and nothing goes wrong, nothing happens.

Anxiety under the power of Yan value
The process of reallocating resources through the scores of the values ​​of the values ​​is actually a display of rights.

High-value people make their own irrational resources and make a name. In the long run, this concept of “high face value = success” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It is undeniable that this concept is somewhat reasonable. Throughout the ages, it’s because of the good looks, but the ones who love themselves.

In contemporary society, the value of the face is changed into a kind of capital, which is transformed into a resource that can be realized. Looks good, the proportion is superior, you can get the ability to cross-class marriage and love; stars or models, you can get huge wealth by face. At the same time, people with high values ​​are more likely to accumulate social connections and are more likely to get help.

There is also a very interesting trend, that is, people are very keen to subdivide the project, set the standard: chin, lips, nose to three points and one line, the nose should be high, the eyelashes should be long and natural, the waist is A4 waist no fat, vest line abdominal muscles must also have something, the legs should be slender and well-proportioned, boys need to have inverted triangles, girls need to squat back and back S-shaped body, etc., too numerous to enumerate.

But if you use such standards to measure people, people will find themselves inexplicable anxiety, always thinking about where to go better. It seems that the nose, eyes, mouth, and ears of the body are not their own organs, but the subjects of the English materialization are 100 points.

The burden of such a burden is enormous. Stress can lead to many consequences, such as those who are addicted to plastic surgery, those who are self-defeating, and they are stressed by the pressure of such a mainstream value.

People feel the pressure of the trend of value for themselves because the energy and money spent are forced, not subjective. People are pushed away by such mainstream concepts, obsessed with wanting to be the beauty of others’ eyes, so they feel anxious and tired to catch up.

Then, when we are no longer chasing these, but spontaneously relying on our own likes and dislikes to look at ourselves and define our own beauty, will we not be so anxious?

“The beauty is difficult”
At this time, the question turns into – is there a fixed standard for beauty?

Do you follow the mainstream or believe in yourself? In ancient times, there have been a variety of different aesthetic standards, such as fat for beauty, small feet for beauty, skin color for beauty, and thin waist for beauty. It seems that there is no constant standard for good looks and beauty. Today, for makeup, hairstyle, style, and clothing, trend magazines seem to have new interpretations and new trends every year.

It is undeniable that people’s definition of beauty has been changing, and the standard of beauty has been changing.

The discussion about beauty is almost a history of human civilization. It is one of the oldest philosophical problems of mankind.

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato’s “Great Scipios” is a form of dialogue between Socrates and Scipios, focusing on the essence of beauty. In the book, Socrates asked Scipios “What is beauty?” Scipios listed specific people or things, and Socrates told Scipios that he still did not figure out what was The essence of beauty.

What is something that can be distinguished from others and become beautiful? Among them, Socrates and Scipios have various speculations, such as “tidy is beautiful” and “health is beautiful”, but each one cannot convince each other. Therefore, it ends with an unanswered answer such as “beauty is difficult” to tell the world that the definition of beauty is vague and difficult. And this problem has continued to this day.

Because of this, talent is so easy to be taken away by some voices that tell us what is beautiful. People often can only passively accept the current definition of beauty, but rarely can understand their definition of beauty.

The value of the face is very important, we can’t deny the benefits of the face value, but the value is not everything. Being good-looking or not should not be a factor in our decision to respect one person, nor should it be a hindrance to our pursuit of inner self. Everyone deserves respect and everyone is a unique and interesting individual.

It may be that for a long time, the anxiety of the face will accompany us. We will also look at ourselves in the mirror for a long time, thinking, where is not good enough.