Tough man Putin

Putin visited Italy, a Russian female reporter asked Putin how to look at recent news about his marital status, and whether he really divorced. Putin replied: “First, I want to say that everything you said has no authenticity. Second, the article you mentioned, the newspaper, did talk about Kabayeva (Russian gymnastics champion, West The media called it “Putin Baby”, and some media mentioned other successful and beautiful girls. They, I like it very much, it is not surprising, just like I like all Russian women.”

Then, Putin further humorously said: “If someone can compare with Russian women, it is Italian women.” Putin’s whispered words won the warm applause of the Italian audience.

At a press conference, when he heard about the Israeli presidential scandal, he said to the Israeli journalist: “Please say hello to your president on my behalf. His body must be great. He is infected with 10 women. It really surprised us. Envy.”

Putin answered questions from ordinary Russian people in a live broadcast called “Continue Dialogue with Putin.” Some viewers said that the Moscow people had a good time. Putin humorously retorted: “Not all Moscow people live as much as cheese in butter, and the price of the capital is quite high.”

Regarding the price increase of Ukrainian natural gas, Putin said: “You go to any store in Germany and say that you will give me a Mercedes free of charge. You see who will give it to you. Then why do our natural gas sell at half price?”

Putin was invited to participate in the NATO Council. When the council proposed to give Moscow the right to participate in NATO decision-making, Putin joked: “I see the venue of this council, can you refer to the word “meeting in the Russian Conference Hall” in the Russian language? This idea is funny. George Robertson, then Secretary-General of NATO, worried that the cold words of the wit would not be seen in the official records, so he said in a laugh: “I announced that this is a joke.”

When talking about domestic upstarts, Putin is not soft-headed, criticizing that they should not show off their wealth, saying that the luxury imported cars of the rich and the poor are “ridiculously ridiculous like gold teeth.” “Upstarts get rich overnight, but if they show off from time to time, they can’t control their wealth.” He said, “In the Soviet era, some rich people had to add gold teeth to show off their wealth. The better they are, the better. Lamborghini cars and Other expensive trinkets are simply the golden teeth of today.

When talking about the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Putin bluntly stated that the disintegration of the Soviet Union was a pity, and the leaders at that time should pay more. “The Soviet Union should start economic reforms and promote democratic reforms in due course,” Putin said. “They should fight constantly and firmly, fearlessly, instead of burying their heads in the sand and their ass toward the sky.”