“Sleeping Beauty” on the plane

She is beautiful and agile, and the wheat-colored skin can be broken. She has a pair of green apricot eyes, a black, soft, and long hair. She exudes a retro temperament, both Indonesian and The charm of the Andes region. She has a unique taste for wearing: a jacket, a light natural silk shirt, raw linen trousers and a streamlined pair of cuckoo shoes. “This is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.” I thought as she walked past me at the cautious pace of the lioness. At this point, I am in the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, lined up, ready to board a flight to New York. Her appearance is as unreal as a dream, and a moment of effort disappears into the crowd in the hall.

It was nine o’clock in the morning. Since the night before, the snow has been going down. The traffic in this city is therefore more congested than usual. The road conditions on the highway are even worse. On both sides of the road, the trucks filled with goods are lined up, and there are countless cars in the car. There is a hot air in the snow. In the lobby of the airport, it seems that the season is still in the spring.

I was behind a Dutch old lady who had quarreled for eleven pieces of luggage she had for almost an hour. I was bored when I saw her, and my breath was stagnant, so I didn’t know when the dispute ended, until the female staff called me, I woke up from the tour. To apologize, I asked the female staff if they believed in love at first sight. She replied: “Of course I believe.” Her gaze did not leave the computer screen, and said: “Others are impossible.” Then asked me which seat I want to choose, whether to smoke.

“All right.” I solemnly said to her, “As long as you are not next to the old lady with eleven pieces of luggage.”

She was still staring at the fluorescent computer screen and gave me a professional smile to thank.

“You choose a number,” she said. “Three, four, or seven.”

“Four.” Her smile gradually bloomed.

“I have been working here for fifteen years, and you are the first person who does not choose the seventh,” she said.

She gave me the seat number on the boarding pass and handed it to me along with my other documents. The first time I looked at me with her grape eyes, it made me feel happy. At this time, I noticed that the airport was just closed and all flights were delayed.

“When time?”

“Who knows,” she said with a smile. “The broadcast notice has the biggest snowfall this year this morning.”

This flight to New York is expected to depart at 11 am, but it will take off at 8 pm. When finally able to board the plane, the first passengers were already sitting in their seats, and a flight attendant also took me to my seat. I sit down slouchy. On the window seat next to me, the beautiful woman is “occupying” her space like a travel expert. “If I can write these down, no one will believe me.” I think. I almost never thought about using her ambiguous mouth to say a sigh of relief to her, even if she did not notice it.

She meticulously packed up, as if to live here. She placed everything in the position of the pendulum and placed everything in order, until her seat was arranged like a warm little home, all the luggage items were within reach. . During the process of packing, the aircraft supervisor sent a welcome champagne. I picked up a cup and prepared it for her. Fortunately, I dismissed this idea in time. She only had a glass of water. At first she exchanged my incomprehensible French and supervisors, and later changed to the same esoteric English. Because of this, I couldn’t find any more during the flight. The reason is called her. Her low and warm voice was accompanied by a sorrow from the East.

When the waiter brought the water, she took out a piece of enamel enamel with a four-cornered bezel, like the old-fashioned suitcase, put it on her lap and open it. Then take two golden tablets from a small box with other pills of different colors. She is well organized and does this without hesitation. It seems that since she came to the world, nothing has happened to her. Finally, she pulled down the curtain on the window, adjusted the angle of the seat to the maximum, and covered the blanket to the waist. She put on her eye mask, lying on the side of her shoes, facing her back. In the next eight hours and twelve minutes of flying to New York, she didn’t stay in her sleep for a moment, so quiet, she couldn’t hear the sound of breathing. Even the posture has not changed.

This is an intense trip. I have always thought that nothing in nature can match the beauty of a beautiful woman. Therefore, for the beauty sleeping next to me, I can’t let my eyes escape for a moment. Soon after the takeoff, the supervisor was gone. Instead, he was a flight attendant. She wanted to wake up the beauty and give her a bag of snacks and headphones for listening to music. I transferred the words of the supervisor to the beauty, but the flight attendant did not insist on hearing it, but she could not hear her personally and said that she would not even eat dinner. I repeated it again, but even so, the flight attendant said that the beauty did not list on the neck and said not to wake her up.

I took my own dinner and talked to her in my heart as if she was awake. Her sleep was so calm that I felt uneasy and seemed to think that the pills she ate were not for sleep but for death. I bless a blessing every time I drink.

After dinner, the lights were turned off on the plane, and there were movies that no one was watching. Both of us looked so lonely in the dark. The biggest blizzard has passed in this century, and the night over the Atlantic is endless and transparent. The plane seems to be still between the stars. I carefully observed her for hours. The only thing that made me feel that she still had life was her slightly wrinkled forehead. Like the reflection of the clouds across the water, the traces of sleep also passed her gently. Forehead. She wore a very thin necklace around her neck, almost integrated with her skin; her ears had no piercing ears, perfect; the pink nails reflected her healthy posture, and she still wore a left hand. Decorative ring. She doesn’t look like she’s over twenty, so I comforted myself that this is not a wedding ring, it’s just a couple ring in a short-lived relationship. “Do you know? You just slept in front of me like this, sleeping so firmly, steady, lazy, your smooth figure is so close to my pair of shackled arms.” I thought to myself. While drinking a bubble of champagne, he repeated the sonnet of Gerard Diego. Then I adjusted the seat to the same height as her, so that we got closer, we lay down, just like lying on the newlywed bed. Her breathing rhythm is the same as when she speaks, her skin gives off a faint smell, which is a unique taste of her beauty. Last spring, I read a novel by Kawabata Yasunari, and I felt incredible. This novel tells the story of some of the bourgeois old men in Kyoto who have spent a lot of money to find the most beautiful girls in the city. They are naked and they are drunk. They are in the same bed. The men don’t wake them up, don’t touch them. They don’t even want to think about it, because watching them sleep is the essence of their enjoyment. That night, looking at the sleeping beauty around me, I not only understood the practices of the elderly in the novel, but also experienced it for myself.

“Who would believe this?” I said to myself, with the love of alcohol, “I am a Japanese old man at such a height…”

She took off her eye mask, opened her eyes, straightened the seat, opened the blanket, licked the bundle of scorpions, and then took out the makeup placket on her knees to quickly make up the makeup. She was wearing a cosmetic case, just blocking the line of sight between us. Until the cabin door opened, she put on her coat, crossed over my leg, and said sorry with a pure American Spanish accent, and then left. I didn’t say anything, no goodbye. At least I should thank you for everything we have done for a pleasant evening. She disappeared into the dawn of the Amazon River in New York.