Severe sweat or palm sweat in the palm

Sweating is a normal physiological phenomenon of the human body. With the increase of the ambient temperature, the increase of physical activity, as well as the pain, tension and other factors, the human body will sweat normally, which can regulate the body temperature, discharge the body waste, and maintain the stability of the body environment. However, when the palms are sweating a lot and there is a significant difference from the average person, you should be alert to sweat.

Hand sweating is a disease caused by excessive secretion of sweat glands, including primary sweating and secondary hand sweating. The former is caused by excessive sympathetic stimulation of the hand, and most patients are of this type. Secondary hand sweating is often secondary to some systemic diseases, such as endocrine and central system diseases, most of which are systemic sweating.

Most patients with primary hand sweat disease become sick from childhood and become more severe during puberty. Whether in the hot summer or in the cold winter, the hands of the hands are often sweaty and wet all year round, while the torso is dry. Hot weather, nervous spirits, anxiety, etc. can all aggravate the symptoms of sweat. The most serious patients are like the two palms being soaked in the water. After the hands are drooping, the sweat will continuously flow down from the fingers. , combined with the symptoms of a lot of sweat on the soles of the feet.

Many people with hand sweating are unsociable, introverted, poorly connected with people, lack of confidence in social situations, and even dare not fall in love, afraid to hold hands with the opposite sex. Some even have problems in the work of shaking hands, and long-term will produce serious psychological and psychological diseases. The patient’s long-term wet hands will peel off, and even palm eczema dermatitis will appear.

Most people with hand sweating speculate that this may be a manifestation of physical weakness, so long-term use of Chinese herbal medicines in the hope of enhancing physical fitness in this way. However, unnecessary medication can not only relieve symptoms, but also destroy the body’s normal immune function, leading to side effects, and even some people with hand sweating think that they have some kind of skin disease and turn to dermatology. The topical ointment not only does not reduce the pain of hand sweat, but on the contrary it is easy to damage the normal physiological barrier function of the skin, which in turn induces various diseases of the hand skin.

Therefore, the treatment of hand sweat must be to find a regular hospital, do the necessary checks, and it is best to consult the professional physician’s opinion before making a decision.

At present, the only way to treat the most rapid and effective medical treatment of primary hand sweat is to perform bilateral thoracic sympathectomy. It is a minimally invasive procedure, and only needs to cut a length of only 1 cm in both sides of the armpit. The small incision, under the precise guidance of the thoracoscope, can be completed accurately, quickly and safely by cutting off the thoracic sympathetic nerves without the need for thoracotomy. The operation time is short, the trauma is small, the cost is low, and the appearance is not affected. The symptoms of hand sweat disappear immediately after the operation, and the patient can be discharged about 2 days after the operation.

A small number of patients are worried about postoperative compensatory sweating, that is, the sweat in the palms and face is relieved after the surgery is released, and the sweating of the trunk, especially the back and thighs, will increase. However, with the continuous advancement of medical standards, the development of thoracoscopic minimally invasive surgery, the problem of postoperative compensatory sweating has been effectively solved.