Please stop using the age “trial” woman

Madonna Ciccone, born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1958, is a famous American female singer, director and actor. She participated in music creation, became a film director, launched a women’s movement, and founded a charity organization. However, the popular day of the 30-year-old pop star is not as good as people expected, but still faces criticism and provocation. Madonna said: “Now I am fighting age discrimination. I was criticized because I am now 60 years old.”

Facebook hard 15 months

In early 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg decided to reorganize the company. But for a number of reasons, the final result was not as Zuckerberg originally thought, which prompted him to propose the biggest change in Facebook’s development – ​​from a single growth to a social responsibility. In the first quarter of 2019, the financial report brought the signal of Facebook’s return to the blood. However, the external doubts and supervision are still going on. The pursuit and innovation of the opponents have never stopped. Facebook wants to retain the hearts and minds. It is not Zuckerberg’s simple reform. Can do it. The new issue of “Connect” interviewed 65 in-service or resigned employees, highlighting the unseen stories of Facebook’s previously difficult 15 months.

The banking industry is ushered in digital

Over the past 20 years, people around the world have witnessed changes in the economy and life of digital services. Nowadays, technology has finally “incited” the banking industry, and it has ushered in digital changes. A more streamlined, friendly, and open financial system brings benefits, and some emerging business models are emerging. Payment companies such as PayPal, in cooperation with banks, are expected to make more profits. But because the financial system is rooted in the economy, innovative services can also bring turbulence, so changes must be accompanied by certain risks. In order to use technology safely and steadily, it is necessary to properly assist and guide banks and their users to ensure the healthy development of the banking industry.

Microsoft is experiencing “Nadella Renaissance”

Under the leadership of its CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s paid subscribers have surpassed Netflix, and cloud computing revenues have surpassed Google’s, with a market capitalization of nearly $1 trillion. In the past, Microsoft’s old employees once thought that the glory days of Microsoft are gone forever. Now, the glory of the past has returned to these employees. Nadella’s peers believe that Microsoft’s revival is both impressive and scary for competitors. Calm Nadella does not care about the rise in market value. He believes that this so-called milestone is completely subjective and arbitrary. Any form of celebration is “the beginning of the decline.”