Two-and-a-half-year-old Xiaodudu followed behind Mei Long, and shouted in his mouth: “Mei, Mei Long…” Xiaoduo screamed and screamed, and Mei Lan responded one by one. “Hey, hey, my little baby, you slow down, carefully fell.” Mei down, open his arms, waiting for the little toot.

Only three or four steps away, Xiaodudu trembled for more than a minute, and every time he took a step, he stopped and stabilized, like a tumbler, as if he might fall at any time. But Xiaoduo is not afraid. He still doesn’t know how much wrestling will hurt. Meishu is not afraid. She knows that as long as she is there, she will not let Xiaoduo wrestle.

Xiaodudu is with Meixi every day, and when he can’t see Meilong, he will look around anxiously. Mother held a small toot and said: “Dudu obedient, Mei Lan went to buy food, my mother rested today, my mother played with you, okay?” “Not good, not good, I want Mei Long.” Xiao Dudu The mother struggled in her arms, her face was grievous, like being bullied.

Indeed, my mother’s work is very busy. When my mother was not at home, Mei Long accompanied her to sleep in the evening. Xiaoduo lay on his small bed, and Mei Lan on the side told him various stories. Sometimes, Mei Lan will give Xiao Dudu a photo. The photo is a young lady, she is small and thin, wearing a flower skirt and looking at the camera and laughing happily. Mei Lan will also tell Xiao Duo the story of Miss Sister.

“She is as smart and cute as we are, and when she grows up, I will send her to learn to play the piano, like a child in the city. At that time, let the young lady play with Xiao Dudu. “Is it good?” Mei Lan said, Xiao Dudu responded ambiguously to “good”, but did not know when to close his eyes, and a uniform breath was heard in the next second. Mei Lan gently quit the room and returned to his bed, watching the photos into the gods for a long time.

Xiao Dudu wants to go back to his hometown with his mother for the New Year, and Mei Lan can return to his hometown. In order to take care of Dudu, Mei Long has not returned to her hometown for two years. Dudu mother treats her like a family. Mei Long feels that it is good to make more money. When she has enough money, she will go back to live with her family.

On the other day, Xiaodu whispered Mei Long’s neck and refused to let go. Xiaodudu cried, and Mei Lan also cried. Later, Mei Lan set foot on the train home, and the sentimental sentiment was quickly replaced by excitement and anticipation. She imagined the daughter who was looking forward to the day and night to fly towards her…

Mei Lan finally saw her skinny daughter. She shouted her daughter’s name and ran quickly. The daughter looked at Mei Lan slyly and screamed in confusion: “Auntie?” Mei Lan was in the same place, and once again burst into tears.