Super imagination

In 1990, a plane that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle 35 years ago flew back to its original destination intact. One of the pilots who looked around 40 years old is actually 77 years old.

This mysterious disappearance story about Bermuda comes from sci-fi creations in the Chinese world. The principle of time travel borrowed by scientists is called “wormhole” or “space-time hole”.

The “wormhole” is just a theoretically existing concept that has not yet been observed in reality. However, for science fiction fans, or those who want to change the past, “wormholes” are most promising to help them achieve physical time travel.

Even in theory, it is not easy to create a “wormhole” opportunity. “wormholes” can be produced in continuous time and space. When the air was slightly disturbed, it would produce a positive or negative bend. If the curved space and time are connected together in some way, a “wormhole” is created. But for the object to pass, the “wormhole” must be open for a long time. To be able to shuttle freely, you also need to control the occurrence of “wormholes”. That is to say, if you can create a huge black hole, create a corresponding negative energy substance, and connect them into a channel by some means, you can get a “wormhole” that can be shuttled.

In this way, it is clear that the hope of having a “wormhole” is very slim. Fortunately, we have other “wormholes”. They are very old, but they allow us to pass through time and space – the imagination of mankind.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited, and imagination sums up everything in the world, drives progress, and is the source of knowledge evolution.” This is what Albert Einstein said. As the proponent of the “wormhole” theory, he maximized the imagination of human beings.

Imagination comes from full of passion and true emotions. In The Brief History of Humanity, historian Yuval Hulari believes that imagination is one of the most striking features of human beings that distinguish it from other animals.

Humans build ways of group cooperation, such as religion, tribes, and trade, by believing in collective stories. The power of group cooperation through imaginary stories provides us with ways to safeguard our interests and sustain our lives, create today’s civilization, and let us override the more powerful individual creatures.

If humans want a certain order built by imagination to last, most people, especially elites, must truly believe in it. If not most Chinese people believe in benevolence, righteousness, and faith, Confucianism cannot last for more than two thousand years and regulate the lives of Chinese people. If not most Americans believe in Christian values, American-style values ​​and social systems cannot last for 250 years, forming the essence of the nation and society of the United States. If not the vast majority of investors and bankers believe in the power of capital, the modern economic system cannot continue for one day.

Imagination is new justice. Through continuous imagination and improvement, human beings are far from primitive and build civilization. Today, we think about life, death and love, we think about the past and the future. New words, new emotions, new opportunities, but the imagination that flashed through my mind, but we can fulfill the promise of changing the world. This is a brain surfing of encyclopedia knowledge. This is a daily philosophical marathon. It details the joys and disappointments, decisions and embarrassment in this world.

This is the “wormhole” of human imagination, which is as powerful as the “wormhole” created by the enormous energy in the universe.