Traveling in the library

A few years ago, I went to Chongqing for a business trip. Local friends took me to visit the Beicang Library, which is known as the most beautiful library in the local area. It was transformed from an abandoned warehouse and happened to meet the same city reading club and the old street group ancient village photography sharing meeting. And other activities. My friend said that the Beicang Library will hold various art exhibitions, cultural and creative experiences, and local humanities sharing from time to time. It can not only bring fresh knowledge, but also meet and communicate with the big business people in various cultural and art industries. It is a date for young artists. Resort. Standing in the jungle of the bookshelf, I imagined that in the movie “Love Letter”, there was a youthful romance in the library. What would be beautiful if I was here?

Have you seen the “Book Rubik’s Cube”? The coolest library I’ve ever seen is not the 9-storey Stuttgart City Library in Germany. It looks like a huge and complicated two-color cube. It is said to have been inspired by the Newton Monument and the Pantheon of Ancient Rome. Its structure is like an onion. If it is peeled off layer by layer, it will finally see its inner core – a transparent cube that is still white. Walking to the atrium, I found the famous “silent house”. It was originally a 1 meter square fountain in the center of the floor. For me, “bookworm”, a person is quietly staying like this, very comfortable, very quiet, It is in line with the famous writer Borges said “Paradise is the appearance of the library.”

In the movie “Sex and the City”, Kelly’s wedding was taken at the New York Public Library. It feels beautiful. It is adjacent to Bryant Park. If you borrow a book, order a cup of coffee and find a seat under the shade of a tree. Then leaning back and reading for a long time, isn’t it a pleasant thing? I really want to go there and feel it for myself. In the spring, I went to New York and easily found the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, because this academic landmark is one of the largest marble buildings in the United States. It ranks the third largest library in the world, with nearly 53 million books. It does not require a borrowing card or a deposit, so it is called “the most equal place in American cultural institutions.” The building in the museum is beautiful, classical and beautiful. When I walked into a corridor full of murals, it was like being in a church. The beauty of the chandeliers in the stairwell made me linger, staying for a long time, and taking a shot like a blockbuster. I also found that this library has a special book-handling system, with a model to explain how the system travels through the corners of the library and transports the book to your side.

After landing in Portugal, I first went to the Joannana Library in Coyingbu. It is one of the oldest libraries in Europe. It is an excellent sample of European Baroque architecture. The collection of ancient books is very good. The oldest book competition However, from the 12th century, most of them were published in the 16th to 18th centuries. It is said that the original building was a gift from King John V in the 18th century and is now a university library. The day I went was just fine, the bright and the bright sunshine reflected in the murals, the various tapestries and tile paintings made me dazzling, beautiful, I was in the whole building made of rosewood and ebony. Feel comfortable. You must have thought of it? There is also a small prison in the basement that used to imprison students and scholars who were convicted by the internal courts of the University of Coimbra. If they had not done the strategy before the trip, they might have missed it.

Walking around the streets of the world, I have also encountered some “mini” libraries, such as the postbox library, the telephone booth library, the bus library… I also want to go to the lonely library by the sea: the Black Sea of ​​Bulgaria Beach Library, Sanlian Seaside Library and Anhui Tongling Wharf Library, turf library and tank library in St. Peter’s Monastery, Italy; want to go to the British Library’s collection room to see Mozart’s manuscript, find out if there is a tree The Baron on the different editions since its publication…

Most people love to go to scenic spots, but I have a different path. I like to go to the library of different space aesthetics, style and culture. Here I have the most outstanding wisdom of human beings, bringing together the exploration and discovery of ancient and modern civilizations. For me, the only hobby, those beautiful, or solemn, or fun libraries are one of my destinations. In my heart, going to the library is equivalent to traveling, and reading is perhaps the most important, sustainable, and easiest way to travel in life.