Warmth of detail

I went to the bookstore to buy books that day. The salesman’s hands and feet were sleek and gentle and meticulously packaged for a good selection of books. After a busy job, I was leaving the book bundle to leave, but the young man asked me to stay, while talking and handing over a fold. The old newspaper, “Give you the hand, so the rope will not let go.”

Looking at the back of the young man’s departure, my heart couldn’t help but pick up a few warm feelings. I am thinking, why is this kind of warmth? A voice in the depths of the heart answers me: Perhaps it is a care that comes from a subtlety. This is indeed the case. This kind of care may be just a matter of doing things. Maybe it’s just a matter of accustomedness. Maybe it’s just an accidental move, but it contains a kind of care, a thoughtfulness, a sincere and awkwardness between people. Xin. In detail, in fact, in the wind and rain of life, this warmth from the details can be seen everywhere.

Daxie is an entrepreneur with tens of millions of assets. In his spare time, Daxu likes to take a bamboo basket and stroll to the market. He has a habit of giving money to sellers every time, even if it is only a few cents, a few dollars, but also seriously put the banknotes flat and neat, the coins are neatly arranged, and respectfully Hand in hand to the other party. Some people expressed surprise, because some “rich people” always pay for the money when they pay for cash, which is like “healing things.” He said sincerely, I know that some people may laugh at me as a “wonderful”, but I still have to do this, because I also started from a small business, this is the minimum respect for the seller.

Once, his wife and several people went to a restaurant to dine. The shop is not big, the owner is a couple from the field, the speech is a bit difficult to understand, but the dark face is always filled with a rustic smile. After dinner, his wife and other people walked to the door of the store and found that when they didn’t know when it was raining, they were worried about how to deal with the rain on the electric car stool, but found that all the cars outside the store were covered. Layer plastic film. It turned out that the owner found it covered after the rain. When picking up the plastic film, the female shopkeeper also handed each person a dry towel to let them drop the water that was accidentally splashed on the bench. The wife and other guests expressed their gratitude to the shop owner. They smiled slyly: “A small matter, a little effort!”

After graduating from Xiaowang University, he has been unable to find a job. Later, it was hard to find a temporary “rice bowl” for delivery. That day, Xiao Wang drove the truck and rushed to the road. He accidentally had a slight rear-end collision with a car in front, and took off a piece of paint at the tail of the car. The owner of the car immediately reported the police. Xiao Wang, who was driving alone for the first time, was very nervous and was at a loss. In a short while, a traffic policeman in his 40s rushed to the scene. After checking the scene, the traffic police patted Xiao Wang’s shoulder and looked at the owner of the car and said, “Children, don’t be nervous. If you look at this uncle, it’s a good person who is reasonable. It’s not too difficult for you.” Wang’s eyes were hot and humid.

Lao Yue, who is known as a “knife”, has been practicing medicine for most of his life. He is not only skilled in medicine, but also highly ethical and highly loved by the masses. It is a hard work to perform surgery on a patient. Sometimes a complex operation is completed in front of the operating table for five or six hours. The bones are so scattered that the waist is almost lost, and the whole body is sweating. No matter how tired or tired, when he walked out of the operating room, Lao Yue tried to make a warm smile on his face. “This kind of shallow smile, for the family members of patients who have been waiting outside the operating room, is a deep consolation, taking advantage of the dark fragrance of life, surging the breath of hope.” Lao Yue said frankly.

See the warmth in the subtleties. This kind of warmth, even if it is as silky as it is, always contains the light of love…