There are stones in the stomach, and Coke can be cured.

Recently, Xiao Zhang, a young man from Hangzhou, went to Xixi Hospital in Hangzhou for abdominal pain. The treatment plan given by the doctor was “drinking two bottles of cola every day”, which made him unbelievable.

Abdominal pain to find stomach stone sputum treatment is actually “drink two bottles of cola every day”

Things have to start from more than a week ago.

That day, Xiao Zhang went to work early in the company, near noon, the stomach began to faint. Because of suffering from duodenal ulcer, he thought it was not enough to eat breakfast, and the old problem was committed again. Eating some biscuits and drinking hot water can alleviate it. However, until the afternoon of work, Xiao Zhang’s abdominal pain has not eased and has increased.

The next day, Xiao Zhang came to Xixi Hospital in Hangzhou. After the doctor roughly asked about his medical history, he was advised to have an ultrasound examination. He was found by a doctor to have a 5.5 cm diameter stone in his stomach.

The doctor suggested that Xiao Zhang go to the gastroscope, cut the large stone under the microscope, and then take it out or wait for it to be discharged from the digestive tract. When Xiao Zhang heard it, he suddenly panicked: “Doctor, it is too uncomfortable to have a gastroscope. Is there any other way?” Looking at Xiao Zhang’s face, the doctor proposed a “Coke therapy.” The combination of the acidic substance in the cola and some substances in the stomach stone destroys the stone structure and dissolves the stone. There are related cases reported in this therapy at home and abroad, but because of different stone composition, the curative effect is quite different, and this method has certain risks for patients with gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, diabetes and other diseases. Thinking that you can not do a gastroscope first, Xiao Zhang decided to give it a try.

Under the guidance of the digestive doctor, Xiao Zhang started the “Coke therapy.” After eating breakfast, first take a medicine to protect the gastric mucosa. After half an hour of rest, drink a bottle of 500 ml of cola; eat normally at noon, and drink another 500 ml of cola at tea time; still eat normally at night. In this way, Xiao Zhang did not accept any crimes. He only drank two bottles of Coke every day than usual. Three days later, his abdominal pain was relieved; after one week, the B-ultrasound was reviewed and the stones in his stomach disappeared.

Eat hawthorn, persimmon on an empty stomach, beware of plant-like stomach stones

As the most carbonated beverage that is not seen by healthy people on weekdays, Coke is now a “magic bullet” for treating stomach stones. Xiao Zhang looked at the two inspection reports and it was incredible. However, the doctor said that the reason why he recommended “Coke therapy” was mainly related to the cause of his stomach stones.

It turns out that Xiao Zhang, 30 years old this year, has a stomach that is not good. He usually feels a little bloated when he eats something a little. The day before the abdominal pain, his stomach swelled uncomfortably, and just a friend sent a basket of hawthorn, Xiao Zhang felt that it was just for digesting appetizers. Unexpectedly, I only ate 5 hawthorns and ate something wrong.

Gastric stones are stone masses that form in the stomach after eating certain foods. The shape of the stomach stones is mostly round or elliptical, and the size is different. The size is small like a table tennis ball, and the size is large like a grapefruit. Plant-based gastric stones are caused by the consumption of persimmons, hawthorns, and black dates. There are also a few reports that eating seasonal fruits such as oranges and pomegranates can also cause stones. These fruits (especially immature fruits) have a high content of tannic acid (the feeling of cockroaches is ridiculous when eating raw persimmons), and tannic acid binds to proteins under the action of stomach acid to form tannic acid protein, which is difficult to dissolve. In the water, deposited in the stomach, and then pectin with pectin and plant fibers, it forms a stomach stone.

Therefore, the doctor warned everyone that there is tannic acid in the persimmon and hawthorn. As the stomach squirmes, the tannic acid and the undigested food in the stomach are wrapped together and condense into a solid mass. Eating these foods on an empty stomach is more likely to induce stomach stone disease. Therefore, avoid eating fast when eating these foods, even if not eating on an empty stomach.

In addition, although the theoretically acidic cola helps dissolve such vegetal stones, the use of this alternative stone-removing method is generally not advocated clinically, mainly because the disadvantages outweigh the benefits. For example, patients with stomach diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux disease, gastric ulcer and stomach bleeding should not drink cola. Patients with diseases such as duodenal ulcer, diabetes, gout need to stay away from carbonated drinks. There is also a reason that stomach stones roll in the stomach, easily damage the stomach wall, causing stomach ulcers, and carbonated drinks can easily lead to gastric perforation. Therefore, the “Coke therapy” that sounds very good has many risks and must be carried out under the professional guidance of a doctor.