There is a kind of cultivation, it is called blame

To be convenient, it is to be generous.

Lao Tzu once said, “The road to the avenue is not responsible for people.”

The sign of a person’s true maturity is that fewer and fewer people can be blamed.

The hardest part of life is not to blame others. This is a kind of university that is a human being, and it is also a kind of cultivation.

The old saying goes: “People are not sages, you can’t live.” People live in the world. Everyone can make mistakes. Everything is not perfect. Only we learn to defy introspection, understand how to understand, and learn to be tolerant. It is the sign that a person is truly mature.

Everyone is moving forward with weight-bearing. It should be more considerate and respectful. When we are in an advantage, we can’t be high and aggressive. When we are at a disadvantage, don’t blame others and learn to understand and tolerate.

Rethink yourself beforehand and blame others.
The great philosopher Socrates said:

“Without the life of reflection, it is not worth living. ”

A person needs to constantly review himself from the mind and correct himself from the behavior before he can advance on the normal track.

Only when one understands introspection can one grow up in error and mature.

To know oneself is a process of constant reflection. When you first encounter something, you can find reasons for yourself, not shirking responsibility, and not blaming others.

A person can only become a better self if he understands self-reflection, finds inadequacies, and changes.

In reality, it is not difficult to find that many of us are always used to concealing our own mistakes, dare not face them, even contradicting others, and simply accusing others of being wrong, never knowing how to introspect.

As everyone knows, a person can only self-awake if he knows how to be self-examination, clearly understand his mistakes and deficiencies, and learn lessons to gain success.

It’s self-confidence and blame for others. Everything needs to find reasons from oneself, instead of blaming others, it will stay away from the resentment of others.

A truly mature person, looking for reasons from all of his own, will never blindly blame others, this is the right way to self-cultivation.

A person, only knowing how to introspect and introspect, will abandon the cynicism, smooth the impetuousness of life, and make his heart open and clear.

A person, only knowing how to indulge in self-examination, will have a broad and grand attitude, foster strengths and avoid weaknesses, and choose good deeds.

Only when one knows how to introspect and introspect, will it become clearer that when people interact with each other, they need to have a modest and considerate heart, and the road to life will be wider and wider.

Living in the world, I should have been in the three provinces, and I would like to ask myself more, ask for less tit-for-tat, more self-examination, and less critical.

A well-educated person will start from his own to find a problem. Only those who are not aware will point the finger at others. Only those who are not responsible will shirk and evade responsibility.

Resent yourself, always thinking about yourself, you will continue to surpass yourself and gain success!

Tolerance is a sign that a person is truly mature.

Xue Xuan once said: “Only the width can accommodate people, but only thick can carry things.”

To be a man, tolerance is a kind of cultivation, but also a virtue. Tolerance is not a timid thing, but a generosity.

Tolerance is generous, that is, forgive the faults of others, not to be worried, not to be more amiable, and to be a generous person.

When people encounter contradictions, tolerance and forgiveness are often more effective than excessive retaliation. It seems like a clear spring, and the money erases each other’s hostility, making people calm and sober.

Tolerance and understanding is a sign that a person is truly mature.

I know that it is the most meaningless victory to win over others.

Psychology said: “When communicating with people, 70% is emotion, 30% is content.” When content is not correctly expressed, misunderstanding will be further deepened by the intensification of emotions.

Many times, the contradiction arises not because there is really a deep hatred between the two people, but the small things are too magnified. Even if they don’t understand the truth, they must compete for a win or lose.

In addition, one person will only yell and yell when he is in trouble. It will only be annoying and ridiculous.

A person who is angry and quarrels with people is actually not emboldened.

How big is a person’s mind and how big his career is.

In dealing with people, the chest is big, you will be on the “marginal”, if you only notice the shortcomings of others, you will inevitably be blinded, so that you are trapped in isolation.

On the contrary, from another angle, pay more attention to the benefits of others, use understanding, sympathy and benevolence to influence others so that he can understand his own shortcomings and correct them with conviction. You will be trusted and loved everywhere, your relationships. It will also be well developed.

As the saying goes: To be convenient, it is to be generous.

People’s hearts are mutual, you let others step, others will respect you. The heart is like the road, the more care, the narrower, the more tolerant, the wider.

The most kind of communication between people is to empathize, tolerant and generous, not to blame others. May we all be a tolerant person.

Heart is the greatest kindness.

Everything in the world is complicated and complicated. Everyone is not easy to live. People must learn to understand and tolerate each other. They must think more about others, think more about others, less accuse others, and always think about others. I will compare my heart with my heart.

People, not perfect, things, no smooth sailing.

When people have difficulties, when there is a misunderstanding of communication, knowing how to change places, the trouble will be reduced, and knowing how to compare the heart, the feelings will deepen.

Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue.

Because people and individuals are independent individuals, their temperament, values, lifestyle, life experience, family background, environment, and interpersonal circles are all different.

Therefore, it is impossible to unify everything on one channel, and it is impossible to copy and paste your thoughts and practices. When there is always a conflict between the thoughts of each other, there is friction and contradiction. It is inevitable that you can always stand in your own perspective. Things, you have to change the position to see the problem.

When you are angry, you should not arbitrarily analyze it. If you are guilty of resentment, you should not blame it. You should think differently.

Wrath, slow down, no regrets, heart, tolerance, and innocence, do not look at others in their own position, look at yourself in the position of others, change position and think.

Life is an echo, being a person, knowing how to change things, being kind to others, being able to feel the difficulties of others, being caring, being able to understand others is not easy, being generous, and being able to forgive others’ mistakes is generous.

Do things well, understand how to understand, you take into account the difficulties of others, people will also take into account your face. You need to lend a helping hand to others, and others will remember to protect you.

From the perspective of a stranger, it is not easy to understand others, to be more lenient, and to blame less. This is the greatest kindness of a person.

Everyone has a lot of shortcomings. Don’t treat things as absolutely. You should treat everyone around you with generosity and kindness. If you have problems, you should find reasons for yourself, and less others should blame others.

If you can tolerate others as you tolerate yourself, and think about the other side, you will care less about it. Your karma will be better than your imagination, and your heart will be the Buddha’s heart.

Understand the empathy, the trouble will be reduced, know how to compare the heart, the feelings will deepen, people live in the world, get along, the most difficult thing is to compare the heart, treat others with kindness.

Being able to satisfy the wishes of others, not letting others feel the burden, be kind, be able to understand the difficulties of others, and be able to help others as much as possible. It is compassionate, can consider the feelings of others, and not look down on others due to lack of others. Not blaming the other party is generous.

The heart of a person, the temperament of a person, also determines the height of your station, which determines your development prospects.

If you want to have a good job, you must know what you don’t want, don’t do it to others, treat yourself with others, be strict with yourself, change your mind, change your mind, blame others, do things, and be worthy of your own conscience!