The biggest success is to live healthy! These 9 pieces of advice must be kept in mind!

Please keep in mind that you yourself and your family destiny tribunal, are holding in your hands!

Everyone is talking about happiness now. What is happiness?
I think health is happiness!
Being healthy doesn’t mean having everything. Without health, it means nothing.
Health is a hollow glass ball that breaks after falling.
And our job is a ball, you can also play it after falling. Health is a one-way line and everyone should take it seriously.
Health care should start from around 30 years old. Health first is to live long, and second is to live well.
Living long and not living high quality depends largely on your own perceptions of health and the way you live. Nowadays, when people are older, they will pay attention to health care. In fact, it is too late!
Health should start around 30 years old.
Many lifestyle habits are developed in youth, such as smoking and drinking. Therefore, we should develop a good lifestyle from a young age, not a middle-aged person.

On health issues,

You use it better than God.

Eat well in the morning, eat at noon, eat less at night.
The people are now the opposite. In the morning, they are sloppy, they deal with it at noon, and they eat and drink at night. This is the root of all diseases.
This meal in the morning is equal to eating tonic. It is the most important meal. You must have a nutritious breakfast.
The staple food must have vegetables and fruits, and the breakfast is not well-nourished. It can’t be repaid at noon or at night.

The worst habit in the world is smoking.

Smoking people, bronchitis, emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, and finally lung cancer, this is the death trilogy.


Over-nutrition poisoning

Be sure to drink eight glasses of water a day. Because water is human life. Many people don’t drink water now, and they drink when they are thirsty. Wrong, you must drink when you have time, not thirsty and drink.
Eight cups of tea? Tea is not enough, drinks, coffee, beer can not replace water. To drink tea and drink light tea, you can not drink strong tea.
Remember that water is human life.

People are not old dead
Not sick, dying

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” is very clear: “Angers hurt the liver, like sad, sad lungs, worry about hurting the spleen, panic and hurt the kidneys, all diseases are born in the air.” Speaking very badly.
People, must not be the captive of emotions, must be the master of emotions; must control the emotions, do not let the emotions control you.
It is important to remember that emotions are the baton of people’s anger.


Walking is the best way to exercise

Everything is a degree, eating is a degree, sleeping is a degree, exercise is also a degree.
If you don’t exercise well, over-workout will also reduce your immune function.
Exercise for half an hour to an hour a day, exercise the content can take the easiest way, walk for half an hour, walk on the line, this is the simplest, most economical and most effective way.
But walking is also very particular, young people should go quickly, gradually fast, to what extent, to reach 130 steps in a minute.
The heartbeat must reach 120 times a minute to achieve the purpose of exercising the heart. It takes 130 steps and 120 heartbeats. Of course, it can be done at once, and there must be a process of gradually adapting.
One must start from the age of young and keep your standard weight. Once you’re fat, it’s not easy to say how easy it is to drop it down. Where is the key?
Control the mouth, move the legs, people are “dead on the mouth, lazy on the legs.”


Drunk once
Equal to an acute hepatitis

The most unhealthy lifestyle: the first is smoking, and the second is alcoholism.

Family disharmony
People will get sick

Some experts believe that 70% of people’s diseases come from the family, and 50% of people’s cancer comes from the family. “Small noisy every day, big noisy 369”, don’t quarrel, don’t talk, don’t talk for half a month, that’s not allowed Damn it.
Loneliness is more terrible than poverty, longevity of husband and wife, longevity of husband and wife, and loneliness is prone to problems. This is a universal law.
But how to make the family harmonious, this is a learning.
Four issues must be resolved:
First, we must respect the elderly;

Second, we must educate our children well;

The third is to deal with the relationship between mother and daughter;

The fourth one is especially important. Couples want to be loved. This is the core.

How do couples love?
To achieve the principle of eight mutualities:
Mutual respect, mutual love, mutual trust, mutual help,
Mutual comfort, mutual exchange, mutual accommodation, mutual understanding.

People have their own personality and have problems. Always remind yourself: forget it, let her (he), she (he) just be happy.


Healthy life every day
To achieve seven aspects

First, you must eat 3 meals;
Second, you must sleep for 8 hours.
Third, keep exercising for half an hour every day;
Fourth, laugh every day, physical and mental health;
Fifth, very special, must have a bowel movement every day.
Sixth, we must have a harmonious family.
Seventh, don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol, walk away every day.

Please remember a principle

Eat plant-like things, must account for 80%, animal-based things can only account for 20%. We are now the opposite, so many diseases are coming, obesity is coming, diabetes is coming, and gout is coming.

But health is not just a physical maintenance, but a healthy mentality.
Learning to adjust yourself makes you and me happy; learning to release stress makes you more optimistic; you have to learn to take it down and let you have no trouble in my heart. When you learn these points, you naturally have a healthy mindset.
The healthiest life should be that you are sick and have nothing to worry about.

So remember that the fate of yourself and your family is in your hands!
Let yourself be healthy, it is your first responsibility!
And your greatest success is to make yourself healthy and alive! mutual encouragement!