Popular Power, Oscar’s Embarrassment

Now that the 90-year-old Oscar has reached the embarrassing situation of “life-saving”, in order to maintain influence and attract ratings and traffic, the award ceremony is more entertaining.

On August 8, the official Twitter of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released a tweet about the Oscar reforms, the most important of which was: “A new category of awards around the achievements of popular movies is being designed.” · Bailey and CEO Dawn Hudson said that the specific implementation time of the new awards has not yet been determined, but one thing is very clear: the popular movies that have achieved outstanding performance at the box office have the opportunity to get the Xiaojin people.

In March 2018, the ratings of the 90th Oscars came to the lowest point in history. Only 26.5 million viewers watched the nearly four-hour party, which was nearly 20% less than the 33 million in 2017. In August, the College Board re-elected and John Bailey became chairman. Oscar has undergone many changes and now adds another major innovation: the establishment of popular film awards. The industry is constantly embarrassing. However, my heart is not turbulent.

Not an altar
Oscar has never been an altar. It is true that Oscar has a long history, and its influence and authority are unparalleled. However, from the perspective of the selection, the Oscar with the best foreign language film award is not really a real international film festival.

Oscar is a reward for American movies, at most, a movie with an English language. From the results, the vast majority of the best films are English-language films. The most important one in its criteria is that the film has been in the past year, at least 7 days in Los Angeles County.

The Oscar selection was completed by the college. The college consists of 15 branch associations including actor association, director association, photography association and scriptwriter association. There are about 6,000 members. There are many awards, and the rules for each award are different. Although the annual selection rules are basically the same, they may change.

The selection process can be divided into two major sections: nomination and selection. Most of the awards are voted by members of the branch association and nominated. After the most important best film has been reformed, it is voted by all members. In the best film selection, all members voted on the nominated 5 to 10 films using the preferred voting system, and finally selected the best film. Most of the members of the college are film practitioners in the United States, and the Oscars naturally have an American-style selection thinking.

Among the best films that have won awards in the past decade, “Escape from Tehran”, “The Hurt Locker”, “12 Years of Slave”, “Focus” and “Moonlight Boy” are American-style movies. But not every time the best film is an American-style victory, the 71st Oscar, the British “Shakespeare Love Story” defeated the high-sounding local film “Saving Private Ryan”, which is also quite a history in Oscar. Disputed public case.

This case exposes the other side of the best film to the spotlight—the unique “lobbying” of the United States.

The maker of the controversy is the notorious Harvey Weinstein. Before being defeated, Weinstein was the producer and publisher of Hollywood’s mighty powers. He took a $5 million lobbying fee for Shakespeare’s Love Story and successfully grabbed the trophy from Save the Ryan. The purpose of his doing this is that the award-winning film will not only increase revenues in the US box office, but also greatly help overseas. In other words, the best film is not only an honor, but also a commercial gold stone. For film and television companies, the best film is the top priority in the Oscar competition. This inevitably breeds some darkness.

In addition to the preference for the region, Oscar’s selection is not very popular with art films. In contrast, the three international film festivals in Cannes, Berlin and Venice, which are held in Europe with a strong artistic atmosphere, are more friendly to art films. The Cannes Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival also set up a “focus unit” and a “horizon unit” to encourage young directors, support experiments and innovation. Chinese director Bi Wei’s work “The Last Night of the Earth” was shortlisted as a “unit of concern” in Cannes in 2018. At the same time, from the composition of the jury and its participation in the film, the three major film festivals are also more international. Although the heat is not as good as Oscar, the gold content of its awards is not bad at all.

Now that the 90-year-old Oscar has reached the embarrassing situation of “life-saving”, in order to maintain influence and attract ratings and traffic, the award ceremony is more entertaining. It is not unacceptable to get the best pop award into an increasingly popular Oscar.

Popular value
Commercial films have mature industrial systems, and the traces of film industrialization are heavier. It can be said that commercial films cater to the audience, lacking in features and depth. Popular movies are the best in commercial movies.

Is there only a clear dividing line between art films and commercial films? Should the film be divided into two yuan purely by art and business? of course not.

Film is art and business, and the film industry has a highly mature system. From scriptwriting, filming, post-production to rumoring, it is a rigorous and complete production process. The film is not an art of single-handedness and requires the support of the system, so its production cost is very high compared to other art. A hugely expensive movie inevitably requires commercial support. As for the classification of movies, most of them are divided according to the plot, such as war films, romance films, comedies.

Excellent pop movies have simple and clear film language, which can arouse some resonance of people. At the same time, they can bring people sensory stimulation, or simple and simple laughter and emotions, let people immerse themselves in the movie and relax. Forget the troubles.

Every movie lover will use his own standards to measure the artistry of a movie. In my opinion, art films have a unique film language and deeper emotional expression. Artistic movies can lead us to think about some people’s life problems, so we need Bergman, Fellini and Tarkovsky, but at the same time, we also need Skywalker, Iron Man and Rocket Raccoon. If a person is immersed in art all day, immersed in thinking about the ultimate proposition, it is too boring.

Watching a movie is not just about enjoying art, gaining knowledge, or a form of entertainment with important social features. Many people watch movies, not to see the joys and sorrows of the world, but just to be relaxed and happy, to find something to do with friends or family. Parents take their children to enjoy the popular movies of the family, and even dress up the children as small superheroes, participate in the exhibition, and spend Halloween, enough to weave the bond between the two generations.

I had a chance to watch the Galaxy Guard with my father. My father is in his 50s. Even if he doesn’t know much about American pop culture, he still enjoys it. After reading it, he continues to praise: “Only Americans can make such a movie.”

I have not been to the cinema with my father for more than ten years. The last time I went to see a movie with my parents, it was like a foreign cartoon about dinosaurs. I still vaguely remember that my mother took my little hand and sat on the bus for a long time, waiting in line at the scarce and crowded cinema.

The film left a memory of gathering. Maybe after many years, we have forgotten the plot of the movie, but we will always remember to watch the movie with important people, and experience the joy and touch together.

The excellent pop movie itself is not as empty as it was imagined, and it is forgotten after reading it. For example, the “Star Wars” series of movies has a magnificent, unconventional universe setting, wonderful stories, and fascinating characters. The same excellent series of films also includes the “Lord of the Rings” series. These two series also brought revolutionary changes to the film’s special effects technology. And Nolan’s “Batman” trilogy has improved the depth of superhero movies.

The most popular movies show that they have received the most people’s recognition, a huge amount of viewing, and a huge joy. The superb work hidden in the movie sanctuary is often not seen by others. This is a contradiction.

Is the popular movie itself eligible to enter the Oscars? The answer is obvious. Those films that make memories, bring joy, and eliminate troubles are worthy of winning.