Unexpected touch

Seagate’s latest Backup Plus Ultra Touch series of portable hard drives (hereinafter referred to as Ultra Touch) also have a Chinese name, called “Jin”. Just relying on these two clues, I wonder if you can guess the biggest selling point of this new product? Anyway, I still speculate on the meaning of Ultra Touch before I open the box. Is it the meaning of the touch screen? I couldn’t wait to open the package and finally realized it. Oh, I see. What is it, I still don’t sell it. It should be said that I guess halfway, Ultra Touch is really related to touch. It’s just not a touch screen, but a “super touch” meaning. Seagate embeds a woven fabric surface on the Ultra Touch surface, extending from the front to the bottom. The design of this fabric woven shell is also very rare in my many years of professional career. It is undoubtedly the first time I saw it on the portable hard drive. It is really refreshing. Compared to the plastic and metal materials that are used to it, the feel of it is of course much warmer and more delicate. A pin and a line have abandoned the rigid stereotype of the hard disk, and found a balance between industrial design and modern life. Of course, in addition to the woven fabric covering the surface, the outer casing of the Ultra Touch is also made of plastic. After all, the designer is bold, and it is impossible to provide support and protection for the hard disk by soft cloth alone. To my disappointment, Seagate only offers black and white (in fact, I think this “white” color cloth is more like gray) two colors of design. In fact, I want to be bold enough to provide more colorful colors and textures. If you are not bad, remember that I also played UE’s WONDERBOOM portable speakers. With the upper limit version, there are 11 color systems, and it’s really fun to play – or else, how can you learn from it?

Of course, as a portable hard drive, it is absolutely unacceptable to have a watch. In terms of functionality, the Ultra Touch has also been carefully polished. In addition to the usual USB 3.1 connection, UltraTouch also includes a USB-A/USB-C adapter that can be easily switched between the two interfaces. In fact, this adapter is so practical that I can forgive the shortcomings of the original USB cable with a length of only 46cm. After all, when you need to temporarily connect a USB device to a USB-C interface, this adapter can be of great use.

Seagate also has a rich software package for the owners of Ultra Touch. As the management platform of the entire Ultra Touch, Toolkit can not only realize data backup and restore functions, but also data encryption function, which can protect data by using advanced password protection and 256-AES hardware encryption. It should be noted that there is a security code and a reset code in the box. Don’t lose it, I suggest you take photos and keep it. Because, once you open the encryption function and forget the password, this is the only thing that can help you recover. Surprisingly, Ultra Touch also comes with a two-month membership in the Adobe Creative ClOUd Photography Program and a 1-year membership in the Mylio Create program. I don’t say much about the former, I understand everything: Mylio is a photo management tool that can run across devices and is quite practical. Need to remind everyone that all of this software needs to be redeemed when registering for Ultra Touch. Renew your credit card information when redeeming your Adobe Creative ClOUd status. Remember to cancel your renewal when your membership expires and your renewal is due two months later. The last useful feature is the accompanying two-year Rescue data recovery plan. Once data loss occurs and the hard drive is still working, the service recovery data can be obtained via 800 calls. How are you, are you satisfied with such a spree?

Ultra Touch is available in 1TB and 2TB versions and comes with a 3-year limited warranty for just $499 (1TB) and $699 (2TB). With the elegant woven fabric and the sincere software service spree, I personally think it is a very cost-effective product.