Really powerful person, you will never notice his emotions!

Everyone has their own emotions, but some people express themselves in a simple and rude manner. Don’t let yourself be planted in your own temper.

The death of Zhang Fei is actually very wrong: he did not go to death on the battlefield, but was killed by his own emotions.

Hearing the good brother Guan Yu was killed, he could not restrain his grief, blood and tears. Then he drunk the whipping soldiers and asked them to build weapons every day and night, and wanted to avenge their brothers immediately. In the end, Fan Jiang and Zhang Da couldn’t bear it. When Zhang Fei was drunk again, he was assassinated in the military camp.

No one denied that Zhang Fei’s ability was great. But people with such great abilities will not get an ideal ending.

Those who can’t control their emotions, in fact, the ability to be big will not help.

01 The most mastered ability is to control yourself.

Modern is of course different from ancient times. The ancient people are as good as Zhang Fei, and they don’t know how to manage their emotions. They can at least kill the enemy in the sand field, but the ending is not necessarily good.

Modern does not talk about violence, and if emotional emotions control rational thinking, it may be difficult to mix.

The really good people are mainly doing things, and the emotions that hurt the overall situation are on the side. Control your emotions to achieve maximum ability.

02 What is a real smart person?

If you are right, you don’t have to lose your temper; if you are wrong, you are not qualified to lose your temper. This is the real wisdom, but most people do not think thoroughly.

A legend in Thailand warns that as long as people have a good temper, everything will be fine. People’s life is learning to be a person, learning to be a person is a lifetime, there is no way to graduate. No matter whether it is a farmer’s business or a business, all kinds of people, as long as learning, there will be progress.

03.Confident people, not expressing themselves by emotion

Capable people are not without emotions, they just don’t be influenced by emotions. “Are out of anger, but not happy,” stems from inner confidence and courage.

There is a famous line in “The Godfather”: “Never let people outside the family know your thoughts.” People whose emotions are prone to fluctuations and their emotions are easily shaped are not so straightforward as they are lacking in inner experience.

The old godfather’s eldest son, Sonny, violated his father’s dogma, and the impulsive Lu Xun was eventually shot into a horse. The younger son, Mike, was quiet and, with his own judgment, protected his father in the hospital, retaliated against the murderer in the restaurant, and even wished to hide the New Year in Sicily, a home away from home.

It is a sign of maturity when it is forbearing and erupting at the time of the outbreak.

04.Can not control the emotions, but also learn to control

When Lincoln was president, the army minister complained to him about being insulted by a major general. Lincoln suggested that the other party write a sly letter as a tribute.

The letter was written. When the minister sent the letter out, Lincoln asked, “What are you doing?”

“Of course, send it to him.” The minister asked inexplicably.

“You are stupid, burn your letter.” Lincoln said, “I did this when I was angry. I wrote to understand the gas. If you are still upset, write it again and write it comfortably!”

Negative emotions in the heart need to be vented, like Lincoln used the method of writing letters.

The realm of the ancient Chinese is higher. For example, like Confucius, it is directly the word “forgive” and forgives others. If you can’t do such a high level, find a loved one and pour all your emotions.

The method of Li Yu, a writer of the Qing Dynasty, was to write: “There is no other, only a book. Worry is to be eliminated, and the anger is to be released.”

Zheng Banqiao is more direct. When he was squeezed by the officialdom and was unhappy, he painted bamboo. After the painting, the mind is comfortable, and the art is more and more skillful.

No one knows how to control emotions by nature. The really capable person is always paying attention not to let himself be planted in bad emotions.