Unconquerable nature

Recently, forest fires in California have been frequently seen, and huge property losses and casualties are shocking. According to the Associated Press, as of November 16, local time, this raging fire has caused “74 deaths, 1011 missing, more than 10,000 houses destroyed, nearly 300,000 people evacuated” The fire will continue to burn for ten days, and the situation is quite pessimistic.

Many people are curious, how can a mountain fire stump the entire United States? It is the United States with the strongest scientific strength and comprehensive national strength.

Disaster relief mechanisms and disaster prevention efficiency are of course an important reason. Some media reported that after the California fire broke out, the firefighting forces did not respond in the first time. The evacuation order for the surrounding residents was also late, and there was mutual accusation between US President Trump and local officials in California. And shoving the situation. In short, the disaster relief mechanism is not perfect, which of course deserves the US government to reflect.

California mountain fires are there every year. Some people blame the climate warming. Some people think that the fire is caused by environmental protection organizations that block normal forest logging all year round. What I want to say is that this California fire has the component of “human disaster”, but it is still essentially a “natural disaster.” In fact, forest fires, like earthquakes and typhoons, are natural disasters. In the face of these disasters, people often have no choice but to try to minimize losses.

Professor Parker Williams, an expert on climate change and forest fires at Columbia University, says wildfires are as powerful as the ocean. Many people think that human beings can control wildfires. In fact, we can’t. Even if we can send humans to the moon, even if we can create a global computer network, we can’t completely control wildfires.

The California Camp Wildfire burned 125,000 acres of land, of which only 25% were controlled. The first day of the fire spread was the most raging, swallowing more than 70,000 acres of land within 24 hours. At this rate, every second, a forest field as large as a football field is swallowed up by the fire.

The development of science and technology, human capabilities are limited. As people’s control becomes stronger and stronger, there are more and more ideas about conquering nature and setting people to win the day. It seems that as long as there is technology and capital, all the challenges of nature are not at all.

Let me give you an example of my side. In my WeChat circle of friends, a group of hikers are active. Every few months, someone makes a self-portrait and says that they have conquered a mountain today or conquered a certain Gobi today. Whenever I saw these words, I always felt a little dumbfounded: Where they conquered the mountain, but they came alive from this mountain.

The mountain is impossible to be conquered. When people climb or not, the mountains are standing there, not moving. A hundred years later, the mountain climber was gone, and the mountain stood still there, and did not move. How can people conquer it?

When we climbed, we were close to the mountains and communicated with the mountains instead of fighting the mountains. We breathe the mountain air, immerse ourselves in the scenery of the mountains, touch the flowers and stones, leaving a beautiful thought of the mountain, and hope to come back once again.

Even if you climb the difficult snow-capped mountains, or you have to work hard on a long distance, you don’t need to “conquer” nature. Isn’t it better to be close to nature and enrich your life? If you must conquer something, then you may wish to say a chicken soup: you conquered, just the past.